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The Daily Record

Daily Record… James Moncur….giving me support ready for my participation representing Scotland in the competition TV show called International Battle ofthe Psychics where Psychic mediums from all over the world battle it out to see who is the best

The Psychic News UK

The Psychic News, UK were supporting my visit to Kiev and did a story on me whilst I was living in Kiev, Ukraine and was a finalist but hadn’t won the competition yet.

The Sunday Post Newspaper

The Sunday Post Newspaper write up by Anne Kirker…. covering my win in Ukraine after living and battling it out there for 6 months taking on some of the best psychc mediums in the world.

The Sun Newspaper

The Sun Newspaper printed a statement as I was surprised not to receive my prize money after winning International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine as the invitation clearly stated that the prize would be 250,000 Hryvna (£19,000) for the winner…but after a few letters from an STB Lawyer stating that there was a clause in the contract that I signed saying the channel have the right to decide whether to pay monies or not and that I cannot claim…they decided to enforce that clause under Ukrainian Law and I received no prize.

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"Helping People By Contacting The Souls Around Them"

June Field travels Worldwide offering her services to those in need.