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Psychic Mediums Dundee

My name is June Field.

I am an Internationally Respected Psychic Medium who was born in Dundee, Scotland with the gift of sight. 

I provide Psychic  Readings and host Psychic Workshops and Events within Dundee and the surrounding areas.

I didn’t fully understand my Gift as a child growing up but years later I attended a Spiritual Church in Dundee and was taken under the wing of a lovely Psychic Medium called Jenny Brown.  

Jenny spent time teaching me how to control my gift and not be afraid of it.   She taught me, over time, how to control, develop and nurture it.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium?

A psychic reads the records of an Individual through their energy field (information such as what they did that day or even what they might do tomorrow can be accessed within this energy field).

A Psychic Medium has to firstly become Psychic in order to then progress on to become a Psychic Medium.  A Medium uses Psychic energies to link with the physical individual but is then able to push through the ether to link with those in the Spirit World who are connected to the sitter in order to prove the existence of life after physical death.  

Most people can learn, in varying degrees, to become Psychic but not everyone has the ability to progress on to consolidate their link with Spirit to become a Psychic Medium.   

I am a Genuine Psychic Medium who was born with the gift of sight.  This was not a path that I chose, it chose me!  I work from the heart and strive to help others understand that life does inevitably go on after physical death.  Love ones thought to be lost through physical death will remain close to their loved ones giving them unseen support and love from the spirit side of life.  Unfortunately, there are many out there who are not Genuine.   Please choose carefully and do your research thoroughly  when using the internet to find a reputable psychic. Please make sure you check their background and genuine reviews before booking them.   I do not recommend phone readings through psychic phone lines.

After serving my time through working in many Spiritual Churches to build up my spiritual vocabulary and experience, I travelled the world and went on to win the title of “Worlds Greatest Psychic” by taking part in a TV competition called “International Battle of the Psychics” where I battled against over 70,000 Psychics worldwide in Kiev, Ukraine over a period of seven months to gain the title.  

Uri Geller was one of the main judges in the competition and he stated he had never seen a Psychic so specific.   

The competition aired to over 34 million viewers worldwide.

I travel regularly to many different countries around the world including USA and Canada giving Psychic Demonstrations to live audiences.  I also offer the opportunity for many to learn by attending my Intensive All Day Workshops.  I also offer Private Readings by appointment to those who are grieving after the loss of a loved one and these can be in person or through video platforms such as Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

I offer Private Readings in London twice a year where I use a hotel in the London Heathrow area to conduct them.   This allows people from all over the world to travel in to the hub of the UK to see me then fly out again after their Reading.  Many have travelled to London to see me from countries ranging from Ireland, Greece, Spain, Africa, Mongolia, USA & Canada.