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Sunday Post - News

William & Kate Prediction. The Daily Mail.

I predicted in 2012 that Kate would get pregnant and have a boy in 2013.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller was one of the judges of International Battle of the Psychics and he quoted me as being “the most specific Psychic he had seen!”

Psychic News Report

Worlds Best Psychics & Mediums

Cover of Worlds Best Psychics and Mediums book by Maximilien  Lafayatte based on an audience voting system worldwide

The Lauching of “Taking Hollywood” Party Feedback.

Fantastic book… Great evening had by all at No. 29 in Glasgow..


Received this lovely painting today as a thank you from a friend who recently lost his wife. It’s the first portrait of myself anyone has ever done.

It’s lovely.. Thank you Kinnear.

“Worlds Greatest Psychic Helps Snare Serial Killer”

I have been in the media recently both in UK and Ukraine after a serial killer was caught a few months after I had given a detailed description of him.

I described a tattoo on his right arm, a scar on his finger, his car colour and the smell of oil from him stating he worked with petrol or gasoline…

He did unfortunately kill again before he was caught but he had tried to remove his tattoo and laser off the scar on his finger..

He confessed before trial..

The families of the murdered victims now have closure.. Which is what I wanted. I was only too glad to help.



In The Daily Mail. by Journalist Jane Fryer.

The Scotsman Newspaper

The Scotsman Newspaper – proud to say a SCOT WON!!

The Scotsman – I was invited by invitation to take part in a TV show called International Battle of the Psychics – 11th Season in Kiev, Ukraine by STB Channel. The invitation (all our invitations for participants) stated that there would be a 250,000 Hryvna (£19,000) cash prize to the winner as the previous seasons had received. When I won, they informed me that there was no cash prize and to check my contract.. on checking the contract there was a clause in it which stated that the powers of STB channel had the right to pay or not, and they decided to not pay.. under Ukrainian Law they have the power as I signed the contract. We were all under the impression we were battling it out for a prize as we were there for 6 months.. a long time to be away from family..None of us were told or informed there would be no prize until after the final and the show.. I cannot comment on my views so you must come to your own conclusions as to the fairness of this

The Sunday Post Newspaper

The Sunday Post Newspaper gave me a terrific write up following my win in Ukraine… ofcourse they supported me as they are based in my home town of Dundee!!

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