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TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - April 2024 - Inverness

After the loss of a loved one I was feeling devastated and totally broken so I sought some peace as I wanted to know if my loved one was at rest.  

I had four previous appointments with psychic mediums, all of which were very disappointing.  
The information I received was very vague or completely wrong.  
My loved one was not mentioned.  
I attended with hope and an open mind and heart, but I was left questioning the faith I had held in spiritualism for many years.

Then I came across June.

I found â€‹June to be very warm and welcoming and I Immediately felt at ease with her.  
Within minutes, June connected with my loved one.
She gave me an accurate description of him and also described who he was.  
She became aware of how he passed.  
She gave me details about him, his personality and his life and she also described our relationship perfectly.  

June also gave me specific and personal information around my life since his passing.

June did not patronise my loss and distress and was comfortable, empathic, patient and understanding.  
She did not tell me ‘It gets easier’ or ‘life goes on’ but sat with me in the presence of my grief.

I feel grateful and in awe of the experience I had with June and recommend her highly to anyone suffering grief through the loss of a loved one.

I have taken some comfort from knowing my loved one is OK and still beside me, although unseen.

Thank you June, I will forever remember our meeting with gratitude and appreciation.  

What you gave me is priceless and I look forward to our next meeting.


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - March 2024 - Glasgow

I had a reading today with June in Glasgow and I honestly can’t thank her enough for the closure she gave me. 
I had so many unanswered questions regarding my Dad’s  passing and with her help I got them answered today. 
I will be able to live my life now knowing my Dad is right by my side as he always was. 
I can honestly say June is the best medium I have ever came across and would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to speak to a lost loved one 
Jade Brown 
(Jade Erskine) 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - March 2024 - Glasgow 
First ever experience of meeting a medium and after feeling anxious of what to expect, I didn’t need to worry as June instantly put me at ease and almost instantly connected with my beloved dad.
She is very calm and warm, just like talking to a dear friend. 
June described his exact personality and the relationship we had, naming personal feelings I had that nobody knew. 
Described my dog, horse and even naming an old fridge I have that stores horse equipment outside! 
I have no doubt at all in June’s gift with the spirit world and can wholeheartedly confirm she has given me comfort in knowing my father is very much with us and I feel this morning like my cup has been filled back up 🩷

Very grateful and thankful to have met June 


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - March 2024 - Glasgow
I had been to a couple of Psychic Mediums in the past and was never really convinced by them. However, following the sudden passing of my mum last year, I had struggled to process the loss and felt a reading may help.
I did some research and decided June seemed a good choice.

June greeted me and I immediately felt at ease. She is verywelcoming and friendly. It feels a bit like meeting up with a friend.

As soon as the reading started, my mum came right through. June described her perfectly, her personality and characteristics. She was also able to describe the details around her passing.

The specifics that June gave me were incredibly accurate and gave me an enormous amount of comfort. The grief and sense of loss will take time to ease, however my reading with June has definitely helped me to move forward in a more positive way.

I can highly recommend June and if you are reading this and are in a similar situation to myself, I think you will get great benefit and comfort from having a reading with June.

Many thanks


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - March 2024 - Inverness
I had never been to see a medium before arranging an appointment with June but I was absolutely heartbroken after losing my husband last year and felt it was worth trying. 

June has a very warm and welcoming personality and immediately put me at ease and within minutes she gave me evidence of EXACTLY how my husband had passed and the events leading up to it.  
She was also able to describe him to me in detail and we laughed that were he still alive he definitely wouldn’t have come along to meet her!  
June gave me  a lot of very specific evidence that would have been impossible to ‘guess’ and taken all together was amazingly accurate. 

It was such a reassuring and comfortable experience, knowing that his energy is still here and that she could connect us for that short time.  
An added bonus was that June was able to explain how we can all connect with our loved ones if we practice and this is something which I will definitely try to follow up. 

I came away feeling very comforted and, although the grief is still overwhelming at times, I am so grateful to know he is close by.  

If you are in a similar situation it is absolutely worth going to see June as she has an incredible gift to share, and it’s hard to think of anything else than could provide this sort of comfort. 

Kind regards

Donna Q

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - December 2023 - Inverness

June is not the first medium I have been to but she certainly is the best of the best.
Having seen June in a group setting I knew she was an excellent medium.
This was the first one to one session I have had with June and spending time with her is like talking to a friend. 

Every word June said resonated with me.  
June knew everything about me and was even able to describe things at work, as well as allowing a link to passed loved ones who are dearly missed.
I will always remember her words and as much as I will always miss my loved ones, I found deep comfort in the whole experience. 

I would highly recommend June.
An incredible talent and above all a lovely person.
I am so grateful for this experience and look forward to seeing her again in the future. 

Thank you 
Jill Stewart 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - November 2023
Earlier today I had the privilege of having a reading with June Field,
and I am still in awe of the incredible experience I had. From the
moment our session began, June astounded me with her amazing attention
to detail, leaving no doubt in my mind that she possesses a truly
remarkable gift.

Every piece of information June shared with me resonated deeply within
my soul. It was as if she had a direct line to the person I had
recently lost, as I could almost feel their presence in the room with
us. The precise details she provided were so accurate and personal
that I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with emotion. Tears streamed
down my face as I felt a profound connection to my loved one, thanks
to June's extraordinary abilities.

As a first-time participant in a medium reading, I must admit I was
initially apprehensive. However, June's warm and compassionate nature
immediately put me at ease. She created a safe and comforting
environment, allowing me to fully open up and embrace the experience.
June's genuine care and understanding made the entire session a truly
pleasurable one, despite the emotional nature of the subject matter.

I wholeheartedly recommend June Field to anyone seeking closure and
peace of mind. Her exceptional talent as a medium, combined with her
kind-hearted approach, is a rare and invaluable combination. June has
the remarkable ability to provide not only accurate and detailed
information but also a sense of comfort and healing that is truly

If you are searching for answers, seeking solace, or simply curious
about connecting with loved ones who have passed, I urge you to reach
out to June Field. Her incredible gift and compassionate nature will
undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your life, just as it has on

Thank you so much, June
John M

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - October 2023

Dear June, sorry it has take a while but here is my review ...

 June Field is amazing! The information that she shared during my reading will stay with me forever. She knew so much about me, my current circumstances and seemed to have an innate understanding of the issues I face. I don’t know how she does what she does but I’m so grateful she’s able to do it! I am naturally cynical but the things that she knew ... believe me, June is the real deal and a thoroughly lovely person too. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to meet her. Thank you June.

 Joanna Wallace  

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2023
 I spent one hour with June via Zoom and all I can say is by her sharing her gift it has changed my life. 
There were two people that I was hoping to hear from - My father who passed in January after suffering from a horrible brain disease for many years and my grandparents.  
Within a few minutes of our Zoom call June had described me, my childhood and upbringing precisely!  
She connected quickly with my Gram who came in first and she described her in detail and her personality traits.  
My gram was ushering in my Father who I knew would not be open to this type of thing but my Gram was urging him in because it was so important to me that prior to my session I had begged them both to show up for me.  

Without sharing a tremendous amount of personal details I will tell you there was nothing she said that did not make sense - nothing that was inaccurate.  
She answered all of my questions and provided guidance on my path forward with connecting in the future with my loved ones.  
She delivered her messages with empathy, compassion and respectfulness as my tears flowed. 
One of the most amazing moments was when she said did you have a white fluffy dog that passed? Gulp YES I had such a connection with this dog and was distraught when he passed. She shared he was coming through and being watched over by my Dad.  
Next, she mentioned another love, my dog with leg/hip problems - YES this is my American Bulldog that passed.  
Well, they are being watched over by my Dad.
The transformative information shared will allow me to manage my grief more effectively knowing my loved ones are alright and no longer suffering.
I am so grateful for this experience and look forward to future time with June.  


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - Greenock - August 2023
Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have my third face to face meeting with June.  
As always, June put me at ease from the second I was in her company.  

I've unfortunately lost a few people over the years that were very special to me, one since my last meeting with June.  
After my reading I have no doubt in my mind that this person is safe and happy and still around her loved ones.  
June immediately picked up that I had asked this person, my friend, to be there with me, which completely stunned me from the start.  
June was able to pick up on my friend's mannerisms, the way she would tilt her head when she asked how you were doing, her love for animals and how she was someone who always made your problems seem small after a chat.  
June was also able to detail the sad circumstances surrounding my friend's passing.  
It was an emotional experience listening to June describe my friend with such compassion, I was reminded of all the little things about her character that made her so special and I am beyond grateful to now be sure that she's OK and happy.
As always, June also connected with my Mum.
My mum communicated to June that she had three children, 2 who lived closeby and one who lived further away, which is absolutely true.
Since my first meeting with June I've had no doubt in my mind that my Mum is never far away from me and she finds ways to let me know that she's always around, something June also confirmed.   
Another special lady also came through in my reading, my mother in law.  
June once again told me all about my mother in law's personality and how my husband had always been a mum's boy.  
June was also able to do something very special and give me a message to pass on to my father in law.  
My father in law is an avid gardener and keeps his garden looking beautiful.
June told me about this, and about how his late wife knows he does this for her but I was to tell him to stop and take a break when his knees get sore!  
Again, I was left speechless, as was my father in law when I told him, as he does indeed suffer with pain in his knees and it's not uncommon to see him on his knees working in the garden.  
To be able to let him know that his wife is still around him was the most incredible gift and one that I truly am grateful for.
I am absolutely in awe of you June for using your wonderful gift to provide such accurate information and evidence to let me know that my loved ones are still around me even if I can't see them.  
I left the reading with messages from the three people I desperately wanted to hear from, which has once again given me such comfort and peace of mind.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sam X

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading through Video - August 2023

Dear June,

Thank you so much for my reading yesterday.
You have brought me comfort, knowing that my husband Bill is well and looking after me.  
You brought his personality to life and made me laugh.
You were spot on about my parents too, and I feel better knowing that they are well and together.

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading through Video - July 2023
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing reading you gave to me yesterday privately via zoom.
After my Sister had a private reading with you back in November last year and with how good her reading was and the accuracy of it, I wanted to see if anyone would come through for me.
I was so desperate to hear from my Mum after losing her to secondary cancer in November 2020 and to hear from my Dad who passed December 2017 unexpectedly after pneumonia and sepsis.
You were so accurate on describing myself, my Dad and my Mum and my Granny too.   And the way you could fully describe things that no one else would ever possibly have known other than myself and my siblings.
You have given me such a sense of relief knowing they are ok and are always looking over us all.
You have the most amazing gift and I will always highly recommend you to anyone wishing to have a reading or to anyone struggling with grief.
Thank you again so much.
Kind Regards
Katie Rhind-Tutt

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - LEEDS - July 2023
My Sister and I lost our beloved Mum in January and have struggled with her loss greatly.  We were trying to carrying on as normal but also carried round this huge weight of sadness.
We booked a private reading with June not knowing what to expect at all but just hoping Mum would come through. 
June is utterly amazing from start to finish.
She puts you at ease and is very straight and direct.  She truly has a very special gift. 
She got our Mum’s character spot on and our Granny.  
June knew things that she just couldn't possibly know unless she was connecting with our Mum.
June even knew we'd been to polish the headstone and laid some yellow flowers along with describing where Mum’s ashes were scattered.
The detail June provided was just mind blowing.
She talked about the special relationship between my Mum and my Daughter and very specific things that only we know as a family!
The whole experience was utterly amazing!
I urge anyone who has lost somebody to book in with June.
My Sister and I feel so much happier and the weight has been lifted. 
We thank June from the bottom of our hearts.  A truly amazing very special woman.  We will be eternally grateful for the peace that this has brought us.
Kate and Deborah from Northumberland 
All our thanks and best wishes
Kate and Deborah x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - LEEDS - July 2023
"I was grieving my Dad’s passing 4 months ago when I travelled from Ontario to Leeds to see June.
June’s accuracy was so astounding that I could picture my Dad, my Uncle who had also recently passed away as if they were standing next to me.  
With everything June would tell me, that picture became increasingly more real.  
She accurately predicted my Uncle’s passing, a dog that he owned, as well as many other things.  
She passed on to me a message from my Dad asking me not to yell for him to apologize.   No one but me, knew about that episode!
She also called out about a photo that I had taken of my Dad in private at the hospital; something absolutely no one but me, knew about!!

I have since felt at peace with my Dad’s passing because June has made me realize that my Dad’s soul is still very much alive and close to me.

Thanks for such an amazing and much needed experience, June!!"

Many thanks,


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - Tain - June 2023

I have been fortunate enough to have had two readings from June, several years apart, and on both occasions she completely astounded me.  

The incredible evidence she provided was detailed & personal, things that nobody knew but me, down to my own silent thoughts and their origins!

With every word June spoke I was absolutely captivated as every single thing she said was accurate and meaningful to me. 

To hear irrefutable evidence from departed loved ones was truly uplifting & has brought me such relief & reassurance, this, I shall always treasure. 

For those seeking a genuine & life affirming experience, with an unrivaled ability to connect, a reading with June Field is undoubtedly the only choice. 

Mhairi x 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - London - May 2023
When my father died tragically a year ago I was hit by the tsunami that is grief.  
As is my way, I set about to find out all I could about death and about grief.  
I watched, listened, read, talked, trying alternative therapies and practices to try and get a handle on the pain of losing Dad and its massive repercussions in my life.  
One of the most powerful, positive and hopeful things that I did was sit for a medium reading.
It was not anything I had even thought of before, knew anything about or would have even entertained before my research led me there.  
It changed everything.
The grief still washes over me in waves that are at times all consuming but I have a raft I feel I can cling to that certainly helps.
I now have absolute faith that my Father lives on and that I will see him again.
Before meeting with June, I had had 5 other medium readings all of which contained positive affirmations and a strong sense of my
Father but only after meeting with June have I felt I have gained all I need and no longer need to keep seeking readings.  
June was straight talking, direct and absolutely accurate.  
I only felt a little uncomfortable in June’s extraordinary ability to ‘read my energy’ and thus give me my own character and personality description that was so precise I’m not even sure I would have managed it so perfectly!  

From my energy,  she was able to connect to others in my life and described one of my four living daughters with amazing accuracy and insight.
Then she moved to my father.
It wasn’t names, dates, facts and figures (other than a few things only those who had been into my Father’s home would know), it was how June knew the absolute essence of him, what made him him, the similarities between my father and I, how he would have held himself in social situations, how others saw him and were when around him right down to his humour!
It was the most special, incredible time and I will hold it in my heart with hope for the rest of my earthly life.
Thank you June x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - Dundee - April 2023
June Field or I should say the incomparable June Field.  
I booked a private reading with June in Dundee.  
She was recommended by a dear friend but I was nervous and had done no research and was not entirely sure why I was there!  
June immediately put me at ease and understood me - got me completely!
She connected with my late husband who I have been grieving deeply - June got him too! - expressions that were so personal and indeed a few messages that no one else would know.  

It was so comforting.  
I felt an amazing warmth in there which I will cherish.
I would recommend June.   She has a truly amazing gift and she delivers it so beautifully.  She is a very kind and special lady.  
I will return and that is for sure .  
Paula Christian - Edinburgh 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - Dundee - April 2023

I booked a private reading with June, having seen her at one of her events a few months previously.  
I confess I was somewhat apprehensive and reticent about doing this, but felt it was something I needed to try having lost our son 2 years ago in tragic circumstances.

 June immediately put me at ease and described my personality very accurately! 
Within a few minutes, and without my saying anything specific, she connected with our son. 

There were facts pertaining to his passing that no-one outside the family could have known, which June was able to express.

I found the whole experience truly amazing. 
There is no doubt, in my mind, that my son’s spirit was present as June mentioned particulars and places that were so specific, that they could only have come from him. 

She also described an elderly gentleman and his characteristics, which clearly was my father. 

The reassurance that my son has his grandfather with him has been extremely comforting, and many questions that we had been asking ourselves over the past 2 years have now been answered. 

 I am usually averse to writing testimonials, but hope that this helps others to take the step to find some peace through June’s remarkable gift.  Thank you very much, Sue

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - March 2023
Dear June
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the zoom reading you gave me two weeks ago; it was both poignant and comforting.  

You connected with my late grandparents and most importantly, my Mum, who sadly passed in January.
The information you gave me was so accurate; you described my Mum and her personality to a tee.
You detailed how my Mum passed and described exactly what I did when I was with her.
This blew my mind as there was no possible way you would have known this information if my Mum hadn't come through to you!
You also connected with me immediately, detailing my characteristics and exactly how I was feeling; you were so precise.
I cannot put into words how reassured and appeased I felt after speaking with you. 
Your presence is so calming, warm and kind.  
I could have spoken to you for hours.  
It felt as if I had known you for years.
You truly are a very special lady with an amazing raw gift.
I would, and have, highly recommended you to all my friends and family.
Thank you again for bringing me peace, comfort and reassurance at such a very difficult time.
I now know that my Mum is at peace and that we will see each other again.
I look forward to speaking to you again in the very near future.
With love and huge thanks.
Dom xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - GLASGOW - March 2023

“I met June Field for the first time today.
I booked myself into a meeting with her months ago because a friend of mine told me that June was ‘very good’.
I have to say that my friend’s description was somewhat wrong…..June is absolutely marvelous!
She not only gave me updates on members of my family had have passed away a long time past but also my brother who left us just two years ago  She gave me facts and habits only they would know….. she also spoke to me about friends and family still with us and every single thing she said was not only accurate but they were also emotional and reassuring.
If you have already had the fortune to see June before, you will not be surprised with what I have said.  
If you have not yet experienced the incredible skills of this person, then I would strongly suggest that you do so as soon as you can.  
You won’t regret it.
Not only are her abilities amazing, she also has a wonderful personality.
I met her for the first time today….my only personal regret is that I didn’t do this years ago.
Thank you very much June.”
Stevie x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - ABERDEEN - February 2023

Many thanks June for my reading last Thursday and I'm happy for you to use my comments in your testimonials.
Most people probably imagine that you're going to give them a life story with 'connections' to everyone they've ever known. Not the case for me as my strongest connection was always going to be my mother. Although her passing was swift when she suddenly went down hill, you were able to reassure me that it was my mother's decision,  which I strongly suspected was the case, and that her journey was indeed a comfortable one!
I was amazed at your knowledge of my mother's character and aspects of her life that you couldn't just 'pluck' from anywhere.
Your ability to delve into some of the more intimate aspects of someone’s character during normal conversation would have a psychiatrist running for their text books!!! 
Overall, I was very impressed by your reading and as someone who saw one of your shows first as a sceptic, you no longer need to preach to the converted!
I will certainly take your advice onboard before I see you at another show some time in the near future. 
Once again, I'm truly grateful for the reassurances received at my reading.
Keep up the good work June and I'll look forward to being entertained again at one of your shows should I get a ticket on time lol!
Regards for now, Derek.


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - LEEDS - February 2023

Hi June

I’m writing to say a massive thank you for the reading you recently gave me.

It was so comforting to be connected to my brother.  I felt like I was speaking with him myself as you portrayed his personality so accurately.
It was the first time my parents and I felt some peace since his passing as even though we believe we all exist beyond our physical body, we sometimes doubt ourselves and then feel sad thinking we would never see him again.

We now feel so much lighter knowing that we will see my brother again and that he still has the same qualities as he did in this physical world. 

I was so amazed that you knew what I talk to my brother about and such accurate details around his passing and his life!

This reading was such a gift to me.
It has allowed me to find it easier to move forward knowing my loved ones are around me and experiencing my life with me in their own way.

You are such a gift to the world – thank you for sharing it with us and touching so many lives.

I would travel from London to Leeds all over again just for this!

I’m so grateful to you.

Wishing you an abundance of happiness and joy.

Best wishes,


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - January 2023

Hi June.

Sorry for the delay in sending you this but on behalf of myself and my daughter, I want to thank you my daughter’s reading on 2nd December.  

You brought our beloved Nathan through to us immediately and you told us such accurate detail.  
It was so comforting to hear that Nathan had the teddy we gave him when he passed.  

You mentioned a specific phrase my daughter uses all the time….there is no way you could have ever known this! 
You told us Nathan hears us when we speak to him and that he tries to comfort Bethany when she wakes up in the early hours.  

For the first time since we lost Nathan we actually felt at peace, knowing he is still around us.  

I have told all of my friends about you June.  
The reading was just amazing and you have such a way with words.  
You conveyed Nathan’s humour but also told us how sensitive and caring he was which was spot on.  

We can’t thank you enough June.  

Warm Wishes & I’ll be in touch again in the near future.


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - January 2023

Hi June

I'm writing to thank you for the lovely  reading you gave me.

It was very enlightening and I was moved that you brought my husband through so quickly and was comforted by the fact that you described his personality so accurately!  
Only people who knew him closely would relate to that. 

You also reassured me that some other loved ones were nearby and also described them including my favourite uncle who was singing his signature song. 

I feel hope from the reading that I will be with my loved ones again. 

Thank you and Warm Regards

Pat (Texas USA)

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - January 2023

Dear June,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for being so kind during our zoom reading.  
You really were spot on!  
You have such a calming presence and you gave such comfort. 
I am so glad I reached out to you when I did. You have helped give me clarity on the way ahead. 
You have a truly amazing gift. Thank you for doing the work that you do! 
Wishing you peace and happiness. 
Neelum xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - December 2022

Dear June,

Thank you so much for the reading on Saturday morning. 

I have never done this before and didn’t know what to expect or why I was doing it.  It just seemed an important thing to do. 

Sandra and I couldn’t believe the personal details you gave us as we just listened. 

It was very much proof that our son hears us, he is ok and he is looked after. 

We are so grateful to you.

With best wishes,

Simon & Sandra Jeffs


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - December 2022

June is a wonderfully warm and direct lady, which I like!

She brought my lovely Nan through and gave some very accurate and well needed advice and information that has helped me find a renewed sense of hope about my life‘s work and my journey going forward.

Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. Merry Christmas 

Kind Regards


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - November 2022

Dear June,

I had a zoom reading with you yesterday and would like to offer my heart felt thanks for the connection you made with my mum and dad.
I have struggled so much since losing my mum two years ago. The connection you made with her has helped me to move forward in life, with a better outlook knowing she is always with me. 
You have such a special gift and I am eternally grateful to you for making me and my family smile again.
Kind regards 
Francesca Morgan 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - October 2022

I just had a reading with June which was fantastic.  

She was amazing and picked up on my current situation, how I was feeling and many areas of my life and personality.  

Her reading was incredibly accurate and she provided evidence from my family and people around me as well as a glimpse into my future..  

She was generous and kind and gave excellent guidance.

I cannot thank June enough.  A fabulous reading!

All the best and a big thank you!!


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - October 2022

June made me feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as I arrived and moments into the reading had connected with loved ones who I'd lost.
June was able to describe their personalities in great detail and how they passed, which made it very easy to identify who it was.  
The session with June brought me great comfort knowing that my lost loved ones are still present, around me and listening to me communicate with them.
I would definitely recommend June and can't thank her enough. 
Best wishes, 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2022

Hi June

I really wanted to thank you for my reading on Saturday.
I must say I have had counselling in the past few months which actually made me feel worse but after our reading call ended I felt like I could breathe properly again.  
You were like a breath of fresh air, bringing Rob through exactly as he was, it really melted my heart.  
You were so spot on especially in describing how loyal he was.
I can honestly say he is the love of my life and there wasn’t a day went by that he didn’t tell me several times a day that he loved me and even in the last hours he put me first.  A very selfless man.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - August 2022

It’s five and a half years since my Dad passed and no one knows what went on in that hospital room! 

I wasn’t actively looking for a spiritual medium but when talking to a friend of a friend I was introduced to June.
We arranged a zoom call and everything was easy.  
We started speaking and instantly June asked me about my Dad’s hands.  
I always had a thing about them, they were huge to me and I loved holding them.

When I reached the hospital, the nurse said it was too late, we missed him, he had gone.
But then my Dad let out a sigh and I screamed at the nurse!

June told me the exact same, instead of me thinking about my story, June was telling me the story and so much more!!!

My Dad was still there next to me and he was trying to comfort me whilst I was screaming ! 

June knew everything about me photographing his hands and face, kissing him and holding his head in my hands and lying on the bed hugging him.
When I visit my Mum, I go secretly to the spare room wardrobe and smell his clothes and cuddle his slippers…. June knew this.

June also asked me why I kept apologising to Dad as my he wanted to know!! 
Basically I had a two way conversation with my Dad!

Now a few weeks on, I know my Dad is with me, lifting me up and helping me achieve what I need to.  
When I look at his photos they all look like they are smiling and my sadness has been replaced with strength.  
I can hear his voice.  It’s in my head.

 June has an incredible gift that heals and helps you to understand the difference between the two worlds.

My life changed the day I spoke to June and I’m so lucky to have found her.

Jeanette Misseldine

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - August 2022

Dear June

No words can describe…  

Losing my very special Father so suddenly felt overwhelming and almost unbearable…   
Having spoken to you, putting me back in touch with him, I now know that he is at peace which has also given me an inner peace.

He would want me to live my best life and be happy and after receiving your help, I now feel I can do just that.

I can’t thank you enough and will be eternally grateful.



TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - July 2022

Hi June
I’ve been meaning to contact you regarding my reading last month.
I just wanted to thank you for your time - you really have a wonderful gift.  
Although I have in recent years increasingly believed in spirit, you confirmed everything that I had been beginning to realise. 
You told me things that you could only have known through speaking with relatives who have passed.  
That I am certain of.  
I am truly grateful for my meeting with you as I was at a difficult point in my life having lost some very special people and I was feeling lost.
I feel the most positive that I have in a long time and I owe that to you. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - July 2022

I had an emotional Video reading with June who was able to communicate with my very recently departed Mother who I was extremely close too.  

Although this was very emotional for me, June was able to provide me with reassurance and comfort and also made me smile with some of the things she relayed to me about my Mother.

June was very accurate.   She described and relayed information she could never have known about and only my Mother could have told her.  

June described my Mother’s character very accurately and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

This is the most accurate reading I have ever received.  June is very gifted.  

Thank you June x



TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - July 2022

I was looking for connection and instantly I found it. There were too many things that June mentioned that were so specific and private, that I knew instantly she was connecting with my loved ones. 
From the beginning of our session I felt comfortable and mesmerised by June’s lovely accent and accurate details.
This session brought me peace and assured me that I made the right decision reaching out to June. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a true connection with the spirit side and I hope that we will meet again.
Jaimee x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - June 2022

"It was nothing short of wonderful to meet June and have a reading with her.    
It was like having a chat with an old friend.  She made me feel so comfortable and her connection with the spirit world is remarkable!
I was able to be connected to loved ones and it genuinely felt like I was getting to have a conversation with my parents.  
They were there, of that I have no doubt.  
I got some much needed reassurance and that will stay with me for a very long time.  
So grateful.”
Thanks again it was such a comfort. 
Claire xx 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - Inverness - June 2022

I have waited a long time to get the chance to see a well reputed medium and was absolutely not disappointed.  

Right from her first words to me, June had an incredibly calming effect and was able to read my character possibly better than I can read myself!

Her assessment of me was so perfect.   
I feel spirit presence myself and June gave very clear information which matched what I felt – so I can finally believe in myself!  

I do hope I will be able to meet June again for further readings in the future.  

Thank you so much.

Janet A.

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - June 2022

June is a very talented and gifted lady.  

I was very impressed at the way she approached things and she was right in everything she said.
She described situations I only knew about.  

She is a very nice lady and I highly recommend everybody to have a reading by her.  

She's worth it!




TESTIMONIAL - Public Demonstration - GLASGOW - APRIL 2022

Hi June 

You gave myself and my daughter a contact during your demonstration at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow recently.  

My daughter was heavily pregnant and you asked her if she knew what she was having, -  then you said it’s a boy.. and it was!

Just thought I'd let you know he is here.

He was born on the 31st May, called Brodie and was a big baby, 9lb 6oz. Just perfect and such a blessing.

Just wanted to share it with you!

Kind Regards 


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - May 2022

Hi June,
I'd just like to thank you for the amazing reading yesterday.
To say you blew me away with your accuracy is an understatement.  You got my character down to a tee at the very start.   

You were also able to help me with some issues I have going on and were able to alay my worries concerning them.
You also picked up on my brother and knew that I had connections in Poole, Dorset.  A cynic may say you researched me but I don't post anything private  about myself on Facebook and it was my first time meeting you.  You are quite simply, the real deal.  Just wow!!
I have had other readings over the years, including a couple from high profile psychics but NO ONE has come close to you.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and will definitely return to you in the future.  
Thank you again, 
Love Anne xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - GLASGOW - May 2022

Hi June, 
Thank you so much for my reading today you have no idea how special it was for me and I left (albeit in tears) feeling a sense of relief and peace that Anne is okay and she's proud of me.  
I can honestly say although I've always believed in spirit, your accuracy was astounding, it really took me aback.  
I will take all of your comments on board and cant wait until next time already.  
I just wanted to clarify the “elephant” you mentioned.   I told you I had a candle but it wasn't until I came home I realised what you meant.  
I can honestly say I have never noticed the elephant on this before.
I keep replaying our conversation over in my head and am still actually gathering my thoughts but you have helped me so much at a time in my life where I desperately needed it and I am honestly eternally grateful for that. 
P.S - I think you have changed my Dad from a sceptic into a believer. He is man of very few words and what I managed to pass on moved him to tears too, which I have never seen before.   
As promised here is your review. 
"I visited June at a time in my life where I really needed to hear from spirit and she did not disappoint. June made me feel so comfortable and the accuracy of what she told me was astounding from first names to past experiences and descriptions of objects . June passed on specific messages to me that no one else could have known and managed to portray my loved ones characteristics flawlessly to the extent that I felt like I was having a conversation with her. I left speechless at how detailed and precise she was. I cannot recommend her highly enough and cannot wait to come back! Thank you so much June you are exceptionally gifted and such a lovely person!"
Sarah M

DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP - Shanklin Theatre, Isle of Wight - APRIL 2022  

Good afternoon June,    
I was the lady who forgot her question.  I had large sunglasses on following cataract surgery.  

You asked me if I was going to be grumpy with you.  My mind shut down and I lost my question. I still cannot remember the question but I know it was just a general one and not about family who are passed as I am sure they are all ok and out of pain.    
I was invited by my neighbour and her Mum as her sister was poorly so hadn’t booked for myself and had never been to an evening like this before and I was quite surprised at how emotional it was listening to you bring comfort to so many people and families.   

It was an experience I shall not forget.
Thank you for sharing your gift with so many.
God Bless



DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP - Shanklin Theatre, Isle of Wight - APRIL 2022

Hi June  

I was in the audience last night and I want to say thank you, you were brilliant and even when giving personal attention to one person or family, you held the room.  
I do hope you return to the Island so I can book again and bring another friend.  
On a personal note, we sponsor a donkey so thank you for supporting the local sanctuary.  
Safe travels home to Bonny Scotland! 


TESTIMONIAL - Intensive Spiritual Workshop - APRIL 2022


Just had the most wonderful 2 day workshop with June
What an amazing lady and experience with this naturally gifted teacher.  
So much talent and such a giving person with an absolute WOW factor!
Would highly recommend any workshop organised by June Field. 
Such a warm loving knowledgable person.  
Thank you June for the experience.

 J Muldowney 

TESTIMONIAL - Intensive Spiritual Workshop - April 2022

Hi June
Little Easton Manor 8th April 2022
What a weekend! If you are looking to attend a psychic medium workshop then look no further than June Field. A woman of great passion, an immense sense of humour and enough love to fill the entire room. Over the two days we where shown different ways to connect to spirit and how to find and fine tune our key. 
I felt at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process whilst gaining so much knowledge and experience to take away.
As an added bonus I also met some amazing and courageous people that are now life long friends.
I truly have no words to describe the love I felt this weekend. I am emotionally drained but eternally grateful.
I have no idea what my next path in life looks like but what I do know is that there is no turning back. 
Something has shifted in my soul and I just know your love helped that happen. 
You gift of mediumship and being psychic and reading people's energy is the best yet but for me your love emanated so powerfully through me that I cannot even begin to tell you how that makes me feel. 
I'm sure I will see you again but for now I shall treasure the experience I gained this last few days.
Thank you June!
Much love to you
Serenity Tiffin x

TESTIMONIAL - Intensive Spiritual Workshop - APRIL 2022

Afternoon June, 

Thank you so much for an incredible weekend, of energy, insight, love and self-discovery, growth, learning, and experience. 
You teach with such passion and commitment. June - you're really something special!!! 
This workshop was such a powerful loving group, and very blessed to have met them all.
All the best June, 
Debbie Baxter 

TESTIMONIAL - Intensive Spiritual Workshop - APRIL 2022

Wow, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with June.  I did a work shop with June four years ago in Edinburgh and had been thinking how good it would be to do another one and when June popped up on facebook advertising she would holding a workshop just down the road to where I live, I booked on straight away!
It was the most amazing weekend with lovely like minded people and the energy in the room was beautiful.  The love and  kindness that filled the room was so strong.
June has has such a calm energy around her.  She was patient, kind and enthusiastic.   She wanted everyone to feel comfortable and at ease as she is an amazing spiritual teacher.
I felt I needed confidence, reassurance and kick up the bottom to start using my personal mediumship gift.
I have procrastinated for to long but after the weekend I felt uplifted and at ease with confidence to move forward.
The group are all going to keep in touch through, WhatsApp and FB and also a few of us that live close by are going to sit in circle, which I am very exited about.
Thank you so much June Field.
You truly are an incredible lady and I feel so privileged to have been able to work and learn from you again!  I'd do it again tomorrow!!
Missing everyone too.
Lots of love 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - January 2022

The session we had today with June was very comforting and reassuring and was delivered in a warm and friendly manner.  
June relayed the essence of our passed Loved Ones and her messages to us were clear and concise.  
If anyone is grieving over the loss of a Loved One and needs reassurance delivered in a caring way please do not hesitate to book a session with June.
A sense of relief, understanding and insight into where our Loved Ones are now is immensely helpful.
Thank you June.
Best wishes Helen, Sue and Jess

TESTIMONIAL - Received - December 2021

Hi June  

I had a reading with you last year.
I had been trying for a baby and was in the process of pursuing IVF. 
You said that I’d conceive naturally and that I’d have a boy.  
In March this year I had booked a week off work as I was waiting for my cycle to start in order to start the IVF injections but my period never started… the Saturday of that week we did a pregnancy test and it was positive!  

After 2 years of trying I was finally pregnant and I was even more overjoyed that it was natural, rather than via the wonder of modern medicine.  
I had been anxious about the prospect of injecting myself with hormones and the whole process being done via test tubes.

Rowan was born 6 weeks ago now.  He’s perfect.  

Thank you for your insight!  You really do possess an incredible gift.  I will never forget you x  Olivia

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - November 2021

Dear June
Thank you so very much for the wonderful zoom reading I had with you today.

You described my character to a T, everything you said was totally accurate. 

My Mum came through very quickly to you and it was so wonderful to hear the things she said to you. 
You described her so accurately, even to the fact she had 7 siblings and lived a distance away from her family!
You said my Dad was there but liked to remain in the background and let my Mum take the lead....this was so true of him!
I was hoping my husband who died nearly 6 months ago would come through and thankfully he did.
My Mum brought him in and you said she had been looking after him like I had asked.  This again is true, I had asked my Mum to do that.
You got his month and cause of death correct and said many other things that were so accurate.
You are such a kind and compassionate person.
I feel so comforted and reassured now knowing that they will be waiting for me.
Thank you so much again, you have helped me so very much.
Kindest Regards 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - October 2021

Hi June

 I would just like to thank you so much.  
You have given both myself and my family so much closure.
The things you mentioned about both my Mum and my Uncle were so spot on and there is nobody that would know these things unless they knew them!
Things that stood out for me the most is how much you were able to describe two completely different people, the way they passed and their personalities.  It was such an amazing experience and I cannot thank you enough.
I wasn't really a medium believer but this has changed my mind completely!
You have such an amazing gift.
My family have definitely agreed to book with yourself so there is definitely a queue lol.
Thank you so much again! 
R. Gosal

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2021

Dear June, 
I would like to sincerely thank you for the reading you gave me a few weeks ago.  
It has provided my Mother and I with such comfort and has really helped knowing that my wonderful Dad is always with us and "safe.”
You told me all about my Dad’s character and the specific information you relayed has left me in no doubt that we shall be reunited and that he has merely gone on ahead.  

It is coming up to the first anniversary of his passing and you have made life a little easier to manage. 
You are a wonderful, kind lady with a special gift.
I can't really put into words how much you have helped.
I hope to meet up again with you online in the future. 
Thank you 
South Wales

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2021

Dear June

I don't really know where to begin but just wanted to say a big thankyou.
I honestly feel at peace since speaking with you, and can't really explain why. 
I have missed my nan and grandad so very much and your reading has left me with no doubt that they are still around and that it was indeed them you were connecting with.  I will be making appointments with them in future!
 After the reading I also realised the significance of something you said about how I'm not the person that would stand for what I did. 
Just two days ago I confronted someone on public for behaving a certain way to his partner and told her not to put up with it so it was more than coincidence that you said that.
You nailed my character from the beginning which was a little unsettling if I'm honest but that is my nature.
I probably felt safe as a sceptic and now I know I need to be more receptive to reap the benefits.
Anyway I am rambling now, I am very grateful of your time and will treasure the warmth you have given me.
Thankyou again
Charlotte Wardle

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2021

Thank you so much for  the amazing  reading.  
I know the 2 gentlemen who connected with you were most definitely Clive, a dear and beautiful person who will always live in my heart, in this life, until we are reunited again and of course, my Dad, who was as you said very stubborn.  He was also very kind and generous.  He never pretended to be anyone but himself, and yes, his sense of humour was dry.  He loved Mr Bean! 
With The Greatest of Gratitude And Appreciation, 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - August 2021

I met with June with the hope of connecting with my beloved Mum who passed away in November 2020 after a long battle with cancer.
Her passing left an enormous hole in my life and I spent many months searching for answers to questions about what had happened to her. 

June immediately put me in touch with my Mum and described her personality and our relationship with amazing accuracy.
She talked about things that only my Mum and I could have known about and left me in no doubt that it was her spirit we had connected with. 

The reading really helped me on my healing journey and June was incredibly empathetic and kind during our session.

I would highly recommend June’s services to anyone seeking a connection to spirit and certainly hope to meet with her again in the future. 

All the best, June, and thank you so much! 


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - July 2021

Having seen such amazing reviews and having recently lost a child, I contacted June.
Our chat was warm, friendly and fascinating.

June was incredibly respectful of my loss and as we chatted she revealed so many details about my child for me to be sure she had a connection with him.  
This time with June left me feeling a sense of peace, it renewed a connection with my child that I felt was lost and left me hopeful for further connections.  
Thank you June for this amazing gift.


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - June 2021

Hi June,
Apologies for the time taken to leave this review but I would like to thank you for the reading you gave me when you brought through the outspoken, chatty, impatient, fierce, beautiful spirit I feel privileged to have called "Mum". 
You brought through the essence of her personality brilliantly and I found this to be a big comfort. 
Thank you so much.
Abigail / Abby


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - June 2021

I’d never had a reading before but June made me feel at ease immediately.  
Within seconds of my reading, June had made a connection and the way she described him left me no doubt that it was my Dad who passed away last November.  
She described personality traits that were so specific to my Dad, particularly his impatience, which was why we had barely said hello at the beginning of the reading when he came through!
She also accurately picked up on the very close bond that he had with his Grandmother who he lost in his twenties and who he is now reunited with.  
All in all a wonderful and life changing experience for me.   
Thank you June! Xx

Maranda x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - May 2021

Dear June,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading this afternoon.
The information you were able to relay has left me in no doubt that my loved ones on the other side are not only safe and well but are very much picking up where they left off!
It was wonderful to hear you tap into their personalities, characteristics and their experiences in life.
The whole experience has left me feeling reassured, protected, and very fortunate in so many ways.
Thank you so much again.
With all best wishes,

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - May 2021

Dear June,
I waited months to have my reading and experience with you and for sure it was definitely worth the wait!
The connection l had, through you, with my late Mother, was the best ever and something l will always cherish and I will be forever grateful to you.
You described how she passed in detail, her character,  her laugh,  her smile and how important family meant to her.
You also mentioned a child that passed at a young age that was with my Mother on the other side.
It didn't make sense at the time but l later asked my Uncle and he explained that this was her younger brother who had died at a very young age.
You also described my character from my “Mother’s 'words.”  That was also very accurate, June.
Everything you said was was spot on. 
You made me feel at ease and for sure you are the best in the world as a spirit medium.
 I feel so much at peace.
I will definitely recommend you to everyone that wants to have a connection with those on the other side of life.
Many thanks June once again and stay blessed as You are a very special person 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - Glasgow - May 2021

Dear June,

Thank you so much for tonight's reading.
You got me to a “T“ and I feel so much better after talking to you.
I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me.
I was surprised to get such detailed information about my passed loved ones and I look forward to the future knowing they are at peace.
Thank you again, love,

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading  - London - May 2021

I’d been waiting to see June for so long, as due to covid my appointment date kept changing.  I don’t know why but I was so nervous on my journey to meet June as this was my first time of having a reading and I really didn’t know what to expect.  I knew who I wanted to connect with but thought grandparents may have come through which I really didn’t know much about. 

As soon as I met June I felt instantly at ease.  

I lost my dad in November 2019 and this is when I decided I wanted to see a medium.  He came through straight away!  This was funny as he always thought this was a load of rubbish and never believed in such things! I just couldn’t believe what June was saying.   So many things about him and the family, everything I could relate to and I understood exactly what June was telling me.   

As the reading was coming to an end,  I was starting to feel a little disappointed as I’d lost a little baby girl in 1995 and I was so hoping she would come through as I think about her such a lot.  
June didn’t disappoint,  all of a sudden she did come through.   She was with my Dad.   My 
emotions were so high at this point.

I feel june is such a special person to have this ability.
When I got home I really felt like I’d just been to visit my Dad and I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it. 
Thank you so so much June your are very special. 


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - London - May 2021

Hi June,
Just a quick note to say thank you very much for your time earlier, I came away feeling enlightened, fulfilled and happy! Emoji
As I said, after visiting several mediums in the past and not learning anything new, I went on a mission to visit the best in the field (!), and that's definitely what I got!
So, thanks again, take care and good luck, see you again sometime.
Best regards,


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - London - May 2021

Hi June

I met with you yesterday and from the moment I walked in I felt calm and relaxed in your company.  

You confirmed things that only I would know and I have had readings in the past but one thing you mentioned has never been brought though before by anyone else.

I most definitely will meet with you again.

Thank you so much.

Take care and stay safe
June X

TESTIMONIAL - London - May 2021

Our reading (my sister and I) with June was really good.

She described our loved ones so well and in a way that left no doubts in our minds.

We laughed and cried!

We left the room amazed at how it was all possible but we also felt much better.  

We will be coming back to see June again once some more time has passed.

Yvonne & Sister

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - April 2021

I had a reading with June and all I can say is she is truly gifted!  
I found a lot of the information given to be most accurate regarding myself, my personality and that of others.  

June also gave me information regarding my grandparents that are deceased and most recently my best friends mum who died rather suddenly due to illness.  
I was rather moved by the information that June gave me during my reading and I am most thankful.  

June possesses a rare ability that can and does bring comfort to those in need.  

I will be back for another reading.  

Many thanks Emily xx


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - April 2021

Hi June
I had such a good zoom reading from you on 21 April this year, I thought I'd enjoy an evening seeing you in person at the Craigmonie hotel next year. 
You have made me feel so much better since the call as I now feel my Mum is no longer frustrated and agitated as she was after her stroke in 2017.
Yes I'm sad that I no longer get to take her out for a cuppa and chat but I have taken so much comfort from your call and actually flabbergasted at how accurate you were talking about my Mum and the way she was prior to her death.
Some of the things you said make me smile away to myself when I think of her. 
Thank you once again & I look forward to seeing you next March.
Kind regards
Alison MacCallum

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - April 2021

HI June
I wanted to thank you for your zoom reading today.  
I was "blown away" about the accuracy of some of the things you said.  You are truly talented.
Since the passing of a very close loved one, I have been feeling so sad especially as " lockdown" meant I missed so much her final days but you made me feel so much better knowing  that didnt really matter as I had a lifetime of memories.  
My loved one knows of my love & you told me to stop feeling guilty.  
You had me laughing too (which was lovely by the way) when you said she wasnt demonstrative & that was so true!
You asked me about the story of the mouse. (Still laughing by the way.)
Why my Mum brought that up I dont know but it proved it really was her defo!  
I wanted you to keep talking and I didnt want the session to end as it brought me comfort & joy knowing my Mum wasn’t really gone, just somewhere else & that one day she'll be there to meet me when my time comes.
Carry on your good work & hopefully one day we‘ll chat again. 
With love & thank you. 

TESTIMONIAL- Private Video Reading - April 2021

This is the first time I’ve had a reading with June, and I must say I was completely blown away. 
June started by asking me if she could talk about my energy, and she went on to accurately describe my personality, and who I was as a person just from me having said hello, which I thought was completely amazing! I’ve never experienced that before.
I just want to say a big thank you for your guidance June, and I look forward to what the future holds for me. Hopefully the things that you have said to me will indeed come true 🙏
Lots of love,
Shelina xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - April 2021

Today was my first ever medium reading.  

I wasn’t sure what I would take or receive from my reading but it’s given me so much comfort.

I’ve always believed in sprirt and that we go somewhere but also been somewhat of a sceptic at the same time. 

June described my Nan to a T, her traits and character & to bring through my sister too brought so much comfort that was needed in healing, not just for myself but my family too, to relay a message we had wanted to hear.

Thank you for bringing me that. I can’t wait to have another reading with you. 


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - April 2021

"I had my first reading with June recently and wasn't really sure what to expect.  
I was very quickly put at ease and realised she was genuine as she told me many things that nobody else could have known which I found amazing !!  
I was able to ask questions and felt completely reassured after our session.  
I'll definitely be contacting her again in the future and can't recommend her highly enough.  
Thanks again June ! "
Take care,

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - APRIL 2021

Hi June 

My testimony: 
It was the first time I had a reading today 19 April and just have to say how much June put me at ease and I was really relaxed.  

June told me things only my Father and myself would have known.  
She described his personality and traits!!  
I have been grieving ever since my Father passed and meeting June on Zoom has healed me completely knowing my Father is in a better place and always around me.  
I will definitely be having another reading in the future and highly recommend June! 
Thank you so much June.
It was lovely meeting you and thank you for helping me . 
Look after yourself. 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - March 2021

I had a reading with June just after a month of my Father passed.  
She managed to connect with him despite him only just passing as well as connecting with other family members.  
She described personality traits and things nobody else could have known.... It was such an amazing, healing experience! 
I can't wait to book another reading with June and to attend the live events!  
If anyone is thinking about getting a reading with June... I would highly recommend her to everyone ❤️ she is amazing, truly gifted and made me feel so comfortable and at ease! 
Thanks again June for the amazing experience, I'm truly grateful. 
Sam M

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - March 2021

Today I was lucky enough to have a Private Video Reading with June.
I have never had a reading via zoom so was a bit concerned re internet issues.
I was amazed at how quickly June brought through spirit and also knew straight away who each person was.
June was so accurate and so natural in the way she delivered her messages.
I have never had a reading like this in my life and I felt really good after it.

June is a lovely woman with an amazing gift and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience her work and see how she connects with spirit.
So grateful June and I will return in the future to once again listen to your amazing gift.
Out of this world!
Allison hill

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - December 2020 (Feedback March 2021)

Hello June, 

I hope you’re well. 
I’m not sure if you remember speaking with me in December but you connected me with my mum who had recently passed away. 
During our chat, you said that my mum was pulling you toward my stomach and saying “it’s a beautiful baby boy”...
I just wanted to get back in touch to say that I did indeed get a positive pregnancy test on Christmas Eve and today during a check up scan we found out we are having a boy! I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to know that mum really is still with us and she’s sent us such a wonderful gift! 
Thank you so much.
Kindest regards,

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - March 2021

Dear June,

First and foremost, I have to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for being able to meet  with you on FaceTime today.

I had thought long and hard before getting in touch as i wasn’t sure if : 

  1. I believed it would be possible to connect with my husband or 
  2. If I could indeed handle the outcome if  we did.

You instantly put me at ease and conversed as though we had been friends for years despite us never having met before.

My husband was a complete skeptic before his death and had insisted, quite emphatically, that there is nothing after we die.

I had asked my husband to give me a sign that I would know, without doubt, he is with and watching over me.

It would be an understatement to say I was completely overwhelmed when you were able to convey to me the name of the composer and the exact piece of music I had been playing on the piano in the hour prior to our call.

You were further able to disclose intricate details that my husband had undertaken in relation to his illness.

I must also add, that although you mentioned a possible misdiagnosis, I couldn’t remember such an instance at the time. On reflection I did then recall a letter from his consultant at the outset of my husband’s illness eight years previously,  stating  clearly that he was in no doubt that this was certainly not advanced prostate cancer. Sadly things turned out differently.

Thank you too for your heartfelt advice on how I can go forward and learn to tentatively start to live my life again, and still feel my husband firmly at my side.

I will carry the love and comfort forever in my heart that you were able to give me today.

Much love,

Lynda xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - March 2021

Hi June,

I hope you’ve had a good start to the week.  
I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for our chat yesterday.
I came into the conversation looking to learn something new and out of admiration for you and for your amazing gift.
I really didn’t know what to expect but I walked away feeling very reenergised about the insights that you gave me and the long-lost loved ones you were able to channel.
The biggest surprise and gift was being able to reconnect with my grandmother, who died when I was only 5 years old and whom I never really think about too much these days.  
I am so happy that you revealed her to me in all her energy, passion for life and extroversion.
I checked with my mum after our call and you were right, she did use to sing the Ave Maria constantly, something I had no idea about!
I will definitely carry her in my heart more decisively and proactively going forward - thank you for this amazing gift you gave me - I am still smiling a day later.
Oh and as a detail, you mentioned you could see some stripy curtains.
It turns out they did indeed have stripy brown and white parasol curtains outside their restaurant in Milan by the canal, which again I didn’t know.
It’s incredible that you could see all that!

I could go on with my message (by saying for example that my husband’s eyes filled with tears when I told him about his mum and the fact that she still claims him as hers and watched over him) but I’ll leave you to your evening and your busy schedule. 

Thanks once again for being you, for embracing who you are, and for sharing all of this with us with such humility, intelligence, kindness and positivity. 

I hope we meet in person one day. 


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - February 2021

I had my reading with June on 27 February 2021.  
I was hoping for my husband to come forward and shortly after she had provided some spot-on information about myself, she said that there was a gentleman from the spirit world waiting to talk to me.  
Every single piece of information she then gave me was absolutely accurate.
She provided such specific and personal information about my husband’s character, his life and our relationship that she couldn’t possibly have known.  
My husband also answered through June all the questions that I had asked him silently prior to the reading.  
Furthermore, she gave me valuable advice on how to enhance my own communication with my husband.
I was very touched and the evidence received was so reassuring that I cried tears of joy.
I can highly recommend June as a medium and besides that she is a wonderful and warm person. 

 Many thanks again and best regards,


TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - February 2021
June Field gave me a reading today which was my first ever.
She made me feel so relaxed and was  “Astoundingly correct “ in every description of all my loved ones who have passed on and relayed to me the messages I needed.
I totally recommend her for anyone who needs to connect with loved ones and to also understand the mystery of life and after life.
Thank you June for your genuine help.
Regards John.

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - GLASGOW - January 2020  - Testimonial/Feedback sent March 2020
My Dad passed away in October 2019 And he was an avid Ranger Football Fan and would attend all the matches.
I had a reading with June in January 2020 and wanted to give you a wee update on a few things that have happened.
A new baby is on its way in APRIL as you predicted but best of all you said Dad kept shouting ”55 it’s gonna happen“ - well yes it did!  Glasgow Rangers Football Team just won the 55 titles!!
Thank you!!
Joan McMillan xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading
Dear June
Firstly I want to say thank you for the amazing reading that you did for me on 1st November 2020.  
Your friendly approach just put me straight at ease and I felt like I was talking to a good friend.
The first thing you asked was what the problem was in my tummy area?   You picked up straight away an issue which had taken over my life for the last two years.
I explained a bit about it and said I had an operation approaching to finally sort it.  You said it wouldn’t be fixed at this one but it would be by March.
Well, you were absolutely spot on!   I ended up with an infection from the op but through that, they have now fixed all the other issues there and have given me back my life.
Your words did give me hope at the time but little did I realise how true they would be!
I now wait for your other predictions to happen which I know they will.
You told me 2022 would be my year but I’m already excited for 2021 thanks to your true prediction regarding my tummy issue. 
You are amazing and I would recommend you 100%.
Thanks so much from another June 🙏🏻💕

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - January 2021

Dear June,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the reading I had with you on the 18th January – to be honest, I was not expecting the reading to be as impressive as it turned out to be – Thank you so much!!!!
You were “ Spot on “ with your perception of me and of those around me.  
I have since felt in a much better position to cope with losing my Mum since talking to you.

Thank you once again and I am sure to be in contact with you again sometime in the future.

Take care

Amanda xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - January 2021

I can't recommend June enough or thank her enough for her Video Reading yesterday.  
June was incredible.  
She far surpassed my expectations.  
What a talent and a gift she has.
I was feeling really low and lost prior to the reading.  
June knew me so well, better than I know myself and her insight into me and my family has guided me onto a clear path.  
June also told me my Great Aunt (who we lost more than 15 years ago) is with me and she shared such incredible details about my Aunt and the special relationship we shared and reconnected us in such a special way.  
The whole reading was amazing from start to finish.
I now feel a lot more hopeful and positive about the future. Thank you June
Charley x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading- January 2021

Dear June

I would like to thank you for the insightful Zoom Reading that you gave me recently.
I have never been to a Medium before and was quite anxious about how it would work, especially on Zoom. 
Immediately, you put me at ease with your welcoming manner and I felt comfortable in your company. 
I believe my mother and husband came through and many of the things you told me were so accurate.  
I was also reassured when you were able to ask about something that had been worrying me and I received a positive answer. 
At the end of the reading, I left with a sense of calm and peace that my loved ones were looking over me and were settled in the spirit world.  
Thank you for sharing your gift .
With kind regards

Testimonial - Private Video Reading - January 2021

I had my first reading with June yesterday and am super grateful for our time spent.
I was able to wake up this morning with a reassurance of my loved one’s spirit still surrounding me and the feeling of being able to connect again and that this connection does not lie in the past but is here to stay. 
June described both mine and my Father’s character very accurately and pointed out a couple of things and occurrences that no one else was aware of, but were very true.  
This hour spent meant a lot to me and I am grateful for having been led to meet June - and reconnect with my Father again.  
Thank you.

Testimonial - Private Video Reading - January 2021

Just wanted to say how grateful I am to you June.  
You were spot on in everything you told me!  
Everything that I’m feeling is for a reason.  
What you said about the two people who stepped forward ... I knew exactly who you were talking about!!  
Today 18/01/ is my birthday and I couldn’t of asked for a better present.  
Thank you again...YOUR AMAZING xoxo

Sarah x

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom December 2020

This was our second reading with June since Dad passed in June.  
My son Luke wasn't able to be at the first reading so he joined this one.  
June as ever was spot on describing my sons personality and traits, he's not the usual 22 year old!  She pointed out that his grandad had joined us and that he and Luke were the best of buddy's going off together and that he was more of a father figure to him (which was true as he grew up without a father).  
June said Luke had a bag of coins given to him by his Grandad and Luke confirmed this and said he had a coin with him in a bag at the side of the table which wasn't in eyesight.!!  
June described my Dad 100% with his vibrant personality, his one liners and that he never believed in any of this shit!!!  
Yes he would've said that.  
She pointed out that he was involved in some very male orientated club of some sort, no women allowed!  
Dad was a pro footballer and had been involved in the club till the end organising sportsman's dinners and giving speaches which June also picked up on.  
My Mum’s Mum also came through, described perfectly as quiet, timid and 4ft 11" tall.!!. Spot on.  
June is without a doubt the rea
l deal, even my sceptical son is swayed by her.  
I would not hesitate to recommend June. She brings so much comfort to so many people to know that their loved ones are around us, with us at special times and that there is another place we pass over to. We are so grateful as family for helping us through such a difficult time. Thank you June 

Claire Ryan x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - December 2020
Had a wonderful time spent online with June this evening.
Hoping to connect with someone spirit side, I was delighted when June confirmed my Dad had arrived to join us.  
Any nerves I may have had were shoved to one side as June's comments made me smile and laugh.
Her ability to describe him, myself, even my husband and my young daughter in such a matter of fact way was both heart-warming and at times humorous, as laughter was certainly more present than any tears I may have expected to shed.  
It's a comfort knowing that my dad is certainly around and listening. June offered not only reassurances but a little insight to my life as well and I would have no hesitation in booking a reading again. 
Thank you, June. 
Leona x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - December 2020

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to June.

Having lost my mother suddenly and unexpetedly in September of this year, I was eager to learn if what I believed in was true and that she was infact now in the spirit world still able to see and hear us.

By the end of my reading with June I was left in little doubt that Mum is still very much around. June picked up on things which there’s no way she could have known unless Mum was really there – including the rare blood cancer she’d had for many years.

It’s given me so much comfort to know that Mum’s still around, is happy in the spirit world and that we’ll get to see her again one day.”  

 Rachael x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading through Zoom - December 2020

Hi June, 
I just wanted to email you and say thank you so much for the wonderful reading that you gave me today.  
I have been really struggling over the last 12 months with the loss of my Mum and you not only brought me comfort today but lots of laughter too, something which haven’t not done in a long while. 
You brought my Mum through instantly and had her true essence and character to a tee.  
You were spot on with her personality and nature and had me smiling at many of the things that she did.  
Her loss has been huge and grief was engulfing me but I cannot tell you how much better I feel after my reading. 
It was reassuring to hear that she is well and with my Dad and her Mum and even my little dog who we lost a few months ago.  
You have helped me immensely and I am truly grateful.  
You were also so accurate about my personality and the worries that I am carrying.  
I am going to listen to you and be a lot more positive about things and stop worrying. 
I would love to attend one of your shows and will look out for future dates. 
Thank you once again for this treasured gift. 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading - November 2020

My review of my amazing reading.

Wow!   Where do I begin.
I have needed a few days to get my head around the amazing reading I had with June.
I have had a few readings over the years but this one was by far the most important to me.
Having lost my amazing Mum in June this year I have really struggled with my grief.
Five months may not sound like a long time to some but it has been the worst, longest 5 months of my life.
I was desperate to know she was ok and to have even the smallest sign would have been amazing but what happened at my reading just blew me away.
June immediately made me feel at ease even during these horrendous COVID times.
Almost straight away, June connected with my Mum and I cannot tell you the feeling that gave me.
Every single thing that June told me at my reading was absolutely spot on.
Even down to the pink and white striped fluffy socks my Mum had on in her casket!
Details of her medical conditions and information surrounding her passing.
My Mum was the only one who came through at my reading but that was what she wanted and what she knew I needed.
June described my mum to a “T“ even down to her severe lack of patience ha ha.
She knew details of things I’ve gone through since my Mum’s passing that no other person on this earth could know.
My grieving will never end but to know my Mum is with our family is the most important thing.
The comfort I got from the short time I spent with June I can’t explain and I will be forever grateful. 
Thank you June and you’re right.   We will definitely meet again. 
Katie xxx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading -  November 2020

Dear June
First and foremost I would like to say a massive thank you for my reading on Saturday. 
As this was my first ever reading with a medium,  I didn't know what to expect so I came with an open mind... you certainly didn't disappoint!!
You were so friendly that not only did you instantly put me at ease but I felt like I'd known you for years.
I had not long sat down when you told me that 2 women had come through and after you described them,  i instantly knew who they were.
One of the women you spoke of told you I belonged to her, the very woman I'd been hoping to find... my beloved Mum.
It was fantastic to learn that the other woman in the room was my Gran.
Not only did you describe Mum & Gran’s personalities down to a tee (which made me laught a little as it was very true) but you then went on to tell me things that no one could have possibly known.
For instance you told me that family members has been looking at photos of Mum and that tears had been shed.
I myself wasn't present but my eldest sister was the person who got upset... my Mum had been present in the room!!
You also told me that at the funeral parlour someone touched Mum’s forehead and another had fixed her hair... I touched her forehead myself and my sister fixed Mum’s hair as it wasn't the way she'd normally have it.
Neither myself or my sister had spoken to each other of that day in the parlour... how could you have known this?
What astonished me was the fact that you also channelled the pain that Mum had endured.
Not only at the time of her passing but during her illness. We knew she'd been very ill but never knew how much she'd really suffered.
Nothing can ever take away the pain of losing my Mum but with your help, I feel you brought Mum back to me.
I would highly recommend you to all of those who are considering visiting a medium.
My family and I will be forever grateful for what you did for us by bringing us comfort in a time of great loss.
You truly are a lovely woman with a remarkable gift.
Much love and appreciation. 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - October 2020

A truly remarkable and comforting reading.

On behalf of my family, I’d like to say thank you for an amazing reading.

We really felt comfortable from the onset . 

June was warm, funny and incredibly accurate! 

The accuracy and details she gave, solidified that she really had connected with our loved ones!

The reading gave us all comfort and peace knowing that our loved ones were ok.  

We would highly recommend June for her gift of giving others the messages they need in order to start healing and to feel that connection with their loved ones. 

with warmest wishes 

Nicki, Tara  and Shanita x

TESTIMONIAL - Fort William - October 2020

Good Morning June,  

I hope you are well.  
Thank you so very much for giving my aunt, Moira, such comfort, peace, hope and reassurance with your amazing spiritual connection and communication with her late husband, Donald.  
She sounded so happy and uplifted when I spoke to her last night.  
She said that she, herself, felt Donald’s presence there, and said that everything you communicated to her, from him, was him!    
She also let me know that her mother, my grandmother, was there also, but more in the background and also that there were relationship difficulties in the years prior to her passing. Moira was reassured by this connection also.  
She said that she found the whole experience, believable, genuine true and most heartening.
You are such an incredibly, special and gifted person. 
So much gratitude and appreciation for making such a positive difference to Moira’s day/week/life.   
With all Good Wishes to You, 

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - October 2020

I can't describe how incredible it was connecting with June today!  
I have never done anything like this before and I am so so glad I did.  
My faith has always been very strong in relation to spirits and after the life, and what June was able to tell me and say to me just confirmed all of that for me.  
I know my Dad is OK, and that was the most important thing to me!  
JUNE was able to give me something that is just priceless!
Thank you so much!

Laura x

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2020

Hi June, 

Just a note to say thanks for today.  
It was a great comfort to hear that my Gran is with me and you described her and her personality spot on.  
I got a bit emotional at a few points, not out of sadness but happiness and your description of my current situation in life both professionally and personally was unbelievable!  
I'm quite a deep person and I keep many things to myself, so what my friends and family see on the outside is sometimes not what is going on on the inside, however, you seemed to know me better than most today!  
You gave me some good insights into my work life and I will definitely glide with my head high and let that ship sink ... just a little before I step in.  
I'll also get that tooth looked at and get the plumber to check over the work in the garden! haha  
You are a lovely lady with a magical gift and it was a pleasure to video meet you.  
Kind regards

TESTIMONIAL - Private Video Reading - September 2020

Hi June 
I am just writing to thank you for today on behalf of the family.  
It is absolutely incredible knowing that Dad is still about and is ok and it was such a great comfort to us the way you were able to connect with Dad and pass on his thoughts.  It was amazing!  
If I ever had any tiny doubts about my faith and life after death, they have totally been put to bed after today!!
I feel at peace knowing that Dad is still about and that our love for each other will last forever and that one day we will meet again.
This is my Epiphany. 
Kind Regards
Stuart Gornall MSc

Testimonial- Private Reading - LEEDS - September 2020

Good evening June,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see you today in Leeds.
You are a lovely lady with a great sense of humour!😊
I've lost my way a few times in life, maybe taking a left instead of a right turn and have shortcomings like most people, however, today I feel back on the right track with an understanding of what I have been experiencing since childhood.
More importantly, how to find my own key to tune into spirit whilst protecting myself from negative people and environments.
Also, Thank you for the transfiguration, it was an amazing experience and you really have opened my eyes June.

Best Wishes

Testimonial - Private Video Reading - August 2020

I had never had a reading before and was very anxious. How could it work on zoom, I asked myself?    
I needn’t have worried.  
As soon as I saw June, I warmed to her immediately.  
She was able to connect me with my Mum and the accuracy of her reading was astounding.   
I will always be grateful to June for giving me the chance to hear from my Mum on her birthday.  
I now feel at peace with my Mum’s passing, confident in the knowledge that I will meet her again. 

Pippa Hobbs

Testimonial - Private Video Reading - August 2020

After seeing June live in Glasgow, I was so impressed I booked a private reading.  
I was nervous on the day, as any experience of readings in the past, all bar one, have been very poor and I really didn’t know what to expect.      
I needn’t have worried though, as instantly, June made me feel at ease and welcomed me with a lovely warm, down to earth mannerism.

June was absolutely spot on with all the points she made.  
She even said things I wasn’t aware of and after checking with my Mum, they turned out to be completely true.
We sat for a full hour chatting as though we’d been friends for years and I laughed and cried and even through the tears I was still smiling through the whole reading.
I really can’t recommend June enough.
Yes, her price may be higher than most but that’s because she’s better than most.  
It’s true what they say that you get what you pay for and in this case it’s the best reading I could have wished for.

I left the reading feeling a warmth in my heart and soul and that feeling has continued weeks later.
Thank you June, thank you for everything.
I really hope I can get to have another reading with you one day.  
You are an exceptional, wonderful, warm hearted, beautiful soul. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gillian Buksh

Testimonial/Feedback - Received August 2020

Good Morning June,  I hope you are well. 

I was fortunate enough to have a reading with you on 5th March 2020 along with my friend Jackie when you visited Norwich. 

I was totally blown away by every single detail you gave me regarding my beautiful Tone and the clarity of it all was just amazing. 
I immediately came home and wrote up  my notes. 
Yesterday, I thought I would read up on my notes for the first time since my reading and it all came flooding back even clearer this time. 
I think I was so amazed and shocked the first time round that I had to put everything aside but as soon as I read it again I knew my Tone was forever present. 
To appreciate that he knows every single thing regarding the problems I have had with his family means so much to me.   And hearing of all the things that he relates to in the here and now in my home is so inspiring.

The fact that you didn’t even have time to settle before he came through made me smile!! It’s also Lovely to know too that he and my Mother and Father are all together. 
So thank you June so much. 
Have a wonderful day. 

Kind regards
Carole Armiger 


Testimonial - Private Video Reading - August 2020

Dear June
Thank you so much for your recent Zoom reading.
After the loss of my mum 15 months ago, my life has been a real uphill struggle emotionally, not just by her loss but compacted by my siblings falling out with each other at that time.
My mind has been spiralling out of control, not knowing how to push past the turmoil with my family and build a future for myself.
It wasn’t long into the reading that I realised you really ‘got me’ - understood exactly what was going on in my mind/ life.
You also gave me information about my relatives in spirit that nobody else could possibly have known about, and it was comforting to know that some of them are around me and trying to help me find peace and happiness.
Your reading left me feeling so much better, confident and positive, reassuring me that help is all around me, I am not alone!
You really are amazing June, thank you so much!

Lyn x

Testimonial - Private Video Reading - August 2020

Dear June

Thank you so much for my recent FaceTime reading which has brought me closure and 
a good deal of peace.
I was so worried my husband had not known I was with him at the end and you reassured me that he knew I was there.  
I have lost so many of my family and you contacted them through spirit.  
I was dumbstruck which is a rare occurrence for me!!  
The information you gave me about my spirit family was amazing and so accurate and impossible for anyone to know such details.
My dog was barking like mad during my reading and looking at my door.   You told me he was very aware of spirit in my house the hairs on the back of my neck were also standing on end.
When you asked if I had any questions I would like to ask you I found you’d answered most of my questions without me having to ask you.
I would not hesitate to highly recommend you to my friends and anyone who is reading this.  
Thank you again the comfort this reading has given me it was amazing.

Joan MacDonald

Testimonial - Private Video Reading - August 2020


Once again your reading was spot on and so accurate.
I don’t know how you can say what you do and tell me things I don’t even know!.  
One of the things you asked was what was wrong with my blood?   As far as I was aware there was nothing.
However,  I have had lots of surgery over the last 5 years and did eventually go to my GP as my ankle was swelling badly.
I never thought for a minute it was my blood!!  However, my blood test did throw up an extremely low haemaglobin and the tests have now started to find out where I am internally bleeding from.
I have hospital appointments and am being well looked after.
I want to thank you for drawing my attention to this problem which I was totally unaware off.
You have probably got things moving health wise for me before it was too late.
Many many thanks.
Isobel Chirray

Testimonial - Private Reading through Skype - written July 2020 -  conducted in May 2020

Hi June,
Firstly I hope your well.  
I simply had to tell you what’s happened with me.  
When I had my reading a couple of months ago and you said that you could see me buying a white pebble dash house that was near water.  
At that time I was actually looking for a bungalow and I questioned at the time if the water you could see was a pond or large water tank.  
You told me no & that you definitely meant water, water!  
To be honest I didn’t have a clue where on earth it could be as I definitely was staying in this area & the coast is miles away.  
Anyway,  about 3 weeks ago a house came on the market, in a little street I didn’t even know existed despite living here for 42 yrs!  
I loved the house & my offer was accepted, despite about 15 other people interested in it!  
It’s white pumbled/ or as us Welsh say pebble dash & just behind it is a large river!!!
I just had to tell you this!   As you described the house & location to an absolute T!!

Thank you again June for my amazing reading.  
Take care of yourself my lovely & I will definitely be in touch again. 
                                Best Wishes, Alex Dunn


Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July 2020

Hi June,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the amazing reading you gave me on Sunday.  
It brought me so much comfort to know that my Grandmother is still with me. 
I spent the rest of the day in a bit of a daze trying to process everything you said, and trying to get my head around how you could possibly have known so much and even more than I seemingly did!
I went away and followed up on a couple of the points you raised about the man that died from the throat and lung problems, that was indeed my Grandad and my Aunty did indeed have a caring role in the community making meals for the elderly in the village.
I now have some many more questions!  
Like is my grandmother proud of me and does she see my boys etc.  
I'll be booking in a reading again soon, once I have processed everything a bit more.
Truly life changing, thank you so, so much.
Liz xxx


Feedback - July 2020

Dear June,
I have just awakened from a deep sleep which is the best sleep that I have had for a long time to find your cd in my letterbox.
I am truly astounded at the compassion and kindness that you have shown me since I contacted you less than 24 hours ago.
I was deeply touch that you had taken the time to phone me last night. I cried for several hours afterwards which did me a lot of good.
For the first time in a long time my heart is not pounding and I actually feel relaxed.
I will start listening to your cd tonight and get my daughter to transfer it on to my iPod so that I can listen to it when I am travelling to Perth for my op. She has already done a playlist of Jane McDonald songs for me to listen to before I go into theatre.
I now feel so much more positive about my op. You will never know how much your kindness and thoughtfulness has meant to me. I cannot thank you enough. 
You are a very special person.
Many Thanks

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July 2020

Hi June

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading.  
You are a truly gifted lady and you shared so many accurate details about my personality and loved ones who have passed.  
You blew me away with things you could never have known!    
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.  
The reading was also a lot of fun!  
I hope to have another reading with you in the future.  
Lots of love.


Testimonial - Private Reading through FaceTime - July 2020

Hello june it’s Jenny 😃
I would like to thank you dearly for the reading you gave me on 19th July on my birthday , which was so special for me.  
You made me feel instantly at ease and immediately comfortable. 
I had never experienced a spiritual reading before, this was my first time and I am truly blown away with your connection to my wonderful Granny who came forward to speak to me straight away.  
I took real comfort knowing my Granny is now settled and safe ❤️.  
Everything you told me had such a strong powerful meaning.  
Knowing what I meant to my Granny and being reminded of this has brought me massive comfort.  
A lot of things were said that only I and my Granny knew which took me aback hearing this out loud!    
I would highly recommend June Field for her amazing talent in connecting with our loved ones.  
This will be the first of many readings with June for me to help me get through the heartache and loss I have been through.  
June you really felt like a close friend to me and even though it was the first time we had met and spoken, I felt like I had known you a long time so I was able to open up , which is hard for me to do .  
I can’t thank you enough for your comforting words.   
The pain I felt after losing my Darling Granny is so hard to deal with.  
I now have a sense of relief knowing that she is watching me and is with me all the time.  
Take care and lots of love Jenny x

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July 2020

I had the privilege of having a reading with June yesterday evening and what an incredible experience it was.  
From the moment we started talking it was like chatting to someone I had known all my life.  
Everything June said about me and the type of person I was was absolutely spot on that I think she knew me better than I knew myself!!  
She also described my grandparents perfectly and it gave me so much comfort to know that the people I love so much are by my side.  
June also gave me some really good advice which I will certainly take on board.  
All I can say is June, thank you so so much for sharing your incredible gift   You are such a lovely lady and if anyone is hesitating booking a reading, please don’t, you won’t be disappointed.  
I will certainly be booking again in future! 

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July 2020

Thank you June so so much for my wonderful reading today.  
I have to admit to being somewhat apprehensive about doing it on Zoom but you were truly inspirational.  
I have always found psychic readings fascinating but having my adored mother die 14 months ago- I really wanted to find some connection with her.    
You were utterly brilliant and amazed me how accurate you were with so many details about her life and final days.    
I felt completely uplifted after the reading - how do I begin to thank you!!

You are AMAZING 
Thank you 
Caroline Liddle 

Testimonial - Private Reading through Skype - July 2020

I had a reading with June online recently.  
My Son passed suddenly just over a year and a half ago and I had hoped to hear from him or about him.  
I sat and listened while June relayed to me what my Son had to say.  
She told me things only my Son and myself could confirm.  
It was so detailed and precise.  
She also talked about me which was just as precise.  
I feel much more at peace with regards to my Son and know he is more than OK.  
I would like to mention the down to earth integrity of June.   She is a lovely being and it has been a great pleasure to share time with her.  
If you feel inclined to meet with a psychic /medium then I very highly recommend June. 

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July 2020

I watched June live on Facebook one night and immediately felt drawn to her.   
I loved her honesty, kindness and her energy and knew then I needed to have a private reading with her.  
I wasn't disappointed.  Straight away my Mum came through and June was able to reassure me that my Mum is very much by my side.  
No need for questions or for me to help her with information - she had it all !  
She gave me some great advice too and I felt so at ease throughout the reading.  It felt as if she was a friend.  
Thank you so much June for being straight to the point and very accurate - you have no idea how speaking with you helped me.  
You are such a wise, wonderful talented lady and I will definitely be in touch.  
I would recommend June to anyone seeking a Private Reading.  This lady is simply the best xxx 💕💕
Lesley xx

Testimonial - Private Reading through FaceTime - July 2020

Hello June,
It’s was so lovely to meet you on FaceTime today.   
I am so amazed at what you knew!
 I am so happy my son who has passed away came and told you so much.  
He even told you what was placed in his coffin!  A teddy bear with a heart and a 3 page letter.!!
Also how we had changed the wording on his headstone 3 times and that the headstone was black with gold writing.    
I feel so much better now knowing that he is still with me.
I would highly recommend June to anyone who wants to connect with a loved one in spirit.  
June is an amazing lady with a very special gift.
Thank you so much.
Uzma xx

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July

Hello June, 
Please find my testimonial below - thank you!
I really enjoyed my reading with June.  
It felt like talking to an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself!
She was very insightful and accurate and made me feel as though I was on the right path in life.
She gave really practical advise that I shall incorporate into my everyday life.
I felt uplifted and joyful after speaking to June and I highly recommend having a reading with her.
A lovely lady who I know I will speak to again. 
Best wishes, 
Olivia x

Testimonial - Private Reading through Zoom - July 2020

Hi June

Thank you so much for your time yesterday.  It meant so much to myself and my Brother. 
Our Dad, who passed over very suddenly last year, conected with yourself and us straight away.
You described our Dad and his personality and his funny 1 liners to a tee!
You also told us about his health and even mentioned his comb that I was looking at just before our reading!
You also told me what age my own beloved dogs were when they crossed over.
You mentioned something about my Brother that not many people know about.
You are such a lovely person and have helped us massively to move forward knowing our Dad is very settled and with his beloved dog and our family. 
Thank you so much

Nikki and James xx

Testimonial - Private Reading through Skype - July 2020

Dear June, 

Thank you for today's messages.  
You described Dad’s death and his personality perfectly.
You said exactly what I needed to hear.   
You identified what I meant to my Dad and that was what I needed to feel.
I needed to know he was at peace and that he was with me. Thank you.   
You were able to make me feel the love I was missing from my Dad’s presence.  
I was able to feel that love through our conversation about Dad.  
I feel at ease and am happy for what I received from you.

Kind regards. 

Kavita x

Testimonial - Private Reading through FaceTime - July 2020

Hi June,  
Thank you so much for my reading.   
The guidance was amazing!  
I really believe what you said has helped me profoundly.  
You made me feel like you really knew me and my situation and have definitely helped me.  
You are truly amazing.  
I will definitely be in touch again.  
You are so gifted.
God Bless you.  Ali xx


Testimonial  Private Reading through Skype - June 2020

I had the privilege of chatting to this lovely lady and what an amazing reading I had.
After a few very turbulent years, losing members of my family, my husband being a massive loss to me.
June reassured me he was fine and also described his illness, where it was, the last few hours of his life and so much more only known to myself and my family. 
She then went on to tell me a few home truths about myself which I needed to hear 😱 she told me how to deal with my own issues and how this would also have a massive impact going forward.
This lady is extremely talented and doesn’t hold anything back!
I have seen many psychics/mediums in the past and came away thinking I needed more. 
This lady will give you more.
She is the real deal!
Thank you  June  
I will def be booking future readings with you!
Susie x 

TESTIMONIAL - PRIVATE READING through Skype - June 2020

Yesterday I had my first ever reading with June.
Within minutes, June was telling me things that no body would have ever known as I have never shared them with anybody!
To say I was astounded is an understatement!  
June knew exactly how I was feeling & what was important to me.
I am usually a little sceptical about this sort of thing but I can honestly say that having a reading with June is without doubt one of the best things I have done.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some insight & guidance in their lives/future.   The minute you start speaking to her it’s like you have known her for years and that really does say a lot about her because I am someone who is extremely guarded when speaking to somebody I don’t know.
I also valued June’s straight talking manner & honesty.  She doesn’t beat around the bush so to speak.

I honestly cannot thank her enough for my reading & it will definitely be the first of many.

June is a truly gifted, amazing, lovely lady. 

Alexandra - Skype Reading - JUNE 2020


TESTIMONIAL - PRIVATE READING through Skype - June 2020

I have had readings before.  Very good readings, or so I thought. Until I met June. 
June was authentic and real. 
Was able to bring my Son and my Dad through from spirit in such a way that I knew she was communicating with them. 
She had no way of knowing my Dad sung. Or that he liked art. 
My son joked about me being surrounded by the exact same photo of him in different frames. I have two on my desk and one on the wall!!
She was able to describe the passing of both of them. 
How they feel. What they think. 
The reading I had today was incredible. 
I came away feeling a deep sense of being loved and honoured. 
Thank you June. Xo. Kimberley. Vancouver.


TESTIMONIAL - PRIVATE READING through FaceTime- June 2020

 My wife passed away in April 2020 and her loss left a very big hole in my life along with so much uncertainty.

 I have never used a medium before, but I contacted June to arrange a FaceTime call.  I was quite nervous and anxious at the start of my reading but June made me feel very comfortable during the whole process.

 I wanted to find out if my wife was OK.  Would I ever see her again and of course I was looking for some piece of information that would beyond any shadow of doubt confirm to be that she was OK.

 Well, June immediately described my wife’s personality to a tee and what had happened to her with regards to her health problems.  She described the items that I placed in her coffin in the Chapel of Rest, how I had stroked her head, kissed her, and said that I loved her. 

 June said that we had a black and white dog, and that one of the dog’s paws was sore and that my wife would be cross with me if I did not bathe it in salt water and look after her precious dogs!  my dog did have a sore paw and was constantly licking at it!  
My wife also asked why I kept saying sorry to her photo And that I keep asking her if I will see her again and that I should say something different every night when I pick up her photo and say I love you! All of these things I have been doing!

 June told me that I have kept my wife’s toothbrush out and I hold it and cannot put it away or get rid of it!  This is true.

My wife also thanked me for the yellow flowers (last week I bought some yellow roses, put them out on the dining room table and said “these are for you” to me wife).

 I feel that I can start to think about living my life now for my wife.  
June confirmed that my wife would be the first person that I would see when I passed away and that I should live my life for and with my wife.

 Aside from confirming to me that my wife is OK and with me, June has given me hope to live my life to the full.

 Thank you so much June, I am forever in your debt.

 Stuart x


TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading through Skype - JUNE 2020

Hi June,
Thank you so much for your time today, it meant so much to me, and I can't wait to tell family members everything you told me.
Please see my testimonial below.
I had a one-to-one Skype reading with June today. This was my first reading with June, but my second experience of seeing a medium. My first experience with a medium was a disappointment to say the least. Having always believed in life after death, the reading had left me somewhat skeptical, and I went into today's reading with some reservations. June instantly made me feel at ease and summed up my personality very well! There was no doubt that she connected with my loved ones that have passed, and accurately described details of their passing and their characteristics and quirks that nobody else would have known. Unlike my previous experience, June asks very little in the way of questions, and does the talking - with great accuracy! June has an incredible talent and really put my mind at ease that my loved ones who have passed are perfectly okay, all together again, and still very much around me.
Thank you so much June.
To anybody considering having a reading, please do consider June. She is a lovely lady with incredible talent. 
All the best,
TESTIMONIAL - PrIvate Reading through FaceTime - JUNE 2020
I have had a reading before, but this was very different.
This was very important to me, as I was desperate to connect to my husband who had died 6 months previously.
I hadn’t told June who I wanted to make contact with as didn’t want raise my own expectations. 
June very quickly put me at ease and not only described me to a tee, but quickly made contact with my husband.
She gave very detailed information that only I knew and has given me peace of mind about many things.
I would not hesitate in recommending her.
Thank you once again, take good care, and kind regards
Julie xx

TESTIMONIAL - Private Reading through FaceTime - JUNE 2020

Dear June

I can’t thank you enough for the comfort that you gave me after my reading with you. 

Losing my husband to Covid19 so suddenly, left me completely shocked, heartbroken and lost, with no idea how to live without him.  We had been together 33 years and then he was gone?! 

I was quite nervous  but you immediately put me at ease, you told me about him, about his character, and that he was still with us in spirit along with so much more personal information - all of which has given me strength and peace.

You have an incredible gift and I am very grateful to you that you shared it. 

Thank you again June from the bottom of my heart! 

Fiona X


Hi June, 
I hope you are well. 
I wanted to say thank you again for my FaceTime reading. I scheduled this reading for some assurance that my passed loved-ones were safe. I didn't expect to also get assurance for myself and my family. Your reading was incredibly accurate. There were things you said that no-one knew but me. I've come away feeling more relaxed and motivated to enjoy life for now, and not to stress about the far-away future. Thank you for that!
Please feel free to use the above as a testimonial, or if you'd like something different just get in touch. 
Thanks again, 
Hi June,
I just wanted to thank you with all my heart.
I needed to know that my Mum was ok as I only lost her 5 weeks ago!
You have given me the peace I wanted in knowing that she is fine and that she has passed over and has reconnected with her loved ones.
I cannot thank you enough.   You got her to a tee!!! Absolutely brilliant!!
I had a facetime reading with June earlier today.   I went into the reading looking for some clarity on a current issue in life and to hopefully contact a family friend who had passed a few years ago.
June was able to pinpoint so many traits of my personality and things that had happened in my life before that she would never have known!
I also had the family friend come through giving me some much needed clarity.
I feel such a sense of relief after speaking to June and can’t wait to see how everything is going to turn out for me now.
Thank you 
Cait x
This evening my sister and I had a joint reading.
It was a real joy to hear the messages from our mum.
It was my sisters first reading and she enjoyed every minute of it, connecting us all together.
June is a lovely lady and made us feel so comfortable.
She really understood us both and described our personalities perfectly!
Thank you so much June!
Emma & Louise 

TESTIMONIAL - SKYPE READING - MAY 2020 - Ferdinand Rennie - Singer

What an amazing reading we had today ! June is amazing ! 
I was so amazed that she could connect to my relatives in spirit especially since My relatives did not understand English when they were alive .
It was fabulous to get so many personal messages finally gave me a sense of closure .
I have felt so positive and motivated Since our Skype meeting .
Highly recommended ! Genuine , warm-hearted and a truly lovely lady with an amazing gift !

TESTIMONIAL - SKYPE READING - MAY 2020 - Brian Rennie Fashion Designer

Dearest June 

what can I say except THANK YOU ! You are FABULOUS  !

WOW ! Totally spot on ! 

You left me feeling so positive and uplifted.

Such a genuine, talented, warm, compassionate and loving spirit .

You immediately knew exactly what I needed to hear and brought up things that no one could have known!

I cannot believe the detail you went into in a Skype reading without ever having met me personally.

I am really looking forward to meeting you in person when the social isolation rules are relaxed .

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and for your incredible motivation !


TESTIMONIAL - Sam Kane & Linda Lusardi - During Covid 19 Pandemic

During the most terrifying point in my life I was introduced to June Field by the wonderful Jon Smith. My wife, Linda Lusardi and I tested positive for Covid 19. The symptoms were too horrible for words. I honestly didn’t know if Linda was going to make it. June reassured me that with help, Linda would eventually get back to health but her energy was stagnant and there was much work to do to get Linda’s energy stronger and flowing. With June’s amazing help and her incredible gift, she slowly but amazingly got everything flowing better. This was a huge help to Linda. After the first session, Linda, totally oblivious to all of this told me that she, for the first time since this all started, had a big smile on her face. This was directly after the first session. Her whole demeanour was different from then on. Getting stronger and stronger every day. 
When She first entered Linda’s energy June was absolutely spot on about Linda’s character and personality, all of which she said would have a positive impact. I cannot stress enough how much she helped us both. She gave me so much confidence and reassurance. Her support and guidance was incredible. I can’t wait to meet June and thank her face to face. I’ll be so grateful to her until the day I die. Everything she said would happen has happened. The peace and hope June gave to me throughout this whole period was and still remains enormous. I can’t wait to have a personal reading with June. She’s a different level as a medium and a totally different class as a human being. Thank You June. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Throughout this you have been the bridge between peace and abject fear. 
My most sincere thanks and love
Sam Kane xx



Thank you June 🙏❤️
The grief and heartache has been eased and I have an inner strength to go forward. It’s so hard when you lose the people you love so much, and even though I know they are with me, your confirmation was just so comforting and important just now. There are no words to express how grateful I am that you could help me with your incredible gift that you share! ❤️
Keep safe ❤️

Fiona X 

TESTIMONIAL - PRIVATE READING through Skype - May 2020

Hi June
Thank you for my reading today. 
I am blown away with the detail of this reading.  
June had my Dad’s mannerisms off to a tee. It was amazing!
It has been a real struggle since Dad passed away in 2014 but to get such confirmation & clarity from June was astounding.
This lady has such an amazing gift and helps so many people find comfort & peace. Thank you lovely lady. You truly are an Angel 😇. Xx


TESTIMONIAL - PRIVATE READING through FaceTime- May 2020
Dear June,
I can’t thank you enough for today’s reading. I felt like a big burden had been lifted through your detailed guidance. The ways in which you described certain aspects of my life were just spot on, nobody could have known these details about me without knowing me for years...!
I was quite nervous and anxious at the start of my reading but you made me feel very comfortable during the whole process.
Thank you once again for this enlightening experience and I look forward to connecting with you again in the future x
Thank you
Neeshal x

TESTIMONIAL - PRIVATE READING through Skype - April 2020 (During Covid 19 pandemic)

Dear June,

I want to thank you so very much for the great comfort you brought me during my Private Reading with you on 22nd April.
My brother passed very suddenly and it was such a great shock to us.
He was never one to believe in things after this life so was pleasantly surprised that he was reassuring me through you to let us know that he was ok. 

You read for me few years ago and I admired your gift then. You were spot on then with everything and once again with everything on our last chat. 
I have been doing the meditation you suggested and talking with my brother and I can't thank you enough for connecting with him.  Its given me so much comfort and peace.
I had pains in my chest since hearing he had gone and these have now gone since speaking with you.
I laughed and felt so much better.
Talking with you was like chatting with a dear old friend that knew us both and “Thank you”  doesn't seem enough for your kindness, time and gift. 
 I cannot reccommend highly enough talking to you and listening to your advice. I will be regularly "tuning in'  and doing your relaxing meditation. 
Thank you for chatting with George and I and helping me feel so much more at peace inside.
Take care and stay safe in these extraordinary times.
With Kind Regards
Sinead Mcfarlane


Dear June, 

I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for my reading.
My whole body, spiritual self is definitely having a shift and the reading was the icing on the cake.
Absolutely loved it, so beautiful and absolutely spot on. 
I felt I was in front of a master and was guided to go and do my lessons, which I started very much last night. 
Today a gorgeous day, I have put my crystals out, for a lovely cleanse.
Thank you so much for the guidance, and I know in my heart I will be seeing you in the future face to face. 
Many Many Blessing,
Keep safe
Debbie Baxter. x - April 2020


TESTIMONIAL - Phone Reading - April 2020

Good morning June, apologies for the delay in sending you a thank you note for my impromptu reading on Monday evening.
You are an extremely gifted and totally genuine medium.Thank you so very much for bringing my American Grandad forward and my wonderful mum too. 

I’m a Crystal and Reiki healing practitioner (but haven’t launched myself yet) and through my experience, have learnt to pick up on people’s energy and your energy is full of love, compassion and honesty, bless you!
I would be delighted to meet you one day to have a face to face reading and to give you a big hug, as I was feeling somewhat lethargic and the words you channeled from my grandad in short, to get moving again, is just what I needed to hear, since then I haven’t stopped! Together with my grandad and mum, you’ve risen my spirits and it’s given me a new lease of life, despite this dreadful world pandemic.
Thank you so very much for calling me and I look forward to meeting you in the not too distant future. In the meantime, keep well and stay safe!

Debbie Xxx🙏

TESTIMONIAL - Demonstrations of Mediumship - Forfar, Scotland & Nairn, Scotland - March 2020

I saw June, as part of an audience, at the end of 2019. I was completely amazed by how she connected with the spirit world. The spirit she connected with had been in this physical life a very close friend of a lady in the audience. He communicated through June that they he was very touched and very much aware that she had had clothes made for a very special teddy bear out of what had been his clothes, when he was living. The spirit also communicated through June that he was very aware that she kept the teddy bear close by at all times. The lady appeared astounded and held up the teddy bear, which was indeed all dressed in a shirt, Jeans and a waistcoat. The lady said that she kept it with her at all times. June then went on to communicate through spirit to the lady that she had recently moved house and her property was now overlooking water. By this time the lady was shedding tears and nodded her head as was so overcome with emotion was unable to speak. June was very sensitive in her approach and gently said to the lady that she would stop if she was finding it too upsetting, but the lady said that she found it so comforting and it brought her hope and so much belief that she will again meet and be with her friend. Now how could June have known any of that information regarding a lady she had just, that evening, met. She is a rare and very special person with a phenomenally intriguing, and completely extraordinary gift! I saw June again in Nairn in March 2020.
And was again bowled over by the accurate information ( that no one could have known) she brought to members of the audience whose loved ones had passed. I have so much faith and belief in June’s true and very special gift that I have booked a private reading in July 2020, for my aunt, who’s husband recently died. I will be enthralled and am so looking forward to hear the outcome of this reading, as is my aunt.

April G. - March 2020



Hi June

It seem like a long time since we met and I thought I'd get in touch for an update and to thank you for your time and the CD.

I have used it (only level one) on a number of occasions and have done as you suggested and made time to 'talk' to Mary once a week or so - albeit I did miss a couple as I've been diverted with redecorating the house.  Given the lock down I'm finding it quite good to have our little chats.

You were certainly right about the pandemic, it has changed all our lives for the foreseeable future, I suspect it will be years before any sort of normality is resumed.

You are also right about the esophageal cancer, my best friend was diagnosed with it not long after we met and is today going for his 1st session of chemotherapy.

I have an open mind to the spirit world and it's comforting to know that I'll be with my wife again at some point in the future.

Take care June, perhaps we will meet again?


TESTIMONIAL - HOLLYWOOD, California - December 2019

June is a powerfully gifted medium coupled with being one of the kindest, most compassionate and caring people I have ever met.
She blew me away with both her clarity, communication with a lost loved one, and utterly spot-on reading about details in my life, and how this intertwines with my interior world.
I have no idea how she is able to tune into such profound layers of a person's spirit, but from the moment I sat down I was reveling in the truth of her insights.
She made me feel comfortable, safe, secure, and above all, hopeful about both the world we live in and the one we do not know about.
What a blessing.
She is a rare angel and bright light of positivity who gives all of herself to her readings...a true gift to those lucky enough to sit with her. 
You are so special, June. I so very much hope to see you again next time when you're in LA (and when I make it to Scotland!!).
Much love
Heather C x



Had a private reading on Sunday 9th Feb with June.
Absolutely amazing talent. Made me feel very welcome and at ease straight away. 
Got quite a few messages from love ones and the things she told me no one else could of known. 
Can’t wait to see you again June.!
Michaela x



My cousin and I had a private reading with June.
Nether of us had had a private reading before and we weren’t sure what to expect.

As soon as we met June, we were instantly put at ease.   June has a calm, loving nature and was engaging throughout.
I was amazed at how accurate June was, detailing very specific things that only we knew about.

I would not hesitate in getting in touch with June in the future and would highly recommend her to anybody who wants a reading from a genuine person who has been blessed with a wonderful gift. 

Jane Morrison



I wanted to Thank you so much for my private reading today.  This has brought great comfort in knowing that Mum is very much still with me.
Your description of characteristics, music you heard and being able to tell me conversations we shared amongst lots of other details left no doubt in my head that Mum was present today and reaffirmed your incredible gift.
Knowing that Mum is now at peace and what you shared I could not have asked for anything more.
Thank you so much xxx 
Morag Nicholson


DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP - ANAHEIM - DECEMBER 2019 - as seen on Goldstar’s Website.

Review from Lauri Howell

My friend received a much needed message from her dog and father....it was beautiful.

Wendy Harris ’s review


My experience with June Fields was life changing for me. She was very funny and fun to watch. It was a beautiful experience for both my husband and I as our 1st time seeing a medium. I would suggest anyone who is considering seeking direction in life, to see her.

Joan King’s review


June knew the exact personalities of both my daughter and I , who got read second there that night. She was spot on for about 95% of everything she said regarding our situation. I hail her as one of the greatest psychics out there, AND so reasonably priced! I paid much more for the 3 other top known psychics and got no reading because of the vast amount of people that attended. I was elated to be in such a small, intimate group. Thank you, June! And I hope you do change your mind and come back here again.

Melody Van Aken’s review


It was a fun evening, someone in my group got read and it made him so very happy. June was spot on with him, she mentioned things that he had told us about his grandfather in the car driving to the event. By the end of his reading we were all misty eyed. The drive home was fun talking about the things June brought up. I highly Reccommend her events to those who are open to keeping in touch with loved ones who have passed. She’s a huge comfort to those of us who need to hear from loved ones.

JulieN’s review


I was so blown away by June after the Anaheim event that I got a bunch of friends together and also went to her event in Palm Springs. She is the real deal and I will be back next year. 
Review from C Cornett
June was fantastic and on the mark for everyone in the room. She is able to connect people with their loved ones in a kind and loving way. I brought my mother with me and she also gave it a 2 thumbs up!

Betsy Deharo Williams’s review


June is the real deal. We absolutely loved her. It was a small group, so many of us got read. For me she was spot on. Would recommend her to anyone that is interested in her work. I would go again if given the opportunity. A great big thanks to June.

Lu Lu’s review


June Field is the REAL DEAL! I was in tears as she connected with others around me. She has an incredible gift. She gave specific evidence to many in the audience that just because we don't see our loved ones they are around us and never leave us. Thank you June for a GREAT evening.

Kj’s review


Not knowing up to expect was very very happy with those she was able to personally help along with those listening gave comfort too, myself included. I was in the front row and and one lady June connected with was at the end of the aisle where I was sitting and the audience member seemed very resistant to information June was sharing with her, but at intermission she had a group of people around her telling the group how she was spot on and just couldn't talk and was raving about how she was so spot on with everything she said.Unfortunately all couldn't hear how spot on she was since we were on a brief intermission. Being at the front I saw her go up to June at the end of the evening saying how she just couldn't talk , but everything she said was correct . June is a professional and she can't read everybody in the room, it was a packed house. I felt it was worth my time and money to be there and would go back again. I recommend this event!

Review from Gc0225


I was sorry that this event was not more well attended. Apparently publicity was not done or advertised broadly enough. A comparison, last year there were around 200 in attendance. This time the audience was small. Those attending, for the most part, received attention. Not two or three minutes of attention, but enough to dig deeper into messages and advice. Even skeptics seemed to reverse their skepticism. At the end of the evening there was time for a few questions. For someone, June Field, who is a noted and proven psychic/medium, this must have been disappointing. Will she be willing to return? Probably not. This is regrettable.

Review from Gc0225


June Field is an amazing psychic! In her group demonstration she connects with spirit and is able to give each person specific information to assure them that their loved one is actually coming through. I have seen her 3 times and have been truly impressed each time.

Review from Gc0225

This is the 2nd time I have seen this amazing psychic. June has an incredible gift and She does not disappoint!
Review from Gc0225
She was amazing. Probably one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. She was able to give specifics like no other. I wish she was local, she would have a true and loyal following from me. Loved it!!!


Marla Weingart’s review


June Field is absolutely amazing. She truly has a gift and experiencing her reading and the interactions with the other people in the room was beyond words. She is sharp and has a wonderful wit. She realizes that her gift can be overwhelming and she is honest about the process. She warns you that she doesn’t have a filter when she is connecting with someone and she is incredibly focused. I highly recommend seeing her when she is in town. I was very open to the experience, but my mom in law who accompanied me was very skeptical. We both left amazed after June told us things no one would ever know. I was very impressed and am hoping to be able to book a private reading the next time she is in town. I highly recommend! I don’t know if she is going to have another group event like what we experienced, but I’m so thankful I got to experience it. If not, go to a private session. She is truly able to connect with spirit and It is amazing to experience first hand.


PRIVATE READING - Santa Monica, California - December 2019

Dear June, I can’t tell you how grateful I am you came into our lives.

My mom and I had the utmost pleasure of meeting with you in Santa Monica for a private reading.

I was a bit skeptical leading up to our visit. I have never experienced anything like this, and I didn’t know what to believe.

Well I can now say with complete confidence that you are the real deal!

Your gift is absolutely incredible. The reading you did for us blew me away. The details you gave were remarkable. You have given the gift of healing to my family.

I am forever grateful to you.

Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Lots of love,Lisa L., California December 2019


June Field is absolutely amazing.
She truly has a gift and experiencing her reading and the interactions with the other people in the room was beyond words.

She is sharp and has a wonderful wit.  
She realizes that her gift can be overwhelming and she is honest about the process.  She warns you that she doesn’t have a filter when she is connecting with someone and she is incredibly focused.
I highly recommend seeing her when she is in town.

I was very open to the experience, but my mom in law who accompanied me was very skeptical.   We both left amazed after June told us things no one would ever know.
I was very impressed and am hoping to be able to book a private reading the next time she is in town.

I highly recommend! I don’t know if she is going to have another group event like what we experienced, but I’m so thankful I got to experience it. If not, go to a private session. She is truly able to connect with spirit and It is amazing to experience first hand.

Maria, Anaheim, Ca, USA

PRIVATE READING - SANTA MONICA, California - December 2019

Dear June

My ex-wife and mother-in-law visited with you this past Monday I believe, in Santa Monica.

To merely say the visit had a profoundly positive effect on them would be a gross understatement.  

Thank you for enabling them to communicate and begiin to heal.  

Please let me know if you are ever back in Southern California as I would very much like an appointment with you.

Thank you.

Ben. California, USA

PRIVATE READING - ANAHEIM, California - December 2019

Dear Ms June

Yesterday was my first time with a Medium.  

It was a rare and wonderful experience.

My heart was lifted when my son and Mom came through. 
Losing my Son is something I have never felt relief from.  
Your ability to reach his spirit was beyond my comprehension. 
You are an amazing kind and gentle person. I remain grateful to you for sharing your incredible gift. 
I now have a sense of gentle peace in my heart.  
No one has been able to help me like you did.

I shall remain Grateful to the end of my days.

Cassie L. California, USA


PRIVATE READING - ANAHEIM, California - November 2019

In my reading with June she nailed my personality and picked up specific things about myself that only my close friends and family would know. She also gave me a heads up about certain small things that would unfold later that year. It all happened. The prediction that blew me away the most was the prediction she made for me regarding career. At that time I was feeling stuck in my career and planning on taking a licensing test later that year for the state I live in. She told me that I would pass my test and that I would have 2 work opportunities - one  good work opportunity where I would have to move and another opportunity close by. At the time, I was confused because I had no plans of moving and I thought to myself if i pass the exam I would just look for job opportunities in my area / the city I lived in.Well fast forward almost a year later and due to certain circumstances I find myself taking 2 licensing exams one in the current state I live in and one in another state. I passed my first test like she said I would and I look forward to seeing what else unfolds!
CL ANAHEIM, California 
UPDATE - Email testimonial received JANUARY 2020
Hi June,
I sent you an email about a month ago because I was nervous I didn't pass my second exam. You had told me in my reading that you saw me passing both exams and getting a job opportunity close by in USA but also another better opportunity where I would have to move. Looks like more of your predictions are coming true! I passed exams and now another exam. Looking to apply to jobs in the area soon. I had my doubts but so happy that things are unfolding as you've said. 
CL ANAHEIM, California 



I recently had a reading from June and I can honestly say I've never had a reading that was so accurate in all my life.
She knew actual names and other things that no one else could have ever known.  It actually left me in a state of shock but in a good way.
I would highly recommend june to anyone who wants a worthwhile reading.
 It's no wonder June has the title of Worlds Best Psychic because that's exactly what she is.  Truly amazing is all I can say. 
Thanks you so much June I feel so at peace now. 



Just to let those know who were present last night that I received this from a lady this morning. Those present last night will understand the significance of the monkey!

“Good morning June,I attended your event yesterday evening in Glasgow and was blown away by how specific your readings were for everyone. In relation to the first lady who came through for me, you mentioned a monkey and I could not make the link. The lady who passed was an acclaimed author, speaker, and master teacher—a pioneer in the fields of voice and the teaching of singing, speaking, and personal presence—bridging science, art, and spirituality through her CoreSinging method that was the culmination of a lifetime of tireless work. Her final wish was that her work might live on and continue to help people discover, embody, and live according to their true voice. I trained with her as a vocal coach.This morning, I re-discovered her exercise for coordinated vocal production called \"the flying monkey\" (named as such by teachers of the Alexander Technique). I have it in one of the books she authored. I need to look at that again!!!Anyway, last night was amazing.”

Carol Imrie

Thank you so much for the reading you gave me from my Dad. Been absolutely buzzing since. The whole show was amazing. Thanks again from The chewing gum lady 😜😜 xx 👏👏❤

Anne McCulloch

What a wonderful evening in Glasgow, I was absolutely blown away watching you tonight June. xxx

Isobel Ross

Fabulous night. First time I have been but will most definitely be back. With regards to the young man who fell from a great height that was my best friend's brother who fell to his death on the first day of his holiday to Majorica wihh his friends. I have passed on the message to my friend that Kevin was OK and it was just an accident. I know you mentioned about headaches also and Kevin had a terrible headache before he went. I asked my friend did the name Stuart have any connection to Kevin and she said that one of his friends sadly passed after Kevin after being sick when he was drunk. Thank you my fiend misses her wee brother every day even though its been 21 years. Xx

Avril Stark

Was a great night June, thank you for connecting with my loved ones, your truly amazing, and love your humour and banter 💜💜

Diane Hay

You were amazing June. Love your up close and personal shows. xx See you next year. xx Good night and god bless xx 💕😴

Laura McWilliam

Another amazing night June, you never cease to amaze me with how accurate you are xXx you truly have an amazing gift & can’t wait to see you again xXx

Sandra McEwen

Another great night June and i was so pleased that my late partner came through especially as today was the anniversary of his passing. So much humour as well which i love about going too see you. Thanks again will see you next year. Good night sweet dreams 💕

Anne Pettigrew

Fantastic night June, I was delighted you connected with my husband on his birthday and I was absolutely flabbergasted when you mentioned my 2 brothers, thank you so much for connecting with my family XXX

Paula Paton

First time seeing you last night and you certainly didn’t disappoint!
What an amazing night ❤️ with beautiful readings ❤️
Your energy was amazing!
Looking forward to seeing you again ❤️x


Hi June ,

I was at your Glasgow show for the first time tonight and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the message you passed on to me from my brother who sadly took his own life only two months ago. You’ve left me feeling so comforted at a time where I’ve been really struggling to deal with his loss and clarified many unanswered questions for me.

My heart is now at ease knowing that David is safe and happy where he is and that he is reunited with his beloved wee dog. You were completely spot on with telling me that I speak to him every day and kissed his picture and asked him to let me know he was ok - you even knew that I had brought his picture along in my bag , which for me is completely breathtaking! 

So thank you so so much again for the comfort you’ve left me with tonight - I honestly feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know I’ll never get over my brother’s loss but your words tonight have certainly helped ease the pain. I’m really looking forward to seeing you again in the future.

Sending lots of love and best wishes.

Nicola xx



Dear June, 

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for my private reading yesterday in Aberdeen.

You put me at ease straight away and were very accurate during the reading about my Mum and Dad. The reading answered my questions and brought me a great deal of comfort. I will also take your advice on the controlled grieving technique you advised that I try. 

I would recommend a private reading with June to everyone who is lucky enough to get a private appointment with her.

She is honest, caring and has such a great way of making you feel comfortable. 

Thank you June ❤️

Susan M


Hi June

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you on Friday. I suppose like some people you first meet they may be slightly nervous about what may be involved but as soon as I met you I knew all would be well.
The fact that you knew so much about me and my loved ones within moments of us meeting was so reassuring.

Your ability to use your gift as a force for good permeated our whole meeting. Your insights were truly miraculous and I believe will for me be life changing.

Thank you June. 

My Very Best Wishes



Good evening June

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in the Spiritual Workshop in St. Andrews yesterday. Upon arrival I really wasn’t sure what to expect as this is the first time I’ve been to a workshop. I was so happy to be greeted by such a welcoming group of complete strangers whom throughout the day I got to know so well.

I was lacking in confidence and unsure of my own abilities and self belief. The journey you took us on was incredible and I could not believe how quickly I became so self aware. I was able to articulate what I felt and sensed. I actually really surprised myself during the course of the day.

I came away having learned to trust what I am given and to believe in myself. The whole day was so uplifting and I will definitely continue to practice and develop my skills. 

Thank you again and I hope to see you in the near future.

Kind regards 

I attended the 1 day psychic workshop on 29th September 2019 in St Andrews. It was a great experience and June is a natural when it comes to teaching. The activities were meaningful and very much based on active and visual learning which helped make them achievable for all. 

June is extremely knowledgable,  encouraging and  helped to build my confidence in terms of developing my psychic awareness and abilities .  The skills that I have learned during the workshop are activities I can practice at home.
I would definitely recommend her workshops to anyone at any stage of their spiritual journey. 


I had a private reading with June on 30 August in Glasgow.
I was really nervous and apprehensive before June came for me but I was Immediately put at ease.
My Dad came through to me at once. It was an awesome experience.
June told me things about my Dad which only I could have known. She even knew I had taken jumpers belonging to my Dad home to my own house the previous weekend.!
She made me realise that they are all around us all the time and that the love we have for them, and they for us, never dies.
I could have stayed in that room all day.
I am so grateful to you June.
You are a lovely person doing an extraordinary job.
Jackie C



 Hi June 

 I just wanted to let you know that your words from about 3 years ago are what got me through some tough tough times. You told me that I was going to land my dream job and things were going to work out for the better for me.  You told me to really stick in and things would pay off.  I remember you saying to me "unfortunately this won't happen over night and you might not want to hear this but it all changes in September 2019.!”
 I can remember at the time thinking" oh no, how am I ever gonna last like this for the next 3 years!  
Those words have stuck with me and many a time when I have wanted to throw in the towel I have dug a bit deeper and said "let's see if what June said is gonna happen" well what can I say.
I went for a promotion at my work and was successful and I started my new dream job on......... 1st September 2019!!  You Couldn't have been more accurate if you tried. 
 You also told me lots about my children and to stop worrying because things would be fine and they are. I was really worried for my son who has complex needs transitioning into high school. You told me things would be ok and....... He is now in 2nd year and he absolutely loves it. 
You may not know how powerful your gift is but I can honestly say your words have helped me through these tough times and I am forever grateful to you for this. 
Kind regards
Gill T

Hello June,
I hope you are keeping well.
I just wanted to give you some further feedback from my reading way back in 2016.
Firstly, it’s important for you to know that you are single handily the best medium in the UK, Europe and beyond; some may call me biased but who cares.
At the time of the reading you were unaware that I had thoughts of becoming a psychotherapist but you intuitively picked up on this and asked if I was a counselor which I was not at the time but had secret plans to become one.
Last year, I qualified as CBT therapist, so you were righ!t. You also said that my first child would be a girl.  You were right again!   My partner and I are expecting a little girl this summer.
I thought I would share the good news with you and thank you for allowing me to be around your wonderful energy.
I still recommended you to friends far and wide whenever somebody ask me about a good medium. 
But your not only good but special and have a enhanced gift from our creator.
Best Wishes,


I had a private sitting with June on Sunday 25th August. 

I found her to be very warm and welcoming. I am recently bereaved and have been struggling to cope with my grief.

My loved one came through almost immediately. 

June was able to impart to me very personal and intimate information that totally reassured me.

I spent most of the sitting in floods of tears, but they were tears of joy. 

June is very professional, compassionate and straight talking. 

She has helped me immensely.

I am still in the very early stages of my grieving process but she proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that death is not the end.  The physical body may die but our spirit transcends death. 

Many thanks June.

Carol Ann



It was an absolute pleasure to meet and have a PrI ate Reading from June.  
From the moment I arrived, she made me feel so at ease and welcome. 
What a lovely lady she is and is so down to earth.  
My reading was everything I could have asked for and more.  
June was extremely accurate and brought through the loved ones I really wanted to hear from. 
She gave me everything I needed to hear.  
Her reading has brought me so much comfort and has put me in good stead for what's next to come for me. 
I really do highly recommend June, she is fantastic.
Kerrie Moir x


Well, I've just been to my friend June Field for a Private Reading. 

I say "friend", because that's exactly how I was made to feel.  June is such a comfortable person to be around, no ego, no show-boating. 

She does indeed have an incredible gift, and the level of accuracy was amazing. 

June made me feel so at ease being myself, I definitely left feeling peaceful and very grateful. 

Highly recommend a visit to June for anyone, you'll be glad you went!

Angie Dodds



I had a reading from June Field on Friday, 12th July 2019.

From our first moment of contact, I found June to be very warm and approachable. At once she put me at ease.

She was 'spot on' and I was astounded at how specific she had been at identifying an individual from my past.  She captured her attributes with a great deal of accuracy.  

She also picked up on the devastating sudden loss of a dog when we lived in USA and the subsequent untimely loss of a second pet which had been temporarily re-homed in the UK, although I failed to recognise the timeline during my reading.

I would recommend June wholeheartedly.

M Nicoll


I had the pleasure of meeting June in Dundee today for a private reading.

All I can say is WOW!

She brought through my son and described him to a ”T”.

She truly is an amazing woman.

I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  She reassured me that my son is ok and told me things that only I would know about him.

Driving home,  I felt so at peace.

Thank you so much June.

Margaret L.


“My son died recently.  He died of a disease.  He was 19.

My grief was overwhelming and still is.

I met with June in London Face to face and June connected with my son.

She was accurate about his personality but was also able to describe my father in law who had previously passed who is looking after him.

She is the real deal.

She proved to me that life after death exists and that my loved one is safe, happy and well.

He sees us and is smiling over us.

If you wish to find a Genuine Medium, look no further than June.

A lovely, caring woman who does this work to bring comfort to people in a genuine, caring and honest way.”

George V.


Dear June

I want to thank you so much for the lovely reply you gave me in the Sunday Post. It was comforting and made me feel a lot better. You must bring comfort to so many grieving people and help them through sad and difficult periods in their life. 

Thank you again for you're help.

Kind Regards

Helen Nicoletti


DEMONSTRATION - GLASGOW - MARCH 2019 - Public Comments

As soon as I heard you say Spider-Man tonight I knew it was about me! But it was my first time and my nerves got the better of me for coming forward to speak unfortunately. I had a great experience tonight and was amazing to see all the connections you made with so many people, it was incredible. Lots of tears and laughter, fabulous night. Can’t wait to come to another event! Lynsey


Thank you for my reading tonight from my wee mam, made my birthday. xx 💕 You were trully amazing xx😘 Diane


Fantastic show thank you for my reading spot on with everything you said about my nephew who hanged himself x Joan


Absolutely loved tonight. Couldn't stop crying.. amazing night x C A Anderson


Great night off Mediumship and evidence from a special lady, thank you for the message tonight. x Tom


Great night off Mediumship and evidence from a special lady, thank you for the message tonight. xExcellent. Bang on with everything. Even made... wee no pals cry 😭 😳😉 x Michaela


Fabulous night june , looking forward to your return ! 🍷June S


Great night off Mediumship and evidence from a special lady, thank you for the message tonight. x Tom


Thanks for a great night June. Loved it 👌🏼 will let you know what happens !! Xx


Thank you for tonight June, it was my first time and it was a truly incredible experience. At one point tonight you asked if anyone had a link with Spider-Man and I knew straight away it was me, but I was too nervous to come forward as it was my first time and my emotions got the better of me. But even though I missed out on that personal reading, I still had an amazing time listening to all the connections you made with people and the accuracy in your readings of them and loved ones lost...you are an incredible woman ❤️


My husband and I went to see June at a venue in Dumfries, she was spectacular and I was lucky enough to have someone come through.

I had wanted a private reading from a reputable medium/psychic for over 20 yrs but had never known of one to trust after spending money on what I can only call imposters .

June was fully booked for private readings but kindly fitted me in.

What a beautiful person she is, and she kindly saw myself and my husband together for the first 15 minutes.

We left totally blown away. Amazing does not give her enough credit. We had both carried things around with us that lay heavy on our shoulders and we walked away at peace.

Every single thing June said was a connection and another tear or smile crossed our faces.

Thank you June. Totally blown away.

See you again soon.

Lois & Tim

DUMFRIES, Scotland - MARCH 2019


“June is genuinely caring person and truly talented medium. She has described my deceased mother’s personality perfectly, reassuring me that she is helping me from the other side. It has been an especially confusing and tumultuous time since her passing, but June has given me incredible guidance. June’s most admirable trait is her authentic drive to help those who seek here guidance, regardless of their background or circumstance. By providing messages from your deceased loved ones, she helps you navigate the maze of grief.
- Emilia” 


Testimonial from Melody Van Aken:

I had a private reading recently with the awesome June Field, it was uplifting, positive, fun and heartwarmingly comforting all at the same time.

June is, caring and compassionate, as well as very good at what she does.  I had a couple of surprise visitors, on top of the main person that I wanted to talk to, and June identified them with perfection with no help from me.  I so enjoyed our time together and look forward to being able to see her again the next time she is in the States.

The following week I also went to a group reading that June did in Palm Springs and it was absolutely amazing.  The people that she talked to and helped during that meeting were so inspiring, I got goose bumps while listening to them.  I really enjoyed being there, and witnessing June help the people in that room that evening.  She’s fun as well, so expect some giggles during your time with her.  

She is a must see if you are ever in an area she visits.

I can highly recommend an evening, or a private reading with June, you won’t regret it.

And I thank her for mine from the bottom of my heart!!!

Much love,
Melody Van Aken



Dear June

I wanted to thank you for seeing me.  I can’t thank you enough for your time and I look forward to having my Mom and Grandma see you when you return next year.

I was really apprehensive but you were so reassuring and welcoming.

I wanted to get back to you and let you know that after I left there, I remembered my grandfather’s death anniversary and you were right!!  it was October 19, 2018.

I also wanted to let you know that you were also right, in that, this year would be my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary!I

I was amazed at everything you shared with me and how spot on and detailed you were.!

I sincerely appreciate your honesty and candor during the reading and have no doubts about the abilities you have.  I truly feel fortunate to have had this opportunity with you.

For anyone out there with any apprehension, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and invest in the time with June and listen with an open heart and mind.

Thank you for sharing your gift, June!

Mariles K.



Dear June

I wanted to let you know how much my session with you meant to my daughter and I.

From the minute you introduced yourself to us I knew you were the medium I have waited for all of my life.  

You read my daughter and I with uncanny accuracy, and then there was my Mom.

I have waited and dreamed for this day  to connect with my Mom since I was a little girl and the things you told us no one else would have known.  

Your warmth, smile and gift is an experience we will never forget.

You are such a love and I cannot wait to see you in Anaheim in 2020.  

June you made our day for the rest of our lives.

Much love to you.

Heather and Lynn.

PRIVATE READING  – Buena Park, California, USA -  February 2019

June it was a pleasure to meet you today for my private reading. 

Immediately as we sat down you saw my moms spirit and described who she was and how she was with clear accuracy.  This gave me much comfort.  You were even able to describe me through this reading as well.  You are amazing! 

I appreciate the fact that you didn’t want me to tell you anything, but you were telling me things that only my brother and I could have known. The details you shared with me as to who was there when my mom passed, what was said, and what was done, was amazingly accurate!

You continued to amaze me with bringing up the mortuary marker and the fact that it still wasn’t there!  Again, only something that my family would know and my mom’s spirit.

You delivered the information in a caring way with such heart. 

After leaving today I felt a heavy guilt lift off me and as the day progressed I felt light and more at peace than I have felt since my mother’s passing. 

You have an amazing gift thank you for sharing it with me today and giving me the peace that I needed.

Hands down I recommend June Field for those who have lost someone and would like to have June connect to their spirit. Her gift is priceless and she is amazing. I will see her again next year!

With heart from a fan and now friend.

Kelly Eisenbise

Buena Park, California



Hi June !  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching you share your amazing gift with so many people the two evenings you were here in Palm Springs and especially my experience with you.

You were delightful and funny as you shared so much truth with me.  Nothing has ever made me feel like I felt after I left you... and I have been doing a lot of work on myself to live a more meaningful life, as I have been lacking that recently .

After we connected, I left with so much awareness and love at the same time... it’s hard for me to put into words because the experience was so beautiful.  I feel so fortunate to have met you , it was an experience that will stay with me forever.   

I will be reaching out to you soon and I will see you again next year when you are back in Palm Springs .

Thank you for the gift you gave me the other evening , it was priceless.  

Sending much love your way ,

Alison Greeb 



June is definitely the real deal.  She has an amazing gift that enabled her to provide very specific insights into my life and personality as well as those of close family members.  I had lost both my parents ~3 years ago (which she didn't know) and she almost immediately connected with both of them.  During the session she communicated unique specifics about personalities, what my parents enjoyed and details about the causes of their passing that all confirmed to me that she was actually connecting with them.  I told June nothing about me or my life beforehand.  As an example, I've held onto some guilt about my father's passing and June told me my father saw me apologizing to him while taking walks in my neighborhood and that I should not apologize anymore.  There is no possible way June could have known I was doing that or that I needed that connection, but clearly my father did.
If you are interested in connecting to those in your life who have passed, I cannot recommend June strongly enough.  I was quite nervous going to the session and she immediately put me at ease.  I felt so good after the session!
With much love from a new fan!
Palm Springs, California


Dear June
I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my private reading yesterday. 
Over the past year, I've had many psychic appointments with various people, phone calls etc, and I always built my hopes up beforehand  You see, I was looking for something in particular.   I know I shouldn't have gone to these with expectations but I would often come away with a sinking feeling because I never found what I was looking for.  You picked up about my own character yesterday, I am not one for confrontation, so I would find myself nodding away to these other psychics despite having a gut feeling that nothing was particularly relevant or personal to me.
During my search, one name kept popping up and it was yours.  
I started reading testimonials to you on your website and started to feel a bit of hope again.
June, you did not disappoint me.
I hadn't been in the room long when you told me there was a woman standing with me who was claiming me as one of her 3 (I have 2 other siblings).
You told me that she passed too soon, she didn't know it was her time and neither did we.
I knew who this person was, the person I'd desperately been looking for over the past year, My Mum.
You told me that after my mum passed, I stroked her hair, kissed her on the head and told her I loved her - this was true.
You even told me that I'd picked out socks for my mum after she passed so her feet wouldn't get cold!! Also true.
You described the scenic place on the hill where my Mum is buried.
The colour of the cloth I use to clean her headstone with.
You also told me my mum thanked me for the angel I put at her graveside.   I put an angel wind chime up there not long after she passed away. You also knew we had deliberated about the wording for her headstone and had changed it around a few times, but  that my mum liked what we'd decided on - this is true and what you said means so much.
You knew I went up there very regularly, in the wind, rain, dark and cold too.  This is something I had been doing, thinking it was the only way I could feel close to her.  You told me I didn't need to go up quite so frequently  (especially in the bad weather) because you told me my mum comes with me and knows I do this, but that she doesn't sit there and wait for my next visit, she comes home with me too - I can't tell you the comfort this has given me.
You also told me that I had been asking my mum for a sign, to flicker a light...I feel a little silly admitting this but yes, I have done this on several occasions.  You had a giggle with me about it but also explained in the most beautiful way the dragonfly larvae story, that she can hear me but she isn't able to do this and not because she isn't there or because she doesn't want to.
You talked about a photograph of my Mum on my phone that I stare at, moving it closer and further away trying to get the essence of her, you said it was something about her eyes - this is also true.   I said the exact same thing about this photo to my partner 2 nights before I saw you.
You also told me that my mum hears me say to her that I just need to know she's ok, and finally I know she is.
You let me know she is surrounded by her loved ones that she had lost which is a massive comfort to me. 
Just as you said, I felt like I had lost a limb when my mum passed.
After all my disappointments over the year I felt like I had truly lost her, but June, not only did you help me find her, you helped me realise she'd never gone - she's been around us the whole time.
You are a lovely lady with a very special gift, and through this you have given us knowledge that our loved ones are always close.
So once again, thank you June for giving me the peace of mind I had so desperately been seeking.
Warmest wishes, 
Sam x X x


Dear June

Thank you so much for being so generous with your time for us on Saturday.

You quoted the first verse of Robert Burns “ To a Mouse”,but the significance was not at all clear to us at the time.
On Tuesday I was at my daughter’s flat continuing the hard job of sorting and clearing. There is a row of empty limited edition whisky bottles she had as decoration ( the flat is in a converted warehouse) I decided the shelf would look better with one less and picked up the closest bottle.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the ribbon! None of the others had any thing round their necks.
Messages come in the strangest of ways!



Hi JuneI hope your keeping well.

We met last year on Easter Sunday at a Hotel in London when I came with a friend of mine called Shakila.

At the time we met I was nervous about making contact with people on the other side, but after speaking to you I warmed to the idea and had a wonderful reading with you.

You made me feel at at ease and we got on so well and your warm personality really helped my nerves.

My reason for contacting you was I had been single for a while and just kept meeting lots of Mr wrongs, and was, lets just say, resigned to the fact that this was my life.  You told me that I was going to meet a guy, who would be a Doctor, he would be wonderful and that he would be besotted with me, and that we would get married 18 months to two years after meeting. He would have thin hair but not bald, and that you and I would one day meet again....at the time, for me, that was the sound of my dream being read aloud.

Well!  I met him 10 days after meeting you, he is wonderful and we are so in love.  He is a Doctor, he does have thin hair, but not bald. He is wonderful.....and Scottish, so lol maybe we will meet again ....oh and we are getting married at the end of this year!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me to regain my faith that maybe I would finally meet my Mr Right.

Once again from em from the bottom of my heart Thank you once again.

Sending you lots of love.Saiqa Ali



Dear June,

I write to express my gratitude to you and also to let you know that it was a pleasure to meet you on Sunday morning.  The reading which you shared with me was invaluable to me and has given me a certain sense of calm and contentment. It is reassuring to know that my mum is okay and that it was not a horrendous statement to make in telling her that “she was going to be okay” - I had spent many hours contemplating my choice of words and beating myself up over it.
Many of the things that you mentioned during the course of the reading truly resonated with me and were extremely accurate.  On reflection I now know where the collie and the labradors fitted into the picture that you were describing.
 I should also apologise for the interruptions caused by my mobile phone ringing, I had switched it onto silent but had forgotten that my watch would also ring !  You were very professional and understanding, whilst I was mortified, it was very remiss of me.
I very much appreciate the fact that you spent far longer with me than the allocated time slot.  You are a very kind, considerate and gifted lady and I wish you all the very best for the future.  
Kind Regards,


Subject: 5 star review    

Enquiry Details:
Hi June, Just home from barnhill and had to contact you to say how amazing you were! I was the girl with the purple hair and the dodgy teeth!I don’t know if you remember but I contacted you last year as I couldn’t come to Brechin as I was in hospital but the colleagues I was with went and we all loved you so much we were back again tonight!I’ve come home and tried to get tickets for tomorrow but you are sold out but i can guarantee we will be back soon!Good luck tomorrow! Have a fab weekend!Kerry xx



Dear June,
I visited you for a reading on Saturday 13th of October in Dundee.   I found it a very moving and reassuring experience, for which I am so grateful. You had asked me to write a testimonial, which I have included. Please can I ask that you don't use my actual name, as the whole experience is very personal and private to me. 

I visited June, some months after the sudden passing of a much loved relative. The reason for my visit was that I was struggling to cope with the grief and despair that I was feeling, can I also add, I would have normally been very sceptical about  such matters, but I needed to find some solace.
I was completely overwhelmed and reassured at the information that June was able to give me, in such a calm and respectful manner.

She has indeed a great gift and I feel blessed that she was able to give me the reassurance I needed.
Many Thanks,



Dear June,

My daughter & I had personal readings from you in May. We were both very impressed. I spoke to you after the show in Glasgow the other night & you asked me to send you an account of my experience.

 My reading has changed my life, in two main ways. First my father passed away at the end of April & you could tell me he know we were with him at the end, that we held his hand & stroked his brow. That gave me a lot of comfort, also I spoke to my dad when my brother went out the room, and you were able to tell me the words I said to him, so that was even more validation. I was very grateful for that part of the reading at that time as I was only starting the grieving process.

 Secondly I have had health problems for many years. I suffer from depression and have been suicidal at various times. I had emergency surgery in 2001, which I was not expected to recover from. I asked you a question, (which I have asked many doctors, health professionals & various psychics over many years) Why did I survive?

 You not only gave me an amazing answer, but an explanation for the answer, which has uplifted my spirits so much  that I am no longer feeling suicidal and a lot more positive about my total outlook on life. I still have health problems, but I am more able to cope as I have a purpose & meaning for my life.

 I cannot thank you enough for what your amazing gift has given me.

 Lynn Neary



Thank you for my reading yesterday, I have tried to write an honest review. 
My reading took place in Dundee on Sunday 30 September. 
I was nervous going in but the minute I met June I felt totally at ease.  June immediately said that there was a woman standing behind me and when she described this woman's actions it was obvious she was my mum.  June had her character spot on.  She was also able to say how my mum died. 
June also picked up on the fact that my mum was very close to her dad and that she didn't have a good relationship with her own mother. 
The reading was also surprising in that I discussed my health with June and a few concerns I had. I said that I was worried about spending too much time at home on my own, but June spoke calmly to me and helped me realise that this was ok.  There were other private things that we discussed and I left June's house feeling much calmer and happier. 
A truly lovely lady, who gives so much more than a simple reading. 
Thank you 


Hi June,

A HUGE thank you from both myself and my husband for our Readings in Leeds. 
A couple of days have passed since and I’m still trying to filter the things you said, things you could never have known. 
I’m 29 and lost my mum 5 months ago, so I’m still drowning in grief but June has managed to bring me some peace and knowledge that my mam is definitely still here with me. 
My husband came down from his reading after mine and made me swear I hadn’t given June any information at all (which I certainly didn’t!) as the things she told him could have only came from me! 
You have an unbelievable gift June, Thank you so much for the lovely things you said and for giving me peace of mind that my mam is in a good place. I hope we get to meet again one day!
With Love
Danielle Collier XxXxX


Dear June

On behalf of myself and my stepson, Colin, I would like to say a heart-felt thank you again for our recent readings at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow - you have given us both so much peace.  As you must have often been told before, it takes time for some of the messages that comes through to fully fit into place and my reading was no exception. My husband, Gus, came bounding through, as I had hoped, bless him, and, among many things, mentioned that I would be reaching my rainbows end soon and I realise this relates to the rainbows that are briefly created in our bedroom every morning when the sun shines through his treasured crystal angels on our window sill, but only from May to mid August when the angle of the sun is right!

Gus also mentioned to you about the misdiagnosis by the doctors . . . Of course there had been - the locum doctor at our surgery completely overlooked the seriousness of Gus' poorly toe which was a warning of peripheral vascular disease . . . He lost that leg. We went to the surgery, a few days after he returned from the recovery from that, because we were concerned about his other leg and that doctor said it was just muscle strain - Two days later Gus was in an ambulance on his way to hospital and his other leg had to go!  I take comfort that you told me that this sorry tale of woe is not troubling him and that he is very settled where he is now, bless him!
Finally, June to get to the main point of my message, I want to thank you for your lovely gift of your 'Meditations' CD . . . It is absolutely beautiful. I know you said the intention was mainly to listen to the first track, but on another occasion I felt so peaceful listening to the first track that I found myself drifting into the second one and was amazed at what happened with the colours, particularly the blue and green!  
It is so lovely spending a wee while in the beautiful garden with my Gus, and those visits will sustain me until I can be with him properly once again!
God bless you.    Jackie x



Well what can I say!

I am so overwhelmed with my reading earlier today.  June was spot on with everything which explained everything.

I felt so relaxed and would highly recommend June to everybody I know.

So looking forward to June coming back to Leeds (Can\'t come fast enough).

So glad mum, dad and buttons came through.

Much love June xx 

Joanne Elliott



Thank you so much for the session today, June. You have an amazing gift. I was heartened to hear my sister and my mum have resolved their differences.

You said I was thinking about moving house or redecorating or expanding our property. I said I was not and I thought you were wrong. But in fact, I am in the process of buying our work property with a few friends. I will be the largest investor. I guess that is what you saw going on in my mind, so you were right!

I would like Leesha to see you soon. Could you email us if you are going to be in Leeds, or even better, in Liverpool or Manchester. Don’t mind if we travel to Scotland either, as we could tag a holiday onto the session in your beautiful country. I felt a bit mean going in alone but my needs were more pressing, so Leesha selflessly let me go alone.

Thank you for contacting my mum and sister.  I am also glad that Leesha’s dad made an appearance too.  He was (is!) a special person.

It is quite emotional to contact one’s deceased relatives, but it was worth it as I am more at peace now. Thank you, June.

David Evans



Thank you so much for the reading this morning.

You’re right my mums passing was too quick at the end and there was no time to say much.  She did come through now so it’s all good.

Like I said to her “No regrets”.   Everything you said was 100%.   The messages coming through were so reassuring and really confirmed to me that I was understanding more and that her and dad are always there.

It tickled me when you mentioned dad’s “tinkering”.   He was a carpenter, a builder, a landscaper and none of those by trade.   A Don’t buy it if you can make it yourself guy and that’s how I remember him the best.   I love that he is still tinkering.

I’m going to take him up on the offer to help me with my figures too!

Anne Pemberton



It's taken me a few days to compose this review because I'm still in shock at how accurate June was.

Anyway,  I went to an event at the Clydebank Town Hall.  

i had been to so many of these things and seen so many mediums, tarot readers, ect and have never really heard anything amazing, so to me, June was just going to be another one of these that you go to and hear vague rubbish from!

Well I was so far wrong!   Even after a week I'm still shocked at just how scarily accurate June was.

My raffle ticket was picked out of a bucket by another audience member for a public one to one message with June.

June said “I have 2 older ladies here and they have your son with them” ( my wee boy died of sids when he was 3 months).

She also mentioned an unfinished tattoo that I had on my shoulder (she couldnt see this tattoo).

Let’s just say that everything that came out of her mouth was so true that I was bawling my eyes out!   There was things she said that she 100% could not have known and those weren't just vague random things that could have applied to a million people,  these were things completely personal to me, that nobody really knew!!

I will say to all the sceptical people out there -  go and see her, she is honestly the best medium I have ever spoken to and totally deserves the title of “Worlds Best”  because to me she is.

I walked out with faith and happiness in my heart that my little boy was happy and being looked after on the other side.

She also mentioned conversations that I had had with my husband just before I went to the event and put she my mind at rest that what myself and my husband had spoken about was going to be fine!    She even told me the dates that these things would happen and those were the dates that we had discussed.

She told me I was sitting on the fence with something (my job) I could go on and on about what was said and how accurate she was but this review would end up ridiculous!

Just go and see her! I can't wait to book my one on one with her, thank you June xx

Sarahjane Maggin - May 2018 - Clydebank Town Hall - Review.



Dear June,

I just want to thank you very much indeed for the very helpful reading you gave me yesterday (Glasgow Central Hotel, 18.05.18, at 4.30pm).
You were so warm and friendly that I felt an immediate rapport, which helped a lot and made me able to open up in a way I don’t often manage with people I don’t know.
I have felt for some time that my family members and sister / best friend were around me but wondered if I was kidding myself.   It was wonderful to learn that I’m not and they are really with me. I had specifically spoken to and asked the four people who came through to come to our meeting and also asked my brother to bring the dog. I felt it was such a blessing that they all came and brought Terry with them.
For some time now I have felt as if I’ve been left behind as people younger than myself move onto the next life - almost as if I were in a hospital waiting room being ignored while people who came in long after me are called in to see the consultant, wondering how long they’re going to keep me waiting.   If, as you explained, I’m waiting here because I am still able to do some good in the world, then I can accept it and try to be patient.
You said I had kept someone’s glasses, I hadn’t,  However, during the night (when you said my brother is with me) I suddenly remembered I had kept his glasses for a few years.    As he died in 1996 I had forgotten. In the eight days I stayed with his wife, she cleared every vestige of him out of their home. I felt she might regret that later on, so took his glasses with the idea I might give them back to her if that happened. It didn’t, so I gave them to charity eventually.
You have helped me enormously and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
(I know you see many clients but I was the 85-year-old who came by bus.)
With kindest regards,
Elizabeth Kelly


Feedback from DEMONSTRATION - NAIRN, Scotland - 2nd MAY 2018

Hi June

Just wanted to thank you for a superb night in Nairn last Wednesday.

I was told you were good but you blew me away.  You were spot on but also you were funny and made people relaxed.

 I'm definitely coming to see you when your in Inverness and I am going to try my best to save and get a reading from you next time your in Nairn.  

I’ve been looking for someone good for a long time as I badly need a reading but I’d rather wait to see yourself than pay for someone who does not have as much of your gift.

Thank you very much once again
Debbie Spelman 😊

Feedback from DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP - May 2018 - Nairn, Scotland


After an evening event in Perth with June Field, I was privileged to have an appointment with her which my Mum and I attended last week.

We have been absolutely devastated by my Dad’s passing last year and having read June’s column in the Sunday Post for years, we were intrigued and hopeful of some kind of word that Dad is alright.

Words cannot explain how much of a wonderful experience we had with June.

She was immediately able to tell us so much about Dad - including his personality and characteristics (even managing to demonstrate exactly how he used to sit, relaxed on the chair).

She could also tell my Mum and myself about our own personalities.

We felt so comforted and reassured by June as there was no way she could have known in advance the things she was able to share with us. We are both so grateful to her.

With many, many thanks,
Esther Jack


DEMONSTRATION - March 2018 - GLENROTHES, Scotland.

Dear June

I wanted to write and tell you how much your reading of my daughter at the Glenrothes show in February has helped me get through these difficult days.
You may recall our correspondence about disabled Seating.  The reaction of my daughter was priceless to have you read her...sound of music and cruella deville specific Information might help you place us...

Anyways, the following day we recieved sad news that my older brother has a brain tumour...since our last correspondence the news has been devistating in that his life expectancy is short..

My father also is poorly and it looks like we're loosing both , but having come to your show I now have more belief that there is more after death. It brings me comfort knowing that my brother and father are moving from this world to the spirit world and some day we will reunite, and that my mother is watching over us all

I simply wanted to say thankyou...

I truelly pray our paths cross again one day...

Aileen Bogie



I had a private reading with the lovely June Field in Aberdeen on Friday 6th April, she is truly remarkable and spot on, well worth a visit, a truly lovely lady inside and out, Thankyou June and look forward to seeing you in September at your demonstration in Aberdeen.

Janette, xxxx



Dearest June,
It was wonderful to meet you last week.
Since my husband passed away I have felt bereft, alone and longing for comfort.

The information passed through you to me has given a peace and reassurance I have yearned for, I know that his love remains with and around us.
Thank you for teaching me how to focus and concentrate my thoughts at times when I need to feel him especially near, I miss him so much..
Your empathy, compassion and gentle guidance have encouraged me to try to lift my eyes from the floor.

I cannot express how grateful I am that you share your gift so selflessly, thank you...

Nicola x



Hi June, Lovely to see your demonstration in Edinburgh again. I feel VERY LUCKY that my father came through for me and my mother. He was the "self-made man" who had blood cancer. I'm his daughter, the one who has a Gucci bag from 1984, costume rings and jewelry, and is a protector of animals (vegan and adopter of shelter animals). You also mentioned a horse -- I realise now that the week before last we were staying with friends in Essex, whose horse lives on their property, as we celebrated my father's birthday (the first since he's passed). And, the person who was "missing" was my brother (my father always talked about our 'family unit' of the four of us).

Those were all AMAZING affirmations -- thank you so much!!!




Dear June

We wanted to thank you for seeing Martin and I in Nairn.

What you shared with us about our son Will gave us a lot of comfort and confirmed our own belief that there is life after death and that we will see our son again.

Will is in good hands and I hope that next time we meet with you, he\'ll be in an even better place.

Both Martin and I are keen to see you in a year\'s time for another private reading.   I\'ll keep and eye on your website for dates in Nairn, 2019.

Finally, I figured out what the bright blue, small, soft pillow-like object was - it was a retro sweetie called a flump which is about 5 or 6\" long.  Will had a very sweet tooth and we put a selection of sweets in with him which included \"the flump\".

Once again, thank you and I do believe you have an extra ordinary gift.

Martin & Sarah



Dear June

I came to see you for a reading in Aberdeen in September.

i was a bit apprehensive as I was concerned that I was expecting too much and would be disappointed!

I should nit have been concerned as I got so much more than I could ever have hoped for.

Meeting you has made such a difference to me - even those who did not know I was coming to see you have commented on how much more relaxed I am.

I just wanted to let you know that it has been a revelation and how grateful I am.

You have a wonderful gift.  Thank you so much.

Beryl Jackson



I recently had a personal reading with June and it was extremely helpful to me.

I was able to communicate with my father and this has resolved a lot for me personally and for my mother.

June was extraordinarily accurate in what she saw and the way she described me and my personality was phenomenal.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to book a personal reading with June Field and to also attend her shows.   She has helped me immensely with some personal issues that I have had for over 20 years.  It was the best thing I could have done.

June has an extremely warm, friendly and down to earth nature and she really, really puts you at ease from the start.

This really was the start of a healing process for me and an experience I will not forget.

Thanks June x

Louise Rollo



Today I had an amazing experience...after a year of grief & pain following the unexpected loss of a very special man.

I had a meeting with June.

I had no idea what to expect as I had never done anything like this before, but had been impressed by the positive outcome a very dear friend of mine felt she gained from talking with June in her efforts to deal with a very painful bereavement.

Not only can I confirm that I was totally convinced that June had been able to contact my special man but I am also sure that she connected with two other very precious people I had lost some years previously.

I feel more peaceful tonight than I have in a long time.

Thank you June from the bottom of my heart.

Margaret X



Hello June

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for my private reading on 6 January 2018.

From the moment you opened the door with your big welcoming smile (and bare feet) - I knew this was right for me.

The details and content of the reading has given me an inner calmness.

I can't believe how calm I felt by the end of it and how much you gave me in terms of no longer searching for signs - or having that feeling of sadness and emptiness. This is not what I expected at all!

I felt my sparkle had left when my loved one passed but on speaking with yourself after the reading I know that it will come back, and it is a process I now know is starting.

I feel blessed for having had the opportunity to meet with you and to have experienced everything.

Thank you and may only good things come your way always.

Tracey McDade



Dear June,

Thank you very much for my Private Reading in Dundee on 29th December 2017.

i found the experience very emotional, reassuring and very rewarding.

A few of the situations you mentioned, I couldn’t understand at the time, but became very clear when I had time to reflect.

You really have an extraordinary gift and you are using it to great effect to provide support and succour to individuals, like myself, who are trying to come to terms with a loss of a loved one.

Thank you again for your reading and I wish you continuing success in the amazing work you do.

Yours Sincerely,

Ron Singer



Dear June,

I wish to thank you sincerely for the private reading I attended with you on October 19th 2017 in Nairn.

I was hesitant that I would receive a message let alone a message that would be so factual.

You put me at ease straight away as I was nervous and so desperate to get a message from my Daughter but I know you can’t just “ring” them up on request.

Firstly the lady holding the letter “M” came through I felt my heart sink, at the time I could not think of who that could be, on reflection of course it was my Gran, my Granny Mac as I called her, she brought forward another younger woman holding the letter “A” inside I was frightened to accept it was my Ash but I have no doubt whatsoever that it was my daughter that came through.

You passed on messages that were so personal that only myself and her spirit could know.

You described her personality to a T and that was no easy thing to do as she was no wilting wallflower and I took great comfort from it, after all it was who she was.

The whole experience has enabled me to think about life in a more positive way, it’s eased my constant questioning and the feeling of calmness I have felt since my reading has been something I have not known since her sudden passing in December 2016.

Your undoubtable talent along with your honest, warm and compassionate manner is a true gift and I thank you for sharing this with me.

My warmest wishes to you and thank you again for enabling a communication with my much missed girl.



Dear June

Thank you so much for the reading you gave me on the 14th of October.

I was feeling very low when I came to see you but as soon as I sat down you were able to connect with my family and give me some peace and hope.

I’ve seen mediums before but nothing like the reading you gave.

I knew you had my gran and brother with you and it was a great comfort to me.

You are very gifted and kind person and I will definitely come back to see you soon.

Kind regards


Dear June,

Thank you so very much for our private reading on 10th September 2017.

It gave ourselves & our family a great deal of comfort.

Everything you told us was spot on, even the things I didn't know or agree with turned out to be 100% right!

We are very grateful to have been privileged to have had such an accurate reading.

You have been truly blessed & have such a lovely warm manner that people immediately feel comfortable with you.

Many many thanks,

Joan & George Duguid



Just a brief note of thanks on behalf of my daughter and I for the reading you gave us last Saturday.

I have always tried to understand how things work as an aircraft technician to trade.  

I find it hard to explain what you do and how you do it but the things you told us and places you described could only have come from one source.

It helped Kirsteen and myself immensely to hear all the things you said.

I thought I was a tough guy but the last year has shown me how fragile we can be.

Once again heartfelt thanks from both of us

Gordon Lawrie


Testimonials of 3 private readings with June Field.


I first visited June in Fullerton, CA in 2011, 8 months after the love of my life, Mel, passed away.

I didn’t know what to expect and I was doing it because two friends of mine were doing it also.

I wrote a testimonial afterwards because I was so comforted by her.

Through June, I realized Mel was still around, loving and watching over me.

He recognized that when he passed, we didn’t have opportunity to say goodby, “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” as June put it.  

Somehow June realized that I was in deep grief and remarked on my crying alone at night.

Besides Mel there were others who were there that had passed along with my severely handicapped brother who was able to communicate to me through the lyrics of “Wind beneath my Wings.

I can’t tell you how profound it was when I listened to the song and realized it was the first time my brother communicated to me in English!


The second visit took place in 2013 in Palm Springs, CA.

Mel showed up again with love and support.

My dad showed also up and was contrite over what had happened between us.

I was throughly shocked and drove the long drive home in a daze. This helped to start the healing between us.


The third visit was on June 16, 2017.

June read my energy and asked why I was there with her, as I had moved on, and became independent.

I joked that it was to see her (and hear from my love!).  

Mel was there protective and loving.  

He communicated "No more money” after mentioning a couple of younger men.  I am involved in withdrawal economic support to my live brother and his message validated what is a difficult undertaking for me. My dad was there again, apologetic, and my mom from afar, not able to look at me, possibly ashamed of her part.

June suggested that I needed no more readings, that we could get together for coffee in the future. Wow!


I truly believe I have been in my love’s and parent’s presence.

I believe Mel will be waiting for me when it is time for me to cross.

In the meantime, I will be following June’s suggestions for meditating and getting my own key to raise my vibration and sense the presence of those who have passed.

I cannot thank June enough for her part in my healing!




Dear June 

My mom and I had the special privilege to share some space with June whilst she was in Palm Springs, California.

What a special person who radiates so much light.  When I think of her, I feel her spirit.

There is no doubt June connected us with my father who had just recently passed.  

My dad was brazen and comical and all of this came out through June.   She even started cursing because that is what my dad does, which made our heart melt!

He was an unconventional person and she channeled all those things to us.

She shared private details with us and affirmed our belief that his spirit is still with us.

We are so thankful for this opportunity and it definitely helped us in our grieving process.

I left with a sense of complete peace and acceptance of what happens after death.

I didn't want it to end.

That special time has changed my life.

I bestow a million kisses into the universe for June Field and the gift she possesses. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 




Dear June

Thank you for the most wonderful private reading on Friday 9th June 2017, when my darling husband Gus (Angus) came through loud and clear even though his funeral (I prefer the word 'celebration'),due on the 16th June, had not yet even taken place!

You asked me to let you know how Gus' Celebration went and I am delighted to say it was a beautiful day with family and friends and his two boys and two girls (my step-children) where an absolute credit to their wonderful Dad!

As for myself, the joy of your reading gave me such great comfort and certainty that Gus is in a wonderful place, after bravely and so positively dealing with the lifelong health issues that were visited upon him, that I felt only great joy at the thought that he was with us, enjoying the Celebration of his life that we had arranged for him!

Everything you relayed to me on his behalf at my reading was absolutely spot on.  You said he was with a group of men at the time, with the one standing beside him most certain being his dad (Angus snr) who passed over 13 days after Gus.

You gave me the name Danny, who had been a much loved friend of the family, particularly Angus snr. At Angus snr's funeral on Monday 12th June, I met up with Danny's daughter too.

The two male names that he quickly gave to you at the end of my reading, were unknown to me, but were validated by Danny's daughter and other family members afterwards. And a strange reference to a shiny black stone with gold writing on it (which I thought odd at the time) became totally validated when I visited the office to view the Book of Remembrance entry I had requested - Gus had obviously wanted to let me know he would be there too!

I look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future, you lovely, kind lady!

Love, Jackie x




Hi June, its the mad purple haired lady from Liverpoo!l,

You gave me a message from my dad about the chest area and that everything would be alright, well that day before the show I found a lump.  I never told anyone but did make a doctors appointment.  Today I had my appointment at the breast clinic and they gave me the all clear, so thank you for the message it makes so much more sense today. X

Anna xx


Good evening,I just wanted to thank you for an amazing show tonight.

While I didn\'t receive any messages I sat in awe as I watched you as you shared people\'s stories.

I tried to walk in and be sceptical however those thoughts quickly vanished as you were able to reveal facts that couldn\'t possibly be explained!

So thank you for helping me believe again that the little strange things that happen in life (lights that sometimes don\'t go on right away but usually do, objects moving, and shadows out the corner of your eye) can\'t just be down to chance.

Laura, Dundee - MAY 2017

Private Reading 12 May 2017 at Dundee

Dear June

May I take this opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the reading you provided for me at your home in Dundee.

Since my wife Janette passed away in August 2013 I have been devastated by her loss and have found it very difficult to cope with her passing.

I have visited several mediums, most of whom, with one exception, did not provide any solace or direction for me.

On meeting you yesterday I was immediately taken with your warmth and your compassion towards me.   I really did not know what to expect from you, however, when you described the immediate strong presence in the room, as, without question Janette was and obviously still is, an immensely strong, confident and amazing person with whom I was so lucky to find the love and affection that existed between us from the first day I met Janette, when she was 16.   To this day I still deeply love her.  

Although, for the moment, we are not physically together,  I really felt, for the first time since Janette's passing that I was with her again, and for that, I am indebted to you.  

As a professional who has lived with facts and evidence all of my working life, the information and clear facts you provided from and about Janette were astoundingly accurate and to know that she was safe with her Dad, James (Jimmy) was an immense comfort to me.

One of the most emotionally significant moments of the reading was when you mentioned and enquired about the "red dressing gown". This fact is extremely personal and known only to me and is one my ways of being with Janette which has brought me some comfort.

Since the reading this particular fact has brought more significant meaning and solace to me and for which I cannot thank you enough.

The information and direction you provided about grieving and suggestions regarding the direction of life that was open to me and ways to be with Janette was gratefully appreciated.

In conclusion, may I say that there are no words to express my gratitude to you and I look forward to seeing you again at a date in the future.


(Living in Kirkintilloch)

PRIVATE READING -  Dundee -  12th May 2017


Hi June,

I attended your Fraserburgh event on Wednesday with my husband and It was first time I had ever been to see a psychic medium.

I was a bit nervous but had been asking my granddaughter on the journey to Fraserburgh to try hard to give us a message.  I didn't expect to get one so wouldn't have left disappointed.

You did give us the reading and it was awesome!  I could relate to almost everything but didn't know about the charm bracelet.  I asked her mum and she looked through her things & found it.  You said she wanted her sister to have it.  This particular bracelet was much admired by her sister & she had stolen it a couple of times but always had to give it back.

We are all delighted to have had messages & I have made a note of your reading in case I forget some of it.

You said her dad had backache & I said no it was her mother who was a nurse but my son said for the previous 3-4 days he had backache due to being ill and in bed.

I think you are a very gifted person & you have a lovely warm personality which makes people feel at ease. Thank you very much you have brought us all much happiness

Warm Regards,

Joan & George Duguid



My daughters and I have just returned home from a private reading from June today. June immediately puts you at ease and is a very easy person to talk too. Her gift is truly special and we thank June for sharing it with us. To hear from loved ones passed was emotional but also gave us much joy. With regard to reading our characters, well she got that spot on! June we are so glad we had a reading from you and will definitely be back to see you next year. We could talk to you all day. Take care. Liz, Julie and Jenny.xx

Elizabeth Henderson April 2017


Hi June, this was the first time I've attended your demonstration and I have to say I was blown away. I had hoped to make contact with my son who I found dead 2 years ago but although that did not happen I came away feeling happy that my mum who passed 5 years ago at 92 would have been reunited with my dad who passed in 1968. She always said that he was waiting for her and after 40 odd years I'm sure they are together. Hopefully at some time in the future I will hear from Brian and he will safe be with his gran and grandad.
Thank you for giving me some peace.
Helen Herd



Struggling to cope with my loss, my friend recommended I see June for a private reading.

June's tremendous generosity in sharing her gift, provided me with a much needed connection to my lovely Mum.  

June's accuracy in her reading, teamed with her incredible care, humility & advice, gave me a haven.   I felt safe, warm & I left her home feeling less burdened, reassured & actually empowered knowing that the spirit world can still engage, love & know they are loved.

Her reading has given me an energy and level of hope I haven't felt before.

I am astounded by her gift & her desire to help and I recommend her without reservation.

Thank you ever so much June.


PRIVATE READING - 16th April 2017 - DUNDEE



Thank you so much for our readings today. It was a total pleasure and honour to have a reading done by yourself. Thank you for inviting us into your home. It felt totally relaxed and we thought you were fantastic. Many thanks from two very happy girls tonight. Much love xx Shelby & Mhairi



Hi there I just wanted to pass on my thanks for a truly inspiring reading. Like everyone I am a little hesitant and nervous to open up to a stranger and let them into my life.

You however made it easy, with your lovely friendly temperament and straight to the point attitude. I had some concerns about the future and wanted some guidance from my Dad who passed 20 years ago . You were able to relay such comforting messages from him and my Mum.  I now feel much more positive about the future and what it holds.

Not only did you tell me things that no-one else would know, but you were so insightful around my own character and traits,.The advice you gave me will stick with me ...

Thank you again June for the very positive and uplifting reading.

Barbara Byrne



Hi there June. I hope you remember us from the end of your fantastic Kirkcaldy event on 16th February 2017. We would really love to have a private reading with you and feel you would very much help in getting some comfort back into our lives. We were completely blown away by your abilities and and we will most definitely be constant followers/attendees to your future shows in Kirkcaldy...wow We r still in pure amazement!! When we spoke with you briefly at the end of the evening you were an angel!

You asked if we could email you regarding any possible near dates in Dundee where you may possibly have a cancellation. You are so fully booked up with your great talent and amazing personality that it seems we would never get the chance to be blessed with your comforting words. Please please if any cancellation should arise that you would perhaps considers giving us the opportunity!. So much love and respect for a fantastic evening and you are talented gifted and blessed beyond words..wow amazing!! Thank you June Field xxxxFrom Nikki Allan, Ryan Hendry Rowan, Jade Allan xxxxxx



Evening June,

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for being so kind to my mum - Jane.

You have an amazing ability, truly one that has got our family through a dark period after the death of my father. The readings have been incredibly accurate. Although I haven't been to see you for a while mum has told me the details of her readings. It sounds unbelievable but the information you provided has brought a kind of settlement about the events of the past and hope for the future. You have brought my mum back to life. I am both thankful for your amazing ability, but your kindness and support. it has allowed mum and me to some extent, a peace between what has been and what will be.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Rebecca W



Dear June

I met June not really knowing what to expect. I lost my mum two years ago and I thought I was doing ok, turns out I wasn't. On the morning I was to meet June I found a photo of my mum that I used to carry around with me, but had lost months ago on my hallway floor, i was on my own. June told me this had happened that morning there is no way she could have known this. I used to say the cliche of I'd give anything for one last hug from mum. The things June told me gave me my one last hug. I feel that I have woken from a dark place and I feel happy for the first time in two years. My mum was my best friend and her loss was more than I could process, but the words June passed to me gave me my friend back. My mum is with me now and I think about her in a happy way and I have been having floods of memories that give me a happiness that I thought was lost. June is a truly remarkable person.




Dear June

I\'m not sure how to add this to your website but wondered if you would be able to do it for me.

I am still feeling overwhelmed, peaceful and happy - after a long journey yesterday to see you (440 round mile drive from Darlington to Dundee).  I was drawn to you after seeing you on the internet - and I can honestly say my feelings were right.   You were absolutely right about my son, how he died and proved to me with such great details that he is still with me each and every day.  With my mam and dad you were spot on.  I came away feeling warm, happy and peaceful - despite crying throughout!  You are a very special lady with a wonderful gift - who has brought me (and I\'m sure many others such comfort and joy)

Thank you so so much. Gillian



Dear June,

Apologies, for the delay in writing this to you, but I guess in some ways I needed some time to process everything.

Well, first thank you for making such an impact on my life and my families life. Everything you stated was spot on and resonated with me far deeper then I ever thought. I have made peace with the ones I lost and realized that though they are not physically here, they are always with us.

Also, thank you for answering my questions about my own gift. It truly has made me feel more at ease.

Please let me know if you have any spots available in the next coming months. Sending my best.


Private Reading - DECEMBER 2016 - LONDON, UK

DECEMBER 2016 - DUNDEE, Scotland - Private Reading

I had a private reading from June in her home on the 10th December .
I loved it 😊 June told me how my gran died, when she died and everything about her personality and even did a few gestures to me that my gran used towards me.
I wanted to cry a few times but I felt so happy at the same time .
We spoke about alot more things and I'm still trying to take it all in .
June truly has an amazing gift and I hope to see her again soon .
I'm finding it hard to describe but the feeling and how accurate the reading was to me. You really do need to have the experience yourself.  I've come away from the reading a stronger person and started working on me believing in myself again, so thank you so muchJune.  I hope to see you again soon.

lots of love carolann X

DUNDEE, Scotland - DECEMBER 2016 - Private Reading

DECEMBER 2016 - LONDON, UK - Private Reading

Hello June

I have now had time to digest all that happened during my reading with you, including how overwhelmed I was and how it made me feel.

As this was my first reading, I feel very privileged to have had the best do it and I have gained a lot of closure from it as well as being able to see a bit into where certain events are leading.

To know and understand why things happened has allowed me to be more open minded and the advice you have given me has allowed me to believe where my future is heading and I now have the knowledge to know that I can be more decisive and need not wait for approval to move my life forward.

Only those closest to me can understand what this has meant to me.  To be able to gain closure after such a traumatic few years.

A big massive thanks from the bottom of my heart to you.

I hope that we really do meet up again when you are next in the area.

It was a pleasure to have been in your presence and for you to allow me to believe what I never did before.


LONDON, UK - December 2016 - Private Reading 


Hi June, I saw you on Sunday and can't thank you enough for the messages you gave me,  Just after I left your room and went down to reception, the song that was played at his funeral was playing.  You kept going on about a purple love heart cushion and I told you I didn't have a cushion like that,  well the following day, I took my youngest daughter to her counselling session and she pulled out a memory cushion she had made and there it was the purple love heart she had drawn on it,
This last year has been the hardest year of my life and I thank you again so much for giving me the peace of mind that he is with us,
Take care xxx

Leigh Scorsfield


OCTOBER 2016 - NAIRN, SCOTLAND - Private Reading

Watching my cousin just going through the motions every day after losing her daughter made me want to do something to help. What can anyone do in such a situation, not a lot normally but I was given the opportunity to give her the gift of a private sitting with June.  It turned out it was not me giving the gift in the end it was June.  She was so accurate during the sitting my cousin has gotten so much comfort and she is even beginning to look years younger. You touched on such personal things that had been upsetting her, you put her mind at ease that such things were not upsetting her daughter. The message sent to her husband has enabled him to feel his daughter's presence around him again and is a great comfort to him.:-

I will let her explain in her own words (BELOW) how things went for her.  I just wanted you to know how much I can see it has helped my cousin and her family.

I can’t thank you enough for giving her this opportunity which has allowed her and her family to move forward a little into the next phase of grieving.

Bless You

Janet Drumnadrochit


PRIVATE READING - Nairn, Scotland  - October 2016

Having been to a few mediums prior to seeing June, on arrival at my appointment, June was able to break the ice immediately by saying how I had a look on my face saying here we go again what’s this one going to say. We laughed then she began.

June was able to give many details about my daughters passing that only people present at the time knew. It was amazing and the information kept on coming.  I left the sitting feeling I had just spent time with my daughter.  

Knowing that my daughter was aware we were not happy about the way she was presented in her coffin but didn’t want us to be upset about it anymore just blew me away.

The message to her father has opened his mind to her still being around and has helped him feel close to her again.

There was just so much detailed information in such a short period of time it’s incredible.  It’s difficult to put in to words how this has helped me and my family but be rest assured it has made a difference, not to our grief but maybe how we cope with it.

If anyone is in any doubt about going to see June,  be brave!  I bet you won’t look back. I can highly recommend a sitting with June.

Cathrine, Drumnadrochit

OCTOBER 2016 - DUNDEE, SCOTLAND - -Demonstration of Mediumship - FEEDBACK

This lady is wonderful. Some of the stories of the people who had passed were heartbreaking but, June dealt with these with empathy and love. It was very comforting I feel, for the people who got readings. Well done June, lovely sense of humour too. See you May 19th in the Whitehall Theatre x Angie Dodds

First time for me ! It was a great night with a few tears but also plenty laughter , will definitely be going back to see June X Val Carmichael

This lady is very special went last night as a none belever came out 100 percent in ore will be there in may. Thomas McGuinness

Thank you for your message from my daughter tonight it was a really good message so many things were so acurate tonight at invercase hotel 26th October and some comfort to Us. Carol Hunter

I had my son come through... was totally overwhelming... she was so accurate and was so gentle and good with her words.. will definitely go again... first time I had been since my son passed and was so nervous but was heartbreaking but so grateful he came through..💙💔💙❣️xxxxx Jean McGuinness

Had a fantastic night with June Field got a reading really spooked out... lol xxxx Cher Marie 

SEPTEMBER 2016 - GLASOW, SCOTLAND - Private Reading 

Hey June, I need to thank you so much for the reading you gave me last week in glasgow... you were spot on with EVERYTHING YOU SAID ! it was my best friend who passed that was with us and it was like you had been with us throw our 7 year friendship because the things that you told me only I knew !!  One thing I didn't understand was what I did a year ago that made him happy.... a few hours later it clicked - I had a tattoo of him done exactly this time last year!! .... you are such an amazing person and after 3 years, you have given me the closure I needed since I lost him... I cant say thank you enough !!  You blew me away and I will be making my next booking next week.....

Thanks again - Phil Abbott - Liverpool (Reading in Glasgow 23rd Sept. 2016)

SEPTEMBER 2016 - LONDON, UK - Private Reading

Good afternoon June,

I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful reading. You're a very gifted lady with a lovely, positive aura, and I felt completely at ease in your presence. I haven't come across anybody who could ever read me like you because I've always been deemed as an enigma. The reading was very insightful and you touched on many personal things that only my family know. My mother was very happy to hear that her partner is being well looked after on the other side by our relatives. You given her some closure, so thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you in the future and wish you all the best.

Love, and light always,
Marcus :)

Private Reading - London - 19th September 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016 - LONDON, UK - Private Reading

Dear June,

I am just writing to thank you for the great reading I had with you this morning.

You described my son so well I was gobsmacked and also the two people in the room who were actually my father in law and a family friend who both passed away suddenly.

Have a safe trip back in Scotland, looking forward to meeting you again next year.

Anastasia J


AUGUST 2016 - DUNDEE, Scotland - Private Reading

Had the most amazing reading yesterday from June, I lost my mum 6 weeks ago and June was able to tell me that she was settled and reunited with my brother and told me things that only I would know. Definately made me feel so much better knowing all was ok on the other side, would recommend June, she's amazing, X

Liz Shaw

AUGUST 2016 - Dundee, Scotland 

JULY 2016 - DUNDEE, Scotland - Private Reading

I saw June at a show in February and was mesmerised by the messages that some in the audience received so I decided to go for a private reading. I had my reading on Friday 8th July. I was really apprehensive but June put me at ease right away. Straight away June connected with my family members, some who I recognised and some who I did not. June connected with my cousin who died at only forty eight with breast cancer (this was the reason that I was wanting a private reading). June was very accurate and was able to describe her illness and much more relating to this. We were able to smile throughout the reading as June asked why my cousin was touching my hair-picking it up and looking at it, I explained the she was a hairdresser and used to cut and colour my hair, to which June replied that my cousin said that she could have done a better job (laughing out loud at this point). Lots more very accurate information from June who even described the pains that I had been having in my neck and shoulder which she said was stress – so true. Anyone who is looking for an accurate reading or proof their loved ones do live on, go and see June at one of her shows or a private reading. I haven’t stopped smiling. I could have spent the whole day chatting to June. I would not hesitate to go back to see her.

P.S later on in the day when I was replaying what June had said I did realise who else she had connected to.

Lynn Thain

DUNDEE, Scotland - Private Reading - July 2016

JULY 2016 - Sunday Post readers' letter 

Dear June

I read your column every week in the Sunday Post and I wanted to sincerely thank you as I have taken great comfort from your kind and supportive responses and messages to other bereaved people.

My own wee mum passed away on 23 October 2015 aged 86 after suffering from an infection in her heart. She was my wee chum and I have mourned her passing each and every day since. However, I have benefited greatly from your deep understanding of the emotions and heartache that we all go through at these sad times. I know I have helped my Dad and other family members by recounting many of your sensitively worded spiritual advice and support - which in turn has helped us all greatly.

Thank you so much and kindest regards

Fiona Pinkerton

July 2016

FRASERBURGH, Scotland - Demonstration Feedback - June 2016

Hi June,

Just a wee email to say I thought you were brilliant at the Fraserburgh audience last night. I didnt personally get a message but thought the ones who got theirs was fantastic & spot on. Look forward to seeing you again.


8th June 2016 - Fraserburgh, Scotland


Liverpool, UK - May 2016 - Demonstration Feedback


Fantastic show last night at Liverpool. I was thrilled that my son who passed in October 15 came through. June gave me great comfort telling me he was fine, and giving me personal information about him. Thankyou June x

Jude Craig - May 2016


Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie, Scotland - APRIL 2016 - Demonstration Feedback

What a fantastic night.  Validation was amazing.  Made my night as my bestie Susan Dock validation was spot on from you June.  You described Scooby, her African Grey Parrot, Rory the panther, Mac Mac and Lassie (aka Bear).  Fantastic night all round. X  I am knocked out with your validation June.. You made an auld woman very happy lol X 

Susan Dock & Dorothy Capuana - April 2016


Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie, Scotland - APRIL 2016 - Demonstration Feedback

Great show last night in Airdrie and couldn't believe it when my son came through first June with "Hold Me Close" (David Essex). Thank you. X X Love & Light.

Elaine Logan - April 2016


PRIVATE READING - April 2016 - Gardenstown, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

From the minute I sat down, June took my breath away with only things I would know, from the special relationship I had with my Granny & the things we used to do together. It has brought me great comfort to know she is still around me. If you're thinking of going to June for a reading please do. Thank you June x

Nicola - April 2016 - Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK



PRIVATE READING - March 2016 -  London, United Kingdom

Thank you June,

For my spiritual reading last week Saturday in London. Your warm caring approach made me take to you straight way.

I was totally blown away in how you connected with my late beloved father.

Telling me things about his funeral colours and the way I talk to him each night.

Most of all you told me where I had been that Saturday before I came to see you.
I was totally Amazed the tears from my eyes were flowing.  They where the tears of joy & sadness because I miss my father so much.

I will visit you again next year.

You are worth the wait!

Best wishes

Chel from London X

Michelle Williamson - March 2016 - London, UK


PRIVATE READING - March 2016 - London, United Kingdom

Dear June

Thank you so much for the amazing experience last night when you did a private reading for me. You blew my mind about how spot on you were with regards to my dad, my grandma and my friend who have all passed away but came through today. You have given myself and my family peace of mind and I cannot thank you enough. You are truly gifted and can change people's sorrow into a state of happiness. I left yesterday with a comforting feeling that my dad was truly there and will always be around me and my family. You said things that there is no way you could know if the messages had not come from him. I cannot recommend you highly enough and I have already spoken to several people who would like to meet you too. I feel so at peace and happy.. which I have not felt since my dad passed away last year. I wish you all the best and cannot thank you enough. We will keep in touch. Lots of love and gratitude.

Charlotte Raben -  March 2016 - London, UK.

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Testimonial for June Field weekend workshop Edinburgh.
What a complete joy to be a participant at this workshop. Not only did the group bond well and advance in their mediumship, but the skill with which June facilitated the event displayed her expertise in working with both spirit people and the humans in the room.  I have booked in advance for next year’s workshop with June and I already cannot wait.

A rare gift, a rare person and a wonderful bonded group of like-minded souls, total bliss.

Bless you June. Loretta Dunn.

27th & 28th February 2016 - EDINBURGH, Scotland

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

I was unsure about attending the above workshop as although I am intuitive and have a strong sense of prescience, I believed myself to have no mediumship skills.
I emailed June with my concerns and she phoned me straight back,  listened to what I had to say and guaranteed I would learn much about my abilities over the weekend.  And I did!
June guided us with knowledge, sensitivity and laughter.  I met some wonderful like minded people who were so giving and supportive with their encouragement.
Thank you June, I have learned a lot about being open to receive, not to doubt myself or the signs all around me and that everyone has a gift.

With many thanks, Sandra

27th & 28th February 2016 - EDINBURGH, Scotland

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear June

Thank you so much for a truly transformative weekend. I feel so different to when I arrived on Saturday morning - lighter, as though something inside me has cracked open and melted.

I appreciated your warmth, generosity and kindness more than I can say. I woke up yesterday and today feeling excited to have my "Key" and my meditations and a structure to take this amazing adventure forward.  I have also started the controlled grieving you suggested.  I felt able to get on with things better and looked forward all day to being with my soulmate at the agreed time.  It is indescribable to know that he's around and that he made contact with you, and that he was so present at the workshop.  The pain of missing him is now infused with a bubbling excitement at this new world of connection I've now discovered.

You are a delightful human being June and you worked with us with such grace, humour and skill.  I am still savouring the trust and connection that blossomed in our group, and I learned and did things I didn't know I could do.  And this is just the beginning.

Thank you again. I'll be back!

With love

Helen( 27/28 Feb Edinburgh)

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Having watched June's fantastic demonstration on the Friday evening in the beautiful Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, I was filled with excited anticipation for the weekend workshop that followed.  I was not disappointed!  June led an insightful workshop tailored to each individual's needs using humour, a highly professional manner and encouraging enthusiasm.

June works from the heart and is passionate about the amazing work she does.  I feel blessed and honoured to have spent some time learning from this beautiful soul.

Until our paths cross again, keep doing what you do beautifully well and know how special you are.

Loving blessings,

Kelly B

EDINBURGH - 27th & 28th February 2016

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

"June, I wanted to say what a wonderful wonderful time i had at your course in Edinburgh and what an inspirational teacher you are. You were so finely tuned to every one and gave all us aspiring mediums just the pressure we needed to go up a level from the stage we were at. You managed to create an environment where we all felt safe to try and make the connections. There was so much laughter and tears and the activities were fun and engaging. The energy in the room was palpable and I was thrilled with the progress I made. Thank you so much, Sally"

Sally Westerman

EDINBURGH - 27th & 28th February 2016

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland


I attended a demonstration of mediumship by June Field on Friday evening and then her weekend of workshops.
I did this in order to enhance my own skills after being unwell, so I may be a better medium and teacher.
June so deserves the title of Number 1 Medium in the World'
Her mediumship is accurate and her personality is fun and loving.
I had a great weekend getting back to being a student and learning with the best.
She encouraged, uplifted and also stretched us to reach our full potential.
It was lovely meeting so many like minded people and allowing our energies to blend. I will look back on this weekend as a high point in my life.
Thank you June Field you truly are a STAR!!

Ruth Gibson

EDINBURGH - 27th & 28th February 2016

Intensive Spiritual Workshop - weekend workshop - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

February 2016

"Thanks to June's exceptional abilities and inspiration, I can honestly say that my spiritual self has been truly born. June is an excellent, fun, no nonsense, workshop facilitator who offers clear, simple, effective advice and meaningful practical exercises. She is a true master at creating a supportive environment and in that space I experienced a setting down of strong foundations and an incredible flourish of spiritual growth and confidence. Amazing!"
Jude Craig

EDINBURGH - 27th & 28th February 2016


Private Reading - ABERDEEN, Scotland - February 2016

Hi June,

I had a private reading on Saturday 20th Feb in Aberdeen I was very nervous but after meeting you I felt much easier.   When you gave me my reading I was delighted to have it confirmed that my Dad was always with me, a feeling I had had since he passed over 8 years ago.   I left feeling very content and that night had the best night's sleep I have had in ages.

Thank you June it was a pleasure to meet you.  You are such a lovely lady with a wonderful gift.

Lots of good wishes



Christine Peacock - ABERDEEN - 20th February 2016

Private Reading - ABERDEEN, Scotland - February 2016

Hi June,

Myself and my mum would like to say a massive thank you for this evening. You have no idea just how much you have helped my mum. Having lost her mum last year she has gone into herself and felt that she never got the chance to ask certain questions and say how she felt. Tonight she left the hotel with a big smile on her face and feels more at ease now. We think you are just great and have a very kind and understanding way about you. You made her feel very relaxed and she opened up much more than I thought. We were just delighted with everything you said and you couldn\'t have been more accurate if you tried. Thank you so so much and I look forward to meeting you again. Xxx

Gemma Garvie & Mum

ABERDEEN - 20th February 2016

Feedback from Demonstration in Motherwell - 2015

Hi June

I saw you at Motherwell Concert Hall ..you came to me and advised to get my blood pressure checked..I did the next day and it was 200 and cholesterol was 8.9...I am taking this opportunity to Thank you very much for helping me get my health back on track..you are one special Lady..Thank you.

June McLaren - Hamilton, Scotland

Private Reading - DUNDEE, Scotland - February 2016

Hi June,

I am sitting on the train on my way back to Edinburgh with the girls. Just wanted to say a very big thanks for your reading this afternoon. I was very emotional hearing all you had to say and got a great comfort from knowing my mum is there and the advice she gave me has made me stronger and ready to deal with this next chapter.

I will return to work on Tuesday and Holly too and we will relay our stories to our curious friends. They would love it if you could come over to Belgium. Bear it in mind as I think they would be queuing up to meet you!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and thanks once again!

Pauline and Holly - DUNDEE, Scotland - 7th February 2016

TOYAH WILLCOX - Singer/Songwriter/Actress (Voice of Tellytubbies)

 June did a reading for Toyah Willcox in January 2015 at her home for My Weekly Magazine.

along with many other parts of Toyah's reading, June predicted a new successful project in March and the name Will was mentioned.  

"JUNE is correct about my stubbornness and also I am a fussy eater.
All my tension and nerves show in my stomach!
A week after seeing June, I received an e-mail from a writer/director who's surname begins with Will... asking to use my songs in a new London musical.
We start work on this in March and the show opens in the summer...this came totally out of the blue.
toyah willcox"


CELEBRITY READING - Natalie J Robb/Actress (Emmerdale)


When June started my reading I instantly felt at ease with her.
“She straight away picked up on things I was currently going through at the time and also people who were connected to me.
“I knew who the small golden dog was immediately – it was my grandmother’s little dog called Rascal!
“Afterwards I felt very uplifted and that can never be a bad thing for your soul.”

Nat Robb xx


Dear June
Just a short message to say what a great night we had at the Central Hotel last night you are a very gifted Lady who brings much Joy and Comfort to many people I follow your column every Sunday in the Sunday Post I was very fortunate to get a reply from you last year when I contacted you which brought me much needed peace.


Yours Sincerely

Anne Brown

DUNDEE - DECEMBER 2015 -Private Reading

I was very sceptical before the reading.  June made me feel welcome and at ease.  I was astonished that she knew things only me and my wife would have known.  I had the reading on my birthday and it was best present ever knowing my wife is still with me.  I could write lots more but will just say if you are like me, (like I was ) sceptical about this sort of thing,  my advice is to "give it a go."

Tim Morris

DUNDEE - Scotland - 20th December 2015

DUNDEE - DECEMBER 2015 - Private Reading

Hi June, it was lovely to meet you today. Thank you for helping me to feel a little comfort, knowing my son is ok and with his dad and gran. You have a great gift and I'm sure it will help many others to find comfort dealing with the loss of loved ones.
I hope to meet you again.
kind regards
Trish Winton.

DUNDEE, Scotland - 19th December 2015

GLASGOW - Grand Central - 8th December 2015 - Feedback from contact given at demonstration

I recently went to see June in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow. I would like to say congratulations on the success of their first show.

As the show started June mentioned she had a young man come through with a small white dog. I immediately knew it was for me as i desperately wanted to hear from my son who passed on 5th Jan 2014 aged 20 and my little westie had only just passed the previous week . June was amazing at telling me my sons name,exact age, precise position of one of his tattoos and most of all that he passed from Cancer. I was in shock a little and the more accurate information she passed on the more astounded myself and my daughter became. She mentioned his beaming smile and got his nature and personality down to a T.  She also told me my son had come for my dog Louie as he passed which confirmed what I  knew as I felt my sons presence at that time.
June has given me a special gift that has left myself and my Family with some peace that my son is happy and safe and waiting for us when our time comes.  For that I am eternally grateful.

I approached June afterwards and she was extremely friendly and after showing her a picture of my son she gave me a huge hug before I left.
Thank you for a very special night.
Love and light xx

Carole, GLASGOW - 11th December 2015


Jekaterina Sokolova


Good day Dear June . Very happy to write again.
How do u feel ? Hope Very good and positive.
I’m Katerina ( before used to live in Lithuania )At the moment we living in Cyprus . Our Little Vova is not any more little and he has made his first time steps in those couple days.   And this boy is very smart After 10 meningitis and 11 brain surgeries. 2 years earlier I was writing you that he was born 23 weeks 710 gr with rare candida sepsis and meningitis and that the chances was 0.   Your answer to us " Do not lose hope and give up but take him to other country, USA, UK" you were right 1000%.


Sending to u Big Hug from warm Cyprus.
God bless you.

Jakaterina Sokolova



Hi June,
When are you coming back to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia??

Love hearing what you’re up to.
You did a show in Gibsons about 5 years ago and connected with me in the audience.

It was one of those moments in time I’ll never forgot.

Truly incredible.!!

Please come back soon!

Lori Wishaw

Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, VANCOUVER

DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

Great show, can't believe how spot on June was.  I also felt very comfortable in her company.  She sounded just like my friend from Dundee. I didn't get a reading, however, there is always next time.  Love & light

Linda Hendersin Wray - Leeds, UK.

DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

Very emotional night when right at the end my dad came through, thank you for the cuddle and sorry for the tears. First time to anything like this, so very emotional for me, my mum and my daughter. Thank you xx

Tracey Simpson - Leeds, UK

DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

Thank you so much June, you gave my daughter and myself great comfort with out special message through you!  Bless you xx

Elaine Avison - Leeds, UK


DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

Got a lovely message and it means so much to hear from loved ones in spirit.   You are a very gifted lady xxx

Julie Penfold - Leeds, U.K. 


DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

Hi June, just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for bringing my Grandma through for me.  It confirms what I already knew, all our loved ones are looking down on us.  You have a truly amazing gift. Jenny 😘

Jenny Craven - Leeds, UK


DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

I just want to thank you once again X last night you gave my daughter so much hope and you gave her back the light that she lost when her dad passed...her brothers were equally happy when she told them that you had brought her dad and grandad to us.xx thank you so very much xxx😘❤️

Trisha Bickerdyke - Leeds, U.K.


DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

I went to see June Field tonight at the Marriott hotel in leeds. All I can say is WOW,June is such a gifted woman. And I got a reading which was amazing cause that just never happens. June brought my Grandma through & the things she said to me were spot on. No one knows these things about me. I would definitely go to see June again. She's the best. Thanks June xxxxx

Jenny Craven - Leeds, UK


DEMONSTRATION - Leeds, UK - October 2015

Saw June last night in Leeds, she was outstanding her readings were given with such accuracy from the other side that it was moving to watch everyone receive them.
Such a beautiful gift June has that she shares with the world.

Clare Pizzey - Leeds, U.K.


Private Reading - LEEDS, UK - October 2015

Hi June

I just wanted to thank you for this morning's reading. I can't put into words how much I needed to hear some of the things you said. You have an amazing gift and are very peaceful to be around. Thank you again.

Joanne Cliff



Demonstration of Mediumship - INVERNESS, Scotland  - October 2015

I went along with family to a demonstration of mediumship by June Field in Inverness on 1st October 2015 at The Craigmonie Hotel.

Amazing night!

We did'nt know what to expect as had been to a few of these "medium nights" but I have to say this was one of the best.  

June Field is fantastic!

Instantly she had everybodys full attention.

With the stuff she was saying to people you could tell by their faces they were stunned...then she looked at my family and described someone who had passed over perfectly, she then started singing "I want to be Bobby's Girl" and the person who passed away was actually called Bobby and this song was played at his funeral!    No way could June Field have known this!

She was actually also very witty and you are at an instant ease with her!
Cant wait until she comes back to this area.
I would recommend her over any other medium I have been to see.

I went to see Paula O'Brien and paid nearly £100 to get a private reading and she told me I wouldn't be having any more children.
I found out the next day I was already pregnant and Amelia was born 6 months later!!  ðŸ˜‚

Inverness, Scotland - October 2015

Demonstration of Mediumship - 1st October 2015 - Inverness, Scotland

Where do I begin the night was brilliant from beginning to the end.  As soon as June started talking to the audience she had to jump straight to us as my nana was the first to come through and it was unbelievable about how accurate June was.  I lost my nana last christmas and a day after the funeral my brother unexpectedly passed away, amazingly he was the next to come through which was fantastic!   The first thing June told me was exactly what my brother had previously said to me! It was wonderful to know that they are always with us and huge thank you to June for passing on their messages.  

Keep up the good work June you are incredible lady.

Laura  Bisset - Inverness

October 2015

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Private Reading - DUNDEE, Scotland

Cheryl and Mum-September 2015
My mum and I had a wonderful experience whilst having a joint reading from June. She instantly relaxes and reassures you simply from being in her presence, and her warmth and genuine caring nature leave your own spirits lifted.
Our reading was very accurate and June recounted information that only close family and friends would know. For example the exact name of the last hymn that was played at my Grandmother's funeral. The character description that June gave of my grandparents was also very accurate. She even identified the exact colouring and breed of their dog! If you feel that you would like to seek some spiritual guidance in your life then June is definitely for you, and I would highly recommend you arrange a reading.

claire & mum

September 2015 - Dundee, Scotland


Hi June,

I hope you're well.

After my reading with you on 21st August in London, you predicted that I will be moving jobs, though it will be under the same umbrella (civil service) , this week, I have been offered a promotion within another government dept , and I start the new job on Monday. It is a higher position with lots of prospects.

I would like to thank you for your accurate reading. I just hope that I don't get the same problems in my new job as did in my current position.

God bless you.

Jay Mehta

Sent September 2015 - London, UK



hi June, it\'s cGraham, former reporter with the campbeltown courier now a window cleaner.  You told me earlier this year that I would be out of my comfort zone and that it would be September or october before I would have the business in the shape I wanted.   You were indeed right!   Thought you would like to know you were bang on the money.   job feels right, regardless off how physically challenging it has been.  Hope all good with you. 

Graham Crawford - sent September 2015 - Campbletown, Scotland


SEPTEMBER 2015 - Private Reading - DUNDEE, Scotland

Dear June

I wanted to write and say a huge thank you for the reading you gave me on Sunday 13th Sept at your home in Dundee.
I had never done anything like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't exactly a sceptic because I had been aware of signs over the years from people close to me who have passed, so I came with an open mind.
The whole experience was amazing and wonderful, and I feel I can't thank you enough. Although I didn't say anything to you, I was hoping to make contact with my lovely son who passed away 5 years ago, aged only 22. He was profoundly disabled and had a lot of health problems in his life, but you were able to reassure me that now he is standing tall and will be waiting for me when it's my turn to pass. I was shocked (in a good way!) and amazed how details of my son's physical characteristics and posture came through you - it was just as if he was there in the room talking to me. That was particularly touching because my son wasn't able to speak in this life, and you felt your voice getting very weak.
It was also great to have contact with another 2 family members who wanted to speak to me. One of them was my mother who also passed away 5 years ago. She still has the same strong personality that I remember so well!

I'm feeling much more peaceful and reassured now. You have a great gift and you are so generous with the help you can offer people. I feel sure that I will come and see you again sometime.

Much love and best wishes for your forthcoming tour, Morag

Morag Steven



This past February I reached out to June after diligently researching worlds best psychic/mediums. June's name popped up several times, and after reviewing her website and reading countless testimonials I was convinced that she was the person that I should seek for guidance.I was told that it would take 8 weeks for my reading, and I struggled with that due to my impatient quality. For whatever reason I never pursued the reading. Maybe it was a blessing that I waited, because if I fast forward I reached out to her again in July and this time I promised myself to be patient. I received my reading today and was astonished with June's accuracy. Although, I have never spoken to her by phone I felt a strong connection with her. She truly cares about her clients and have to say it touched me reading her email today. I will likely struggle with my situation, but knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel makes my situation a little easier. I want to thank you for sharing your gift with me and making me smile again. You are a very special person and you are deserving of all the recognition you receive.

Thank you!

Jon S

September 2015

September 2015 - NAIRN, Scotland, UK

Having seen your work many times. I would just like to say how accurate you were again and in such detail.  Also,  it is so emotional watching people\'s reactions as you bring their loved ones through.  This time my two friends were with me.  One of whom hadn\'t seen you work before.  We all saw something ,but didn\'t mention it to each other until after the show.  We all saw your features change, even your hair, and when we asked you about it you said that this can happen.  Your tireless dedication to this work is incredible, long may you continue to bring peace and comfort to so many.  Thank you so much.x


September 2015

Shona & Mum - AUGUST 2015 - DUNDEE, Scotland

I booked a reading with June for my mum and I as I hoped it would help my mum to continue to come to terms with the loss of my dad. We were not disappointed. On meeting June we were immediately put at ease by her amiable personality. June knew nothing about us however what she was able to tell us was so accurate. Some of the things that June was able to share were things that only we could have known, not just about dad but also about my mums older sister who had passed suddenly a few years before dad. June even confirmed with mum what she had done just before we left to drive to meet her, and as mum lives alone this was something only she would know.

June believes in telling you as it is but does so in such a friendly and positive way.  She has a gift that she shares in the most caring way.  I would like to thank her for the comfort she has given both myself and my mum, and I can already see the difference in mum. Thank you so much for a great reading.

Thanks, Shona

Reading AUGUST 2015 - LONDON

I booked my appointment with June Field back in May. I read about June on the Internet and it said that June was the best psychic in the world so without hesitation I booked a meeting with her for August 21st 2015.
June has a very spiritual comforting personality and on meeting her for the first time it was as if I had known her for years.
Immediately, she knew who I was as she approached me at the waiting area and with a radiant smile she greeted me with ' hi Jay' and shook my hand for a long time and I felt warm healing qualities from her.
During the reading it was amazing.
June was very much in control with her visions and the information she was giving me.
There were so many things June got right, but here are some of them which left me so shocked.
- Your dad is in the spirit world and he passed due to sudden heart failure - correct, spot on dad died in hospital after major heart surgery that he didn't recover from.
- your mum has jitters or shakes - yes she suffers from Parkinson's disease and one of the effects is shaking from one side to the other.
- your wife has stomach problem and the doctors initially gave the wrong diagnosis - yes my wife suffers from a bowel syndrome and initially the doctors said it was something else and later it was correctly diagnosed and confirmed that it was IBS.
- your children are close and your daughter is very stubborn yet decisive and confident yet your son is more reserved, shy and home bound - correct, spot on, I have twins, they are very close. My daughter is so confident, knows what she wants and loves to go places, where my son is happy to stay home, shy .
- your work stress will improve, I see change coming soon but you will go at a tangent but remain under the same umbrella of work - yes, I have applied for a promotion, within the same company, I am going through lots of issues with colleagues and am very confident changes are coming...
I have been to several ' so called' psychics who have given me so much false information but with June it was a breath of fresh air and some real truth and information which she could never have known.
I will be visiting June Field again and would definitely recommend her to everyone.
Now I know why June is the number one psychic in the world....
What an experience !!



Hi June can I take this opportunity to say thank you once again for making me a very happy lady in fact two happy ladies.
Just having my dad beside me my heart is so calm and smiling tonight and I know that Heather feels the same she said " that feeling in my gut is away" and that has never left her since she lost Iain.
Hope you had a safe Journey home you take care mum said thank you for your kind wishes
Sending you hugs
Kim XX

Kim Archibald 


Edinburgh, Scotland - JULY 2015


It was lovely to meet you and you brought us immense comfort. Knowing that there definitely is a place you go when you pass has helped us no end. So Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I will book in with you again x

My sister and I went to see June, following the death of our dear dad. We had never been to a medium before so didn't know what to expect. However from first meeting June and throughout the reading we were not disappointed. June is a lovely, warm and talented lady. She told us things about ourselves and our family (especially my dad) that she couldn't possibly have known. One example was a recent shared photo that we all have in our homes which only we knew about. She provided us with some much needed comfort at a very sad time in our lives. We would recommend June to anyone seeking to make contact with the 'other side.' She has a wonderful gift and shares this with others in a professional but caring way.

Deb and Liz Ions by - Newcastle - July 2015


Subject: Sunday Post Reading - 5 July 2015

Dear June,

Thank you so much for including us in your Sunday Post readings. I feel so privileged that you had the time to read and reply to my email, considering the amount of people that must write to you everyday.

The reading came at a very special time for me as my Husband & I have just celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary in June. Also, I will be celebrating my 60th Birthday in a couple of days.

We are a large family of 7 children and we all keep in touch. It is lovely to know that our parents are together once again and to know that they are watching over us. 

I constantly talk to Mam & Dad everyday.

Once again – Thank you so much.

Kind regards
Isobel (Issy)

July 2015

I first met June for a reading in 2008. I had come out of a 15 year marriage and my reading with June was amazing. My beloved Gran came through and the evidence June gave was 100% accurate. She described the problems I had experienced in my marriage and the exact nature & character of my ex.

One thing I will never forget was when she described a piper, in red & black kilt with bagpipes and an embroidered hankie with blue flowers all linked to a wedding. At the time I could not verify this as I had not had a piper at my wedding and had not been to any wedding with a piper, June said to have a think about it. When I returned home, I was clearing out a drawer in my kitchen when I was moving out. At the back of this drawer was a magnet of a piper, exactly as June described and it was wrapped in an embroidered hankie with blue flowers that my Gran had embroidered herself and had given me for my wedding. I was amazed and still have no idea why the hankie was in my kitchen drawer, 15 years after my wedding, or how it came to be wrapped around the piper magnet!

I met someone new in 2009 but he tragically passed away from a massive heart attack just six months after we got together. I was with him when he passed and I was beyond devastated. Some months later I was getting ready to leave my house for a reading with June, I wanted to take something of my partner’s with me. I looked through a small photograph album and picked out four photos, I then put two back and took the other two. I also took his watch. I arrived at June’s but I left the items in my bag and left my bag in the other room, without telling June I had brought them. My reading was completely amazing and accurate beyond belief, but one of the stand out moments was when my partner came through, June told me he had been standing behind me at home and she described exactly what I had done with the photos and also described his watch perfectly.

After these two major life events, a divorce and bereavement I had told June I was destined and resigned to being alone. In December 2012 June told me I would not be alone, and that the number six would be significant! It would also be someone I already knew. I was adamant this could not the case! I should have known better!

Out of the blue, on 2nd June 2013 I went on a date with someone I knew from work, there was the number six the month of June and someone I already knew! June was spot on, as always!

She also told me I would be engaged and married, again I insisted that couldn’t be right as I refused to ever get married again .I got engaged on 14th January 2014 and we married on 14th May 2015!!!

I have had several readings from June over the years, and this is just a small selection of the accurate, exact evidence she has given me. June is an amazingly special person with a gift that has given me more comfort and peace than I can say. I am now very lucky to be able to call her my friend.

From (MRS!!) Carol Alexander
GLASGOW, Scotland.
June 2015
I had the pleasure of meeting Varun Gandhi (Member of Indian Parliament – grandson of the late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated) when he travelled in January 2015 from India to my home in Dundee, Scotland for a reading.
I have just received this lovely signed book of his poetry which has recently been published as a token of thanks.
Reading – DUNDEE, Scotland
January 2015
The First time I met June she was warm, caring, down to earth, very honest, funny and made me feel at ease. She goes straight to the root of the problem! She Predicated big changes were going to happen at work that are unfolding at the moment and my sister has just told me she is pregnant all predicated!
I would like to say a big thank you to June, I know you are going to be a life long friend. I am really looking forward to seeing you in August! Thank you from the bottom of my heart as you are the queen of psychics! you always amaze me!
Love P – From Hertfordshire
LONDON READING – 2014/2015
Hi June,

I’m Ana the Puertorican woman who visited you for a private reading in October. Probably you will not remember me but still I wanted to email you to let you know that the situation with my partner’s wee son is getting a lot better.
The part about court hearings regarding contact and residence started to be on my partners favor and things are getting better and better and the most amazing thing is that everything started to change exactly at the time as you said it would change (late spring).

Also my life has change a lot, since I had my reading. I have started a spiritual journey, beautiful things are happening since then. I guess the entire situation woke up a spiritual side of me that I kept buried for many years mostly for my scientific background and utter ignorance but its been amazing.
I give thanks to the universe and to my spiritual guardians who showed me you were the person I needed to meet and hear.

You are amazing!

Thanks a lot June for your wisdom.

Many blessings for you and your family,

Received May 2015
Hello June-
I just wanted to thank you again for the meeting with you this morning. What a wonderful gift to have that time with my dad and receive his message from you. Words cannot express what that meant to me and how much I needed to know he was ok. He may be gone in the physical sense but to know he is still with me brings me so much comfort. Thank you again and I look forward to our next time together.
Enjoy your time in the sunny California weather!
Gina Bernardo
California, USA
May 2015
Dear June I met with you almost three years ago having made an appointment Through a mutual friend Gwen. The information you gave was not only very accurate but some advice to watch out for someone I i trusted potentially doing the dirty on me later turned out to be very helpful.
I would like to take this time to thank you for the reading you gave me back then.
Kind regards Lynne
Posted April 2015
Whilst demonstrating at Inverness Spiritual Church in Scotland for charity I looked down at the feet of a couple seated in the front and saw a lamb from the spirit side of life with a pink jersey on.
I relayed what I saw to them and said it had to have been a pet as it was sitting quite relaxed at their feet.
They told me it was a lamb that was rejected from its mother at birth and so they hand reared it and put a baby’s pink jersey on it to keep it warm.. I have never given evidence of a lamb before Many animals but not a lamb.
They sent me a picture of it the next day. So here is what I saw. June Field
Norman & Anne Jamieson (they sent me the picture of their lamb)
Inverness Spiritual Church, Scotland
30th March 2015

Dearest June, Thank you so much for a wonderful evening last night at Motherwell Concert Hall (27/03/15). I came with my mum and was hoping to hear from my beloved dad who passed away a few weeks ago. Although he didn’t come through on this occasion, I have no doubt he is around us and will hopefully be in contact (hopefully through yourself) in the future. Just to remind you, I was the final person you came to The one with the handcuff tattoo haha. You confirmed my health issues and told me to see my doctor to reduce my medication, which I will be doing in the following week. You brought me great comfort by telling me to stop worrying about my son who is separated from the family as my ‘3 cackling witches’ were taking care of it and our family will be reunited. It is a HUGE weight off my mind. We really hope we get the chance to see you again soon as it was an experience we won’t soon forget. You are such a lovely, caring woman and the comfort you bring to people cannot be measured in words. Sending much love to you and your family and please please come back to Motherwell soon. I was unable to speak to you at the end of the show as I had to get home to my little ones. I would love the chance to speak to you next time and show you the much talked about tattoo. Best wishes, Anne-Marie and mum (Agnes) xxx
Motherwell Theatre
March 2015

Dear June,
Thank you again for the accurate reading you gave me I when I met with you in Aberdeen last week.
The message from my brother has brought my family and myself much comfort and reassurance.
You truly have an exceptional gift.
Best Wishes,
ABERDEEN, Scotland
MARCH 2015

Dear June, I would just like to say thank-you to you for replying to my e–mail,
it brings me great comfort to know my beloved husband and doggie are together
again, as am sure your messages to others bring comfort as well. You are blessed with a wonderful gift, and I thank-you once again.
Nancy Hughson
Sunday Post reply – March 2015
Hi June,
I want to thank you so much for the time you spent with me yesterday. You were so accurate and have made me feel so much calmer and happier about things. I feel at last I can move on as I feel sure my mum is at peace and still with me. It’s not until afterwards that some of the things you told me that I couldn’t place have seemed to make sense now. The violet colour you spoke off ..on my kitchen window sill is a tub of violet coloured flowers that I bought at the same time as the yellow flowers for the grave. The gentleman who came into the room at the end who was reserved and not my dad,I feel it may have been my brother in law Arthur who passed a year ago. He was very close to us all especially my mum. He was quite reserved and a gentleman. Wonder if it was him? The prediction about the company my son will work for was amazing as a chemical company of that name exists in Texas!!!I will update you on that as it may take a while as he has a 5 year Phd to do in Texas first. Once again,thank you so much, you are wonderful.
Kind Regards Anne
Anne Benzie
MARCH 2014 – Aberdeen,Scotland

Hello my name is Lynda McRae and my sister is June Field whom I have always been so very very proud of . But you see, her physic ability had never been able to help me that much as we were too close.
She has helped thousands of people after their loved ones have passed
but on 25th January 2015 I lost my son Allan.
We were so very close.
Of course I called my sister, she was one of the first I called.
I had to go back to his flat to pick up clothes for his funeral and he was talking to her at the same time even though he died the day before
The police intimidated that he had died by falling and banging his head but he told her no, it was an internal bleed and for me to look for his cell phone and to remember the number 17.
He also told her he didn’t like the shirt I bought for him earlier to go with his suit a few years ago and told June ” I told you I don’t like the shirt don’t use it please.”
When I got back to the hotel after that horrendous entry to his apartment, I plugged his cell in and waited until it charged When It came alive it showed clearly on the front 17 messages most of them desperately from me his mum.
The coroner also later that day confirmed he did not have a fall but had died of intestinal bleeding.
Then later in the viewing of my boy I put a Yellow flower in his hands and folded up my hair in his pocket.
She called me again after that to tell me I had done that
You see my sister June is in Scotland and we are in Canada so she could not make it as it happened to suddenly.
Then I called her again the day before I left and was packing my case ( I had asked for some of my lovely boys hair ) and they had given it to me in a wee bag.. I had put it in the corner of my suitcase.
She told me Allan said my hair is in your suitcase and its under your bra!
When I opened my case it was directly under one of my bras.
I could not have gotten through this past week without the gift my sister had been given and she continues to support me and we talk or FaceTime every day.
There is a huge hole in my heart with my son not being here on this earth plane but thanks to her I know without any benefit of a doubt my son is with me and always will be.
There has also been many other signs positive to help me He wants to make sure I am okay and take care of me like he did
I love him so very very much and my sister for being there for me.
She told me his love was so strong that he was going to get through at all costs to let his mum know he was alright.. And he did..
I told him we are lucky Aunty June is there to help us.

Lynda McRae (June Field’s sister)
1st February 2015

Picture of Lynda and Allan together at Christmas.

Dear June,

I am writing from the sunshine coast BC. You did readings for me and my family on a couple of occasions.
I was just giving your name to a friend who would like to do a phone reading and upon google searching you
notice an event cancelled due to ill health. I just wanted to write and say I hope you are doing ok and that
it is nothing serious. Prayers to a speedy recovery whatever it is!.
Your reading meant so much to my mother in particular and each of us individually, the work you do is
amazing you are like a bridge to the other side.
All the best.

Lesleigh Farr
Vancouver,Sunshine Coast, BC.

I just wrote to thank you for an amazing session that day. I was amazed at how you didn’t ask me anything and described my brother exactly how he was, to me. It was hard to lose him, he was only 25 when he passed away suddenly in October last year and I was in a complete state of shock and depression. It gave me so much peace of mind to know that he was always watching over me, and that he wasn’t ‘dead’ but had just crossed over to the other side. Another thing that I was grateful for was that he wasn’t alone there, that our mother’s parents were with him and looking after him, even though they had passed away before my brother and I were born. It was so healing to meet you that day. You’re a lovely and warm and friendly person, and I’m so glad I came all the way to visit you from India. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the death of my brother, but I’m not depressed anymore because I know he’s okay. I came home and told my mother about my meeting with you and she was happy to know that he’s okay, too. Thank you for everything. I just met you for half an hour but it completely healed me.
Ishita Yadav
JANUARY 2015 (reading in Dundee, Scotland)

Dear June,

I had photograph email reading, which I received last night.

Firstly I’d like to say you’re a wonderful and caring lady!

The reading has left me astonished, the way you described me, and how you knew I wanted to do nursing when I was younger, also mentioned angel ornaments in my home, and I do have them hanging on door handles. She mentioned my child who has ASD, Also pain in right foot which I have had for sometime, spirt world I believe my dad came through with other family members, which gave me a lot of comfort and reassurance. Family in spirit world who had cancerous condition, and a large dog in spirit, that’s unbelievable how June knew.
June knew things that she couldn’t have known about me, and I have never met June in person. Everything was on point, and she has also given me hopes and guidance for the future as I was feeling very low.

Once again thank you June for the email reading, I’m looking forward to the future and predictions you have given me. Feel as though a burden has been lifted!

Will be in touch again without doubt, for future readings!

With love
Nina xx
London Readings Deposit
Dear June,

The other day I’ve got a reading from you and I read it so excitedly.
It was very astonishing result for me. It matches nearly 100%. In fact I am really anaemic! How can you realize such my health conditions? It was really amazing thing for me.

But first of all I would like to express my gratitude. Your reading makes me very hopeful, positive and cheer me up. Your text was written by very kind, simply and honestly. Your message was really encouraged to me.

First, though I take my lead from Japanese TV show, that time I saw you, I was very pleased to your bright character. So I was very impressed when I got your e-mail from you because you are very busy person.

Thank you so much again and I’ll do my best believe in your advice.

With best regards,

Japan Readings
Dear June,

I just want to send a note to express my thanks to your accurate reading for me.

It was through a very popular Japanese TV show late last year that I got to know your amazing ability. In the program, you read the personalities of
each of the on-screen talent by just looking at their photographs for the first time and my wife and I were very amazed with the accuracy of your
readings of those. For example, you pinpointed some medical problem with the bronchi of a comedian which he later in the program confessed that
he an asthmatic.

Then I found your contact information through your website and got in touch with you in return of which you kindly sent me a return mail promptly
and offered an email reading for me. In your reading through a piece of my photo, I am now fully convinced that your ability of reading is beyond
my surprise and so real and authentic as you described my personality, what lies around myself regarding my career and what I am thinking about
those very precisely. Even you read my business correctly.

I am very excited that I will witness my future which you have predicted through your reading and I will keep you posted on the status.

Many thanks again for giving me a light on my future, June

With best regards,


Japan Readings

Hello June,

Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas day.

On behalf of us both, I just wanted to say thank you !! Having never experienced a one to one reading before we really didn’t know what to expect and the biggest point in my mind was I wanted contact with my father. I didn’t want to say anything initially about my father as alongside that we have had ( as you were able to see) a traumatic time of it with the farm not knowing whether we were going to survive or not through the break up of the original partnership. Times have been difficult and we aren’t finished yet, one step forward and two steps back but we will keep in mind what you said. Although information on Dad didn’t come through until the end, it has made me feel very calm and has helped me in many ways. Rob and I have gone over and over the reading and can now put almost everything in place which is amazing. At the time you cannot think or remember but indeed we can pinpoint the majority of points you made, so a huge, huge thank you !!
Karen & Bob
Dundee, December 2014

Dear June,

I would like to thank you for yesterday.
My problem may seem ‘little’ or insignificant in comparison to others that you are dealing with , but you cannot imagine how Much you have helped me. When I have left you I felt much lighter , in a sense as if a big weight was gone off my shoulders.
For myself I have already taken that decision but I recon somewhere deep inside I was afraid to miss out or to reject my destiny Your truly unique gift has brought some clarity into the turmoil of my heart matters.
Thank you once again,
LONDON, December 2014
Dear June

Thank you so much for replying to my e-mail. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the paper yesterday. It has given me and my sisters so much comfort to know dad was there for her.
Do you do private readings June. Would so much like to hear more from You.
Keep up the good work.
Denise Walsh
Feedback from my reply to Sunday Post letter published 8th December 2014
Dear June,
It was wonderful to meet you and thank you so much for the reading. I found it both intriguing and moving and can’t wait to see how your predictions develop over the next few months.
I’m delighted to hear you’re working on a book about your career and experiences. I’ll definitely be first in the queue to read it!
Very best wishes,
Shari Low
Author & Columnist – The Daily Record
December 2015
Your Name: – Carolann Harte
Your Phone Number
Your Email –  
Your City – Dundee
Email Subject – My reading
Your Message – Hi June, thanks for the wonderful reading yesterday afternoon, I am so thankful to you that I now know my mum is now happy and settled and is also with my dad. Everything you told me was spot on. Tomorrow is my mums birthday, so I will be able to raise a glass to her knowing she is now at peace and back to the person she once was. And you also told me my dog is with my mum also, which brings me great comfort, as he was like my other baby. I slept through last night for the first time in I don’t know when, knowing my mum and dad are together once again and are at peace, so thank you from myself and my two brothers. I will be back in the future for another reading and I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks again June. Carolann xxx
Your Name – Tina
Your Phone Number
Your Email – 
Your City – Nairn
Email Subject – Private reading
Your Message – Just wanted to thank you for the private reading it really helped lift us in difficult times. You told us we would be moving and settled before Christmas 2014 and weve been told we can get the keys to a new home on the 28th November. You said there was metal fencing around the property and its a beige/white building, you were right on everything. I had a private reading with you before and you knew lots of personal things no one else could know. You really put people at ease and are so lovely. Looking forward to your next show. Thanks so much Tina xx


Dear June

Both my sister & I laughed & cried on the way home sharing what you had told us & the comfort it gave us to know mum is with her family & in no more pain & at peace.

everything you said about mum was 100% correct & about me being stuck in a rut, I will try to take your advice on moving forward .

Will see you again one day, until then thank you so much

Lisa Roy

Your Name – Craig
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – craig-
Your City – Perth
Email Subject – reading
Your Message: – hi June, wow, this was my first ever reading I was a bit of a sceptic at the start and wasn’t sure what to expect, I just wanted to say thank you so much you have made my life a bit more settled and all of the things you said were spot on, I hope my future is also spot on which I hope is as good as everything else you said. Thanks again for everything you have an amazing talent, I will see you in a year
October 2014
Your Name – Kim Archibald
Your Phone Number –
Your Email –  
Your City – Edinburgh
Email Subject – Testimonial
Your Message – My mother and myself had a private Reading, with June at her lovely home on Sunday. As I have been fortunate to meet June before, I knew what I was going into, mum did not!!! But believe me when I say as per the last reading June blew my mind, my dad was there, in fact he was there too early (before June Had had time to wash her hair!!)but that was my dad always checking things out and never ever was late. The things that June told me and my mum only we knew and my dad. I always leave feeling calm and so loved, knowing my dad is with me and protecting me. My mum she felt at ease and very relaxed with June, and came away knowing that the man that was her life, her soul mate, had not left her and that he is with her at all times. So again June a big thank you for making two people feel contented and not lonely. Kim XX
September 2014
DUNDEE, Scotland

Hi June,

I hope you are well, Wilma Forbes and I came to see in May from Yorkshire.

You were correct that I’m carrying a boy, Bruce proposes this weekend.

We have got more rooms sorted and my mums will is now sorted.

Thanks for being right xxx  

Kind regards

Adele Kelly
September 2014
I took my mum to see June after losing my brother suddenly in November, we desperately missed my brother and after seeing June we left with a lot of comfort. We were god-smacked with the evidence June gave us, she truly is gifted, on the way to the reading I asked my brother to come through for mum, one of the first things June said to me was that he’d heard me ask him. Everything June said was accurate. I didn’t know what to expect in the reading and went in very nervous but June made us feel very at ease and I felt like I’d known her along time. Thank you so much June.
8th September 2014

Hi June

Thank you for a wonderful, emotional yet factually accurate, sense-making reading. Bringing through my father on the day of his death anniversary was the best thing anyone could have done for me. For that alone I’m super grateful. Also, a big thank you for your guidance and insights on my life to come. It was all very relate-able and made me feel more at ease as well as driven to use all my “horses” to head into my spiritual direction. Lovely meeting you.


On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Tanuj Narula .tanuj@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 18:54
Subject: Your wonderful lady June Field

Hello Donald,

I just have to send you this E- Mail.

I had a reading with June on 21/07/14 and she is one AMAZING lady. I lost my husband last July and I am struggling with my grief. I sent a letter to June at The Sunday Post as I read her column every week and take great comfort from it. Within 15 minutes June has rung me telling me that she has to see me. I was in a state of shock, but even just speaking with her there was a sense of calmness in it.

Everything that June told me was so accurate and reassuring and I now feel as if I can begin to move on, all thanks to June.

Never ever let this lady go, she is such a star.

Kind regards

Anne Nicoll
July 2014

Your Name: – Mary Doyle
Your Phone Number: – 
Your Email – 
Your City – 
Email Subject – Private Reading Thank You
Your Message: – Hi June Just a wee note to thank you for seeing me last Sunday (10th August). I was not sure what to expect, but you were lovely, and I went away with a tear in my eye, but a smile in my heart. Thank you again.
August 2014

Dear June

Just a short e-mail – I came to see you in February this year – had a reading at the Hotel you was staying at.

Are you due to come to London before the year ends – if so I would love to book an appointment with you for a reading
as you was so accurate And have been trying for a while now to e-mail you and have not got round to it.

Will look on you web page too to see when you are next available in London as well.

God Bless

Many thanks

Zarina Dubrey
August 2014

Your Name: – Tracey Craig
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – 
Your City – Glasgow
Email Subject – Reading on the 21st June
Your Message: – Dear June, thank you for your time and patience last june ,when we had our meeting as I was very unsure about attending ,as I had booked the meeting for my dad but he just couldn’t face it and it was all his idea to attend .anyway I do feel I was meant to meet you as I myself had hit rock bottom but since our meeting you turned me around and gave me a sense of hope and comfort getting through the day is still a huge struggle for myself and my family and you gave me a little bit of peace in this hell that we are going through so thank you once again Tracey
June 2014

Hi June,

I hope you are well . Not working too hard.

Well I got through Monday and Tuesday of last week – not easy but we got there. (Bill’s first anniversary)

I am hoping that I can now turn a corner and start to look forward. I have listened to the CD quite a few times and I find it quite inspirational.

I am so pleased I sent my letter to you when I did. I bought The Sunday Post yesterday, had a cry and also a little chuckle to myself, as I have read your column before I always feel for these people who get comfort from you, now I know what it feels like.

Thank you again June, you are one hell of a lady !!!!!! ( I mean that with much love)

My season is just beginning to get a bit more manageable so we will get that cup of tea hopefully around September time – but we will.

Take care until I see you again

Kind regards

Anne xx
5th August 2014

From: Tony Kelly 
Sent: 27 July 2014 23:34
To: June Field
Subject: My reading

Dear June, thank you so very much for the reading you gave. You were right on everything and my late father never talked about his time in the war and I was too young to realise. But I must tell you this and this happened at my dad’s funeral . The vicar had gone to talk to my mum to ask about my dad and it turned out that for six months before my dad was due home for good my mother had been teaching to say “hello daddy”for when he came through the door but the first man through the door was the taxi driver and according to my mother I ran up to the taxi driver shouting hello daddy! I don’t know who was the most upset my father or the taxi driver. I knew nothing of this and it was never mentioned until the funeral. Once again June thank you so much, I now have closure and can forgive him. Thank You.
God Bless You June
27/07/14 – Sunday Post Newspaper feedback.

Your Name: – Ann Wren
Your Phone Number:
Your Email – 
Your City – Elgin
Email Subject – Testimonial
Your Message: – Hi June, I want to thank you for my reading yesterday (26 July) it was absolutely amazing. I have always thought and hoped that there was a spirit world but at the same time I was very sceptical, if that makes sense. You are an amazing lady and what you was able to pass on to me was so accurate and proved what I was hoping for which gave me a great deal of peace within my heart. I have listened to my CD again and you cannot imagine how much comfort I have gained from the information you passed on to me. I will come and see you again and I plan to be with you in March in Nairn. Thank you again, you are very special. Ann

Form Displayed on Page: junefieldmedium.com

Hi June,

I hope you are well today.

I have written you some words but I truly feel that words are not enough.

Thank you for giving up your precious time to give me a reading on 21/07/14.
When I sent off my e-mail initially to you at The Sunday Post I had no idea that within 15 minutes I would be answering the telephone to you.
I lost my husband last July and yes I am struggling with my grief, every day is a trial.
Your gift is so astonishing and so accurate, even down to the Black and White Cat!!
I feel so much more contented after being with you. I also felt a great connection with you.
I have listened to the CD that you gave me. It is just amazing.
I feel after having been with you June you have given me confidence to start to move on a bit more.
I had the best nights sleep I have had in while last night.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart June.
Everybody should have you in their life for at least 15 minutes.

I hope to catch up with you soon and June if I can ever take you to Edinburgh Airport or Glasgow Airport please let me know, it would be such a pleasure.

Kind Regards


From: Nelson Robertson
Sent: 06 July 2014 13:06
To: June Field
Subject: Reading


Can I thank you for the reading that was published in the Sunday Post dated 29/06/14 regarding my late wife Linda.
I went to Aviemore on the 28th June and I am just back. I wanted to tell you about a strange occurrence while I was there. Being on holiday I had cancelled my SP for the Sunday. That morning in Aviemore I went into the Tesco store to buy a few items. On passing the newspapers I thought I might get another Sunday paper for a change as I was on holiday. However something made me purchase the SP. I was out for most of the rest of the day and only looked at the sports pages and some of the first pages. At night I returned to my apartment to watch the football. My TV which had been working fine earlier in the day suddenly informed me that I was not getting any signal. After fiddling with it I gave up and as it was too early to go to bed I decided to pass the time doing the Sudokos which Linda used to love doing. Whilst I was flicking through the pages looking for them I spotted the headline on your reply to me. I could not believe it when I realised it was my e-mail. I could easily have missed it if my TV had worked. It was as if something was guiding me to it. The following morning the maintenance man replaced my box to operate the TV as he said there was an obvious fault with it.
Your reading was very accurate in the description of Linda and my son is quite amazed at all that it said. I had not told him that I had been in touch with you and I think the reading meant a lot to him also. He was a little sceptical about the spirit world but is not now although his partner was not in the least sceptical.
I have a book in my possession which I have not yet read but I intend to soon. It is called ‘Life On The Other Side’ by an American psychic called Sylvia Browne. I wondered if you have read it and what you thought of it ?

Thank you very much again !

Nelson Robertson.

Hi June

I had a reading with you in April with my mum and you had told me to let u know how i got on with Alec Scott so i thought i’d give you an update.

I visited him on wednesday, this was my second session with him and i have had a twisted vertebrae for around 7 years which has caused me to lean towards the right hand side and make me limp. After wednesdays session i dont limp anymore im amazed and cant thank u enough. people have even been commenting on how much straighter i am. Alec says i shouldnt need to see him again but ive got another appointment just incase. Also when you came to fraserburgh in march you were drawn to my mum from the off and said her torso area had lighten up like a christmas tree. After some persuasion we got her convinced to visit the doctor and have blood tests. Turns out she has ovarian cancer, its good news so far though they are hoping to blast the tumour with chemo tablets and this should do it therefore its a waiting game now. She also has cysts in her liver n kidneys but these are fine they will continue to monitor these for the time being.

i am amazed by your gift, ive always been itrigued by mediums but youve blown me away.

if you are back in fraserburgh ill look out for you and come see you again.

Hope you and your family are well.

kindest regards,
steffi cowe

Your Name: – Caroline
Your Phone Number: – 0141
Your Email – 
Your City – Glasgow
Email Subject – Pavillion
Your Message: – Thanks for a lovely evening, I was hoping to receive a message from some family members. I was there for my 60th with sister nephew and niece . Had great time, thanks again .c x

Glasgow Pavilion Theatre 14/06/14

Your Name: – Avril
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – 
Your City – Glasgow
Email Subject – Pavillion
Your Message: – Saw you tonight and was engrossed. The connection to the guy at back of stalls in turquoise shirt re the hanging and his brother Kevin was interesting and the woman’s mum who wore the short skirts and wanted a tattoo in her 60’s. Loved your show and pity you didn’t connect with me or my daughter. Thanks for an interesting night Avril

Glasgow Pavilion 14/06/14

Dear June

I just wanted to say thank you for my reading yesterday, after having 24 hours for it all to sink in, I thought I should drop you a note. The afterlife has always fascinated me since I was a small child and I always believed but since dad I lost my faith in it. I can now find some peace that he is with me in spirit.

Thank you for re-lighting my fire  :)

With lots of love and hope for the future.

Jenny x
Jennifer Johnston
Dundee. 10/06/14

Good morning June

I just thought I’d contact you to send a heart felt thank you for speaking to Carol anne yesterday. She has been really struggling following her mum passing away as have we all. Since speaking to you yesterday I know it has helped Carol Anne and myself, immensely, to come to terms a bit with what has been a very painful event in all of our lives.

To be honest I am, or maybe was would be a better term, sceptical about the whole after life subject although I have always been pretty open minded. Since hearing the recording, of your session with Carol anne, there is no way on earth you could have been so accurate, about events that took place around the sad time of My dear mother in law’s passing, without having communicated directly with Carol Anne’s mum. I am 100% convinced of your amazing gift of being able to communicate with those that have passed to the other side and am so happy that Carol Anne got to speak to you. To be honest it completely blew my mind a bit (in a good way) and I can’t find any scientific or logical explanation, for it, so am just going to go with the flow and just accept it for what it is.
You have an amazing gift which goes beyond any scientific explanation and have helped us, beyond any hope that I could have had, to know that Nessie is free from pain, at peace and looking over our family. Thanks again and there’s no doubt Carol Anne will see you again as I would like to book another appointment, for her for another personal one to one, when you have one available Even on a personal level she said you are such a lovely person and she found great comfort in having spoken to you. A massive well done to you for the comfort that you so obviously bring to a lot of people through your gift.

Thanks and best regards

John Kyle.
7th June 2014
ABERDEEN, Scotland

Letter received with regards a Sunday Post reply in my column – 6th May 2014.

Dear June Field
Thank you so much for answering my letter in your column.
I was overjoyed when I saw it.
My eldest daughter buys The Sunday Post every week and brings me your letter page.
Although I do believe in the afterlife, it is nice to have it confirmed.
To know my darling daughter has got through means everything to me to know she is alright.
To true, she was very apprehensive and uncertain before her passing but kept an open mind.
We were indeed very close and I talk to her photo and also to my husband’s who has been on the other side for over 40 years.
I have said to him to please look after Valerie for me until I am with you both.
He would be one of the father figures you mentioned and the other one too was a good step father to her.
I can also place the male she mentioned who would be her nephew on this side of life. She was very fond of him and cared for him as a school boy. This young man made a big effort to get here for her funeral. We said how much it would have pleased her if she knew.
All you have told me is so true and I think you have a wonderful gift to help people.
Thank you so much, and I thought you would like to hear my “verdict” on your reply. I am so impressed and I’d like you to know how happy you’ve made me in the knowledge that my daughter is alright now and out of her suffering.
My letter to you is straight from the heart.
Just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough to say how pleased you have made me, but no other words can convey more.
With my most sincere thanks and gratitude.
God bless you.

Your Name: – Isobel
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – 
Your City – Scotland
Email Subject – Reading
Your Message: – June you are one amazing woman. I have never been to anyone so accurate as you in my life. Every thing you told me was so precise to the last detail. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as it will be so much easier to move on now. You have give me the comfort which I was seeking to know dad and dog are together and well. Many Many thanks again

Having lost my beautiful daughter to breast cancer in 2013, I was lucky enough to be given a personal reading from June.
I can confirm there is no doubt whatsoever that the information and character description she gave related to Wendy who was only 36 when she passed over.
June knew nothing and had no clues whatsoever.
We now have no doubt that Wendy continues on another level surrounded my many family members yet at the same time is still with us giving us her love and support.
June is warm and friendly and unquestionably has a great gift in communicating with those in spirit.
The information given to us by June was not – and could not have been – guesswork.
I, family and friends have listened to the recording of the reading.
All, without exception, have no doubt whatsoever that it was Wendy who came through and all were blown away by it.
Thank you June for the comfort and hope you have given us.
It will help us in the days, months and years ahead as we continue in life without her physical presence.
We are now assured she is with us in spirit.

Eileen Douglas

My friend, daughter and I came to see you at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester on Saturday. We were all amazed especially my friend who having lost 3 family members within a few months has found it very difficult to move on. I think the message you gave her will truly be of help. You also commented on my daughters stomach problems – it would be wonderful to think these might have come to an end. I lost my husband quite unexpectedly last September and I felt quite comforted by the evening. Thank you very much. I hope you come back to Worcester.
Worcester, UK

Thank you so much for my reading today. It was a pleasure to be in your company. I feel inspired to believe that I can now start to find myself and maybe even start to brake down that huge barrier! It was a shock to hear that my dad has passed over as he wasn’t a part of my life whilst he was living but I take comfort knowing that now he is watching over me. Thank you for the lovely things you said about my children they are my everything and even though raising them alone has brought its challenges it was nice to hear that I’m on the right path where their concerned. Take care June and I hope one day We shall see each other again. Xx
Sharlette Smith
LONDON, May 2014

Hi June,

Just dropping you a few lines to say how much I enjoyed my Reading with you today.

Upon thinking about what you said and listening to the cd, a few things that I couldn’t fully answer at the time now make sense.

I must admit since my mums death I have been emotionally challenged but will take your advice on board about dealing with my grief.

I hope to meet with you again next year should I be able to secure a Reading with you. Also, should you make another visit to Fairfield Halls in Croydon.

With best wishes,

LONDON, May 2014

Dear June,

Just a brief no to say a most sincere thank you for your CD and I will enjoy listening to it. You gave me much comfort yesterday and I hope you had a good drive back home. My wife would love a reading with you whenever you are in the area again, or in Edinburgh perhaps ? Just let me know when you are available.

Keep you the good work and I hope you have a good rest after such a busy time.

With best regards,
Worcester, UK

Hi June

I just wanted to thank you so much for my reading on Thursday. I didn’t really know what to expect but found the whole experience fascinating. The time just flew by and I think I was a bit stunned by it all. However when I got home and listened to your cd again everything seemed to fit into place and almost everything you said made sense when I had time to digest it! It was lovely to hear that mum and dad are looking after my husband Dennis and for you to finish by telling me a red rose was being returned to me was very poignant. When my husband died a Polish lady who spoke no English and whom I had never met before went and bought a single red rose, handed it too me so that I could place it on Dennis’s chest in his coffin.

I know this experience with you is going to help me with my grieving process and I take away positive thoughts.

Thank you so much

Janette Adamson

Your Name: – Beverley
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – 
Your City – Cardiff
Email Subject – Readings
Your Message: – Do you do personal readings my daughter saw you in Worcester and was a sceptic but after you spoke to her she has changed her mind totally and said you were amazing if not a personal reading are you visiting Cardiff soon lol

Dear June

I have visited numerous mediums over the years up and down the country in search of clarity, peace and most of all absolute certainty that there is “life after death”. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that you confirmed that fact yesterday during my reading. After I left you, I noticed that a sort of fog has lifted and it has now all become clear, I feel so much at peace in the knowledge that I will meet up with my loved ones on the other side eventually, and that their love and presence will be with me until that time. Thank you so much for your time June, I have been in search of that for many years.

I sincerely hope that others who are in search of the same as I was reach out to you, as you certainly have a wonderful gift. Kind regards, Jean. (Reading in Hunstanton 27th March 2014)

Your Name: – Sara Lee
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – 
Your City – Hunstanton
Email Subject – Thank you
Your Message: – Thank you so much for the lovely evening. You have an amazing gift & help so many people without all of the show business rubbish that I have seen before. Watching you last night was amazing & I did not expect you to come to me especially with my Mother’s favourite tune Aker Bilks Stranger on the shore! I have downloaded it today onto my Kindle! I hope you visit Hunstanton again soon. Big hug, Sara.

Your Name: – Emma
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email – 
Your City – Hunstanton
Email Subject – Thank you
Your Message: – Hi June. Can I say how much I enjoyed your show in hunstanton on Tuesday evening. I was watching some of the audience faces as there loved ones were coming through and I could tell how spot on you were. I do hope you come back on day to hunstanton as I would love to come to another one of your shows. Well done and thank you .

Your Name: – Kim Whittingham
Your Phone Number: –
Your Email –
Your City – Nairn
Email Subject – Tonight
Your Message: – Tonight I came to see you at the little theatre in Nairn. I wasn’t suppose to go and to be honest it freaked me out but someone pulled out at the last minute and I took her place. Tonight my friend volunteered but you started to speak to me and my friend died 5 years ago from farmers lung which is normally harmless but due or her asthma she died from it. You touched about my son having asthma and I believe this myself. I just want to thank you for putting my mind at rest.

Your City – Hunstanton
Email Subject – Last night and the future
Your Message: – Hello June, I met you at the Princess Theatre Hunstanton last night. I sat in the front and you and you gave me some lovely messages about my Nan, Grandad and Dad. I have been deeply touched and can’t stop thinking about it, I wanted to say a massive than you. You spoke of a Billie and a Robert that nobody seemed to take but I have realised today that my friend Billie Roberts, who was killed with her daughter in a car accident was trying to reach me. Her partner Nigel and my dear friend also died of a heart attack the next day. I am sorry I didn’t take it, I miss them dearly. I have spoken to lots of people about you already and they all want to meet you.
Nicole Fisher

Hi June
I just want to say how greatful I am to you after my reading today. It has made me feel so much better after losing my soul mate in September. You had him down to a T. Just as he was before he passed. Also letting me know all the other people who were so dear to me who have passed over are still around me and looking after me. I feel uplifted and a lot stronger now and feel I will be able to get on with things I have been puting of. The things my partner was telling you were spot on. I can’t thank you enough.
I will be back to see you next march for another reading.
Yvonne Xx
Falkirk, Scotland
March 2014


Hi June

Just wanted to let you know that, in my reading, you said my partner John said I hadn’t much longer to go to settle a six year awful divorce. In the reading He kept throwing paper work at me saying I have to deal with it to finish it. Well I was in court on Wednesday and I won the case. It’s eventually over.
Just want to say thanks again. x

FALKIRK, Scotland

ADD ON 9th May 2014
Hi June

Just wanted to let you know that my divorce settlement came through today after six years of fighting.
You told me in my reading that John my late partner kept referring to the month of May and that something was going to happen, well I think that’s what he’s been meaning when he was saying to keep fighting and it won’t be long now.
Thanks again
Yvonne xx

Sent from my iPhone

Dear June

“June I want to thank you for helping me come to terms with my daughters
death I was in a very dark place and could see no way back for me but you
answered all the questions I needed to hear.i am seeing a light at the end
of the darkness now and that is thanks to you god bless you and thank you
again you have given me hope for the future. All my love Sandra x

Hi June

Just a short e-mail sorry to keep pestering you with my e-mails.

But just wanted to say I listen to my CD every day of my reading with you on 28th February.
And I am so pleased I came to you as you are so accurate with all the things you say, it gives me goose pimples.
And you have made me one happy person.

Also wanted to thank you for the DVD you gave me .. you are so talented.

Hope you and your son are well.

God Bless you both.


Zarina xx

Hi June,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the reading on Saturday, it
was very special and the more I listen to it the more comfort I take from
You have a wonderful gift and I hope to meet you again in the future.

Kind Regards
Mary Maclean

Dear June

Just a short note to say thank you so much for letting me come and see you today for a reading.

I have been to many mediums but none of them have been so accurate/clear as you was today.
You also made me feel so relaxed and your kindness was very much appreciated.

I will over the next few days do a note for your website.

Many thanks again .God Bless you.
Zarina xx

Dear June

How very nice it was meeting with you today (also mummy who came through loud and clear) Thank you for a truly enlightening experience. It is clear you have direct contact with the spirit world as every piece of information passed to us from Mummy was spot on leaving no doubt as to your ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. I can now move on happy in the knowledge that my dear Mum is doing well and is around me always.

Stay gifted.

Linda Lewis

Dear June would like to say a huge thank you for today, my reading you gave me really helped with the way I’ve been feeling. I didn’t no what to expect, but what an amazing experience and what a true gift you have. You have put my mind at ease, and thank you for the advice for the future. I will be recommending you to family.


Hi June,
Beat me to the email.
Thanks so much for looking after the family.
I know that with Hollie and Evie in particular that it really was a wonderful experience and had made them very happy.
Hopefully see you in December.

Huge Hollywood hugs,
Ross x
Ross King – Hollywood

Dear June, I wanted to contact you to thank you. Don’t know if you’ll remember – I was the first person that you came to last night in Turriff, when my mum came through. Thank you for that amazing experience – it was just exactly what I needed and me having been so sceptical beforehand I am now amazed! I want to hear more from her, and am not sure how to go about it. I’m sure you get that all the time, and people are so desperate to hear any snippet about their loved ones. But anyway, I’m truly delighted. Thank you. Jodi x

Hi June , thank you so much for your guidance yesterday I feel so much better all round I feel an inner peace a confidence and a better understanding of what’s been happening to me through the years thank you so much for sharing Tricia and I would love to go to another workshop with you and our sister Marion wants to come too everyone was lovely yesterday and I’m thankful and happy Dianne xxx

Dear June
Thank you for the workshop I enjoyed it very much and found it very interesting. I now know where to begin my journey and not to be scared of the feelings I have been feeling for a while. I will now take my time to expand my journey. Thank you again for helping me as I am at the very beginning of my journey and also for the patience of everyone in the group.
Thank you

Dear June

Hi there June, I don’t know if you will remember me from August, I was the lady who was pregnant. Anyway, I wanted to update you, Well, you were very accurate! I did go into labour in the middle of the week and it was a boy! I would like to thank you for me reading as you gave me so much comfort that day as I was a mess if you remember. My baby boy is beautiful and I am doing a little better,. Thank you again for your kindness.

Michelle, Glasgow, SCOTLAND

Dear June

Thank you much for your message from my sister at Fairfield Halls, Ashcroft Theatre last night. You are truly amazing. I can’t thank you enough as this has given so much comfort to all the family. We look forward to seeing you again. Lots of love to you x

Loraine, Croydon, LONDON

Dear June

I came to see you at The Ashcroft Theatre last night with my friend and her mother. I was totally taken aback by your reading to me as I came with an open but slightly sceptical mind. I’ve been struggling for the past couple of years to come to terms with the passing on my loved one as the depth of our relationship was kept very close between us. When you confirmed that he was with his mother and what she passed of I was amazed and it confirmed 100% that it was both of them that came through. As I wasn’t expecting it, I couldn’t even get yes or no to your questions to come out of my mouth properly so I do apologise for not being clear on the mic. I hope now that I know that he is there and happy that I can start to out my foot on the first step of the ladder. Thank you so much as your words have given me hope and en,ignite meant. I look forward to meeting you again. I wish you all the best.

Sharlette, Croydon, LONDON

Dear June

While visiting my friend in Scotland after the sad death of my son Mark (35) she had arranged for me to see June Field, a well respected Medium. We arrived at June’s house and went ahead with the sitting. She was outstanding and her evidence was amazing. She gave me peace. She also made me feel Mark was in a better place. However, during the sitting, June kept referring to a Brown & White Dog and said this dog is with you ALL the time the banter went on a while and we decided to leave and we said our goodbyes and left. I felt so much better, she was so good!! The brown and white dog was forgotten, well at least I thought it was until some time later I decided to move an ornament Mark bought me some time before he died. A gorgeous ornament of a boy standing by a wishing well decorated with birds and flowers imagine my shock and tearful surprise when at the boy’s fet I noticed, YES, a Brown & White dog June was correct, she said I had this Brown & White Dog with me.. how right June was.. Thank you so much June.

Mrs Freda Hornby, GRIMSBY

Dear June

A huge thank you for all your kind words and answers to my muddled up questions. You are a very special lady and I am ever so grateful for this chance to meet you. I wish you and your son all the best if life and hope to see you at some point With good news!!

Yarina, from Ukraine living in London.

Dear June

I do hope this finds you well. Thank you firstly for seeing me and for all that you told me during the reading and the time following and also for the great comfort derived from meeting you some of which I had’nt really taken in at the time but which made more sense once I was able to listen to the recording on my own. I have to admit thta I was a bit “Shaken Up” but in a good way. I admit to having been slightly apprenhensive before our meeting not knowing what I would hear (nor what I was doing), but you soon put me at ease.

You are truly blessed with an incredible gift without a doubt! You are a very special and lovely lady thank you from the bottom of my heart and I have taken on board your personal advice to me. May God bless you in your work. I send you my love and best wishes.


EDINBURGH, Scotland 2013

Dear June

Over 10 years ago Dad passed away very suddenly. At that time, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer. Looking after my Mum kept me and her busy and as a result, we were able to get on with our life without Dad. Years went by and my Mum had a great life with us. However, her cancer returned and this time it was terminal. She passed away within days after she was diagnosed. My brothers and I were with my Mum when she passed away. And more recently my mums best friend my Aunt Helen passed away. This brought back a lot of memories for me and left me feeling very vulnerable. I am a strong believer in afterlife, however, since my Mum had passed I had never been for a reading. I was too broken hearted to have one But I felt that I needed to have a reading and by sheer chance I got a reading with June.

June was extremely specific about the circumstances of both my Mum and Dads passing. This put my mind at ease knowing she was genuine, not that I had doubts to begin with. The messages June was able to convey after the initial messages were very emotional and exactly what I needed to hear. It was the specifics that really blew me away.

Thanks You June, I now have the closure I was looking for.

Thank you June.

Kate Kulkarni, Stirling, Scotland 2013

Thank you so much June for the meeting Glasgow on Friday. You have helped me so much and I have listened to your CD again and the things I couldn’t quite recall at the time have become very clear to me now. You were my first experience of a Medium and I certainly could not have picked any one better. I will not be trying anyone else. I am now thinking of coming to your workshop to help me grow my understanding of the power I have. Thank you again after helping me after losing David so quickly but I didn’t realise I had so many people looking after me and my confidence is now growing again. You are so kind and made me feel at ease.



Lorna, Glasgow, Scotland.2013

I had a one to one reading with June in August 2013. I had seen June at the Caird Hall in Dundee earlier in the year and had been so impressed with the messages she gave to people in the audience, I wanted to have a one to one with her.June made contact with my late father who died suddenly 15 years ago. June told me many things very personal to myself and my family, none of which could have been researched or guessed at. I felt that my father was in the room with us during the reading and very much presence..I cannot express how much that meant to me and the feeling of peace I had knowing he was watching over me and my family and that we would meet again. I cannot thank June enough for giving me this reassurance to know that I have family waiting for me on the other side when eventually my time comes to join them.

Thank you June.

Sylvia Nicoll, Forfar, Scotland 2013

Dear June, Ingrid and I have been back in Somerset for a few days now after out trip to Scotland, we have listened again to the CD recording of our visit with you. Ingrid has written her own message of thanks to you below in Italian and I have translated it for you, but before you read that let me also say how pleasantly surprised I was to have been present during the meeting to translate your words to Ingrid. I have been partners with Ingrid for about 14 years and know her roller coaster background very well.
The things you shared with her were so accurate that I felt at first she may have suspected that I had filled you in on her background over the phone of something before out meeting (I know we had never even talked before this visit, as our meeting was kindly arranged for us through your PA Ann from Nairn). Ingrid has never said as much nor given me the indication she thinks this at all, it is only in my head I feel. It was just so surprising that without having ever met Ingrid nor having had any way to acquire the knowledge that both her parents were no longer of this world and that she had a brother that passed away recently. To know certain facts about how they passed, but not only, to be able mention with such precision the attitudes of the family nucleus and her relationship with them when they were all alive along with identifying of the great suffering in Ingrid’s life to date.
I must admit being a very logical person I still have not come to terms with the whole thing but feel a big thank you is just not enough to express my appreciation for what you did for Ingrid and for you and what you represent. You deserve every goodness that this life can permit you.
My best wishes for you and your work.

Now I hope to transfer what Ingrid feels in the translation below of her message to you, it reads.

Dearest June
First and foremost I would like to thank you for receiving me in your home with such solicitude, something very much verified when listening to the CD. I was amazed by the things you communicated to me, you are probably the only person in this world to exactly interpret my thoughts and interior feelings. The sensations I felt after my visit can only be described as incredible, a great feeling on interior peace, serenity and clarity about what surrounds me, a clarity which I had lost following many family problems and suffering including physical suffering.
I am convinced that with a little bit of work I will be able to achieve that which you recommended.
I perceived your abundant kindness and generosity of spirit, you are the best person I have ever met in my lifetime and I am. It exaggerating, my sensitiveness once again has helped me perceive “the essence” of the person.
Thank you for what you have done for me and for that which you do for others, for your caring mission.
I also want to thank you for your music CD, beautiful music, beautiful voice, a voice to be envied even by some more famous singers. I only hope that in the not to distant future we will meet again so that we can share some more beautiful moments.
A big hug from me to you.
Ingrid Sacca 2013



Mystery Celebrity Reading on Liver Radio

Dear June, Thanks for a fantastic reading! June gave me a brilliant reading live on the radio.

Some of the facts were so true I was shocked!!!

Thanks June. Claire xxxxxx

Claire Sweeney, Liverpool 2013


Mystery Celebrity Reading on Liver Radio

“I loved what you said, it was very resonant with me. Very, very interesting indeed. Thank you.

Katie Robbins 2013



Mystery Celebrity Reading on Liver Radio

Than you very much for that. That was great. You were bang on when you said I picked up a glass!!

Within a millisecond!!! Very Good.

Owen Paul, singer/songwriter 2013



Mystery Celebrity Reading on Liver Radio

Thank you! God Bless you for that June.

Rumor, Singer. (AKA Sarah Joyce)2013


I went to see June on 2nd August 2013 and my mind was blown away. The fact that June is an amazing woman and very down to earth.

What she said took my breath away as she was so spot on. And, never at ant time did she ask me any questions.

The 30 minutes or so we spent together will be with me forever.

Thank you June from the bottom of my heart.


You will never know how much you have helped me and my mum.

Take Care. Sending you love. Kim & Mum (Norma) xx

Kim Archibald, EDINBURGH, Scotland 2013

Note of thanks from a friend of a reading recipient.

Hi June, So lovely to see you today. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help today. It is like a weight has been lifted from Ann-Marie. She is the happiest I have seen her since the sad passing. Thank you for helping her find some peace and enabling the healing to begin.

What you are able to do is beyond a blessing and so kind of you to share.

Warmest of thoughts and kindest of regards.

Christina. Scotland 2013

Workshop Testimonial.

Dear June, Just a note to say what a fantastic day James and I had when we attended your workshop in April. Thank you for the immense instruction and insight we feel we gained from your teaching and if there is another workshop in the Highlands please keep us in mind.

Linda Littlewood

Invergordon, Scotland 2013

Sunday Post Letter.. reply

Dear June, Thank you so much for your reply on 7th July 2013 in the Sunday Post. You were spot on and thanks to you I have piece of mindon how Jenny died. None of us really knew the truth. After reading your article, two white feathers fell near me. I have about 10 now. God Bless you June.


Jean Smith

Gorton, UK. 2013

What can I say!! WOW springs to mind. I have never been to a psychic/medium etc before and was trying it mainly out of curiosity but keeping an open mind. I suppose you could say I was slightly sceptical having been brought up to not believe in “that kinda thing”!! .. and not having had any real paranormal experiences myself, it was going to be a huge leap for my belief system should this session produce anything for me.

I was greeted at the door by a wonderful, warm, beautiful soul June Field and felt immediately relaxed and comfortable. How was I to know that would be the last time I would be “Joanne” the “fence sitter and somewhat sceptic.” For within 3 minutes of the reading beginning I had changed forever. I was told things only my passed on family members knew. It all came flooding out things I had long forgotton. My eyes streamed as I listened in awe as this was the most profound experience of my whole life.

I know now FOR SURE death isn’t the end for us humans, thats a fact!

June, thank you with all my heart for changing my life, my stagnant path, youre a star!!! I’ll be eternally grateful.

Love Joanne xxx

Joanne Grayston.

Hartlepool, UK. 2013

When my husband of 39 years suddenly and unexpectedly left this life, I and my children were devastated. Clifford was a man you could describe as “larger than life” and had a wonderful, witty sense of humour. Some months later, at a public forum with June, he came through, commenting that my son, who was there, was wearing his dad’s belt, a fact that no one else was aware of.

It was so typical of my husband to use some humour to get our attention and convince us that he was really speaking from the spiritual world. I and my children all have a strong belief in the life after death but the shock of losing Clifford left us with many questions and a strong desire to have some kind of contact with him. June was able to facilitate that through private sessions that were so comforting to us. She handles the sessions with humility and compassion; she has a genuine desire to be of help and achieves this with empathy that is clearly heartfelt.
Linda Smith,
British Columbia

You are a very special person with a caring loving heart and a most beautiful warm smile.

Since we met you have been a great inspiration to me and most of all you have helped me to open a door and given me the knowledge and confidence to walk through. Love always
Elspeth (development class in Shetland),
Shetland, Scotland

Hi June, Well where do I start!! I came to you an absolute sceptic. I don’t believe in anything I cannot see, or should I say I believed that when I came to see you nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. I told you nothing and even gave a false name. My friend arranged the whole thing via mobile phones to ensure no tracking of information at all, for which I shall apologise for now, but the fear of being mislead and filled with false hope was indeed my main issue.

On walking into your house you will recall I quite spontaneously burst into floods of tears. I had felt something hugely emotional which I cant explain but I knew that something very strange was about to take place. You immediately picked up on my sciatic nerve pain which had been tormenting me for days and my thyroid tumour which was resolved 3 years previously but was indeed very serious. You then spoke of someone passing very suddenly, a head injury, here one minute, gone the next. I could barely breathe as my heart swole up in my chest as this had been why I had come, but no, I would give you no help I wanted you to make me believe. You then said you had a capital letter above him which was indeed the first letter of this persons name, then you revealed he was a male then you gave his middle name!!! Within minutes you had described his personality perfectly and his messages of love which I new could have come from my handsome, wonderful, loving fiancee whom I had lost only 6 weeks previously in a crash. He died instantly as a result of a head injury.

You revealed that he was with his mum who had lost her life due to a cancerous condition. True. You spoke of the photo of him with false flowers round it which I denied to be true but on arrival home I noticed that a foot of two from where the photo sits are wooden tulips which he had given me a while ago.

The clincher was when you said at the end of the meeting that he was kissing me on the forehead, you said he was returning the kiss I had given him .what no one else in the world knew was that after he died I went to see my true love one last time at the chapel of rest, I whispered my last words then kissed his forehead.

I few days have passed and it is only now I have managed to get over the complete shock of realising its not over when your physical body has been damaged or worn out. You will meet them again. The signs are all around you all the time. I know now mine are, you told me to seek and I shall find, like my handsome man said to me weeks before he passed “never be so ignorant as to think that this is all there is” he promised that if anything ever happened to him that he would find a way back to make me believe. He kept his promise. I believe in him and I believe in us. Only problem now is that I cant wait to get old cos I know I’m gonna see him again!! No hurry tho ..
Fiona McKinnon,
Dundee, Scotland

Jim came to see me in Sutherland when I was doing private readings there and he had to be fitted into a cancellation appt. last minute. It was his family that arranged it as unbeknown to me he had recently lost his wife (8 months previous) and was living in Spain but had come home to his family as he was finding the pain of bereavement extremely hard to be. Here are his words:-

Dear June, I have waited these two weeks since our meeting because I wanted to evaluate what happened. I am unable to do so. I feel that both of us were manipulated into meeting at a set time and place, we seemed to have no say in the matter. I have played the tape you made of the events repeatedly, also to members of my family. To men and women who knew my girl, and they say she showed off all of her attributes to make it happen and phrase every word about events that only I and in some cases the family knew about. I left the room and house with an unbelievable sense of well being, knowing that Becky was both with me and finally would be waiting for me. I now talk of her and to her in the “present” tense and that has given me a tremendous boost which will remain with me for ever. “There Are Stranger Things On Earth and In heaven etc,etc” pales into insignificance. Thank you June, I hope fate??? allows us to meet again ..yours with love and gratitude.. Jim Pike xxx
Jim Pike,
Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland

You did a reading at the weekend for myself, my mother and my sister and you were fantastic. It is nearly a year since dad died and we needed to know he is ok and knows we miss him. From the very start you described him exactly, his nature, sense of humour and character, you picked up on the physical signs of his illness and the details of his last few days. It was comforting to be told that he is ok now and with the people we love on the other side. You also described our personalities, physical traits and weaknesses exactly, it was amazing. You really made it feel like me father and grandmothers as well as lots of other family members were in the room with us. The fact that you got all their names spot on blew us away!! You made us laugh and cry at the same time and confirmed to us that we will all be together again in the future. For this I truly thank you and will definitely come to see you work again in the near future. I have also recommended you to everyone I know! I realise you are a very busy lady but want to thank you for what you did for us as a family. Love and blessings.
The Carroll Family,
ABERDEEN, Scotland

Hello June,

I just wanted to let you know how much meeting with you meant to me. I saw you at 10.45 last Sunday in Aberdeen and the good feeling i left with stayed with me all day and into the next. Although my mother played the major part of our time together it was so good to know that she and my dear son were ok – indeed that she was looking after him! It was all so personal and I was so very keen to know that they were together and ok that you surpassed anything I could have wished for at our meeting. I fully intent to be a bit of a stalker and see you whenever I can in the future and to attend whenever I can if you are within travelling distance. Thank you so much – for being the lovely warm person you are, and for making me feel some peace for the first time in a long time. Love and blessings to you.
Aberdeen. Scotland

After the sudden loss of my brother in 2007, as a family (mum, dad & myself) our lives were completely turned upside down. After speaking with my partners sister, she mentioned there was an evening of mediumship with June Field and would I be interested in going. I definitely was not going to miss this opportunity and my dad came along to the evening with me. It was a good night and my dad and I requested a one to one appointment. During and after our reading we received great comfort and a strong sense of peace. I would like to say you have a great gift to be able to give such comfort and peace of mind to many families like mine that have been ripped apart and left completely heart broken. Thank you again June, and if there is a next time (which I certainly hope there is) I hope to take my mum along to meet you and feel the same comfort that dad & I received. Love & best wishes from Denise Middler.
Denise Middler,
Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hi June, I am the one that bubbled through most of your workshop yesterday I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comfort you brought me. To know that mum was there beside me. You were a total “shock” to my system (pleasant shock). I am taking a step back and taking charge of my life again. The answers you came up with from mum with regards to her being Bi-polar – falling from height – needing to get out etc are all things I have never been able to come to terms with properly for 23 years! I can now get the silly thoughts that she didn’t mean it etc totally out of my head. Kind regards Lorraine.
Dundee, Scotland

Dear June, I would like to thank you again for seeing me on Friday. As I said to you at the time I was a sceptic when I walked in the door but am no longer. I woke up today after a pretty good sleep (for a change) feeling a calmness I have not ever before felt. I am sure this is due to the knowledge you gave me that my loved ones who have passed have not left me completely, I got the sense from you that they are, for want of a better word, ok. You are a truly amazing person with an amazing gift, I am glad you can share this gift and help people like me move on from the bad times and remember and embrace the memories. I hope to meet you again in the future, a very heart felt thank you. Kerry Dee Cooper.
Kerry. ,
Montrose. Scotland.

Just a short not to thank you for your hospitality and for inviting me to your home for a reading. Having had only one previous experience with another medium which was very confusing, I must admit to have been apprehensive and sceptical before our meeting. I have listened to the recording of my reading a couple of times now and then visited with my elderly parents thereafter to discuss some of the messages that were unclear to me. Incredibly, almost everything was absolutely accurate and quite amazing! Indeed, it was i little bit freaky – but in a very nice way. I know the visit only lasted 30 minutes but the wealth of information and messages from so many past members of my family and friends is truly remarkable. Thank you again. Kind regards. Mike Tracey
Mike Tracey,
Glasgow, Scotland

Hi June, This is just a wee note to thank you for taking the time to give me a reading. I was a bit overwhelmed on Sunday with all the information and it has only been over the last couple of days that I have been able to clear my head. Having the tape is great. Your reading was so accurate and, if anything has given me some peace of mind. The next few months will be hard but I feel much more able to cope with it. Thanks again. Kindest regards. Sherry
Sherry Burns,
Glasgow, Scotland

Dear June, Sorry I have taken so long to write this but here is a short testimonial for your website. My daughter was tragically killed in a car incident this year and I was trying to find ways to cope with the devastating loss. I am not a religious person but decided to go to a spiritualist church and it was here that I first met June. She came to me almost immediately and did not mention my daughter but gave me detailed information about how I was feeling and other members of my family. I made an appointment for a reading and was amazed at how June described my daughter and her personality and told me things that no one else would know. This helped me so much and I listen to the tape frequently. Thank you so much June.
Val Cumming. ,
Dundee. Scotland

Hi June, my sister already emailed you our testimonial for your website but I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you so much for the contentment you brought us when we met you. A year on since my dad’s death and the pain is still very hard to bear, but knowing he is happy and with loved ones does make it a little easier. We miss him so very much and things just are’nt the same without him here, but to know that we will all be together again at some point makes me happy. God bless you and again thank you so much, you are an amazing woman! Susan xx
Susan Carroll,
Aberdeen, Scotland

Hi June,

When I arrived at your house I wasn’t sure what I would do or say but when you opened the door I felt more at ease and as we sat down and you began talking to me, I felt a load being lifted off my mind. Your reading meant a lot to me. I left your house a happier person. As I drove down the road I began to put more of what you said together. You are a very special person with a great gift and It will be a long time before I forget your kindness to me. I am glad I came to see you. Many thanks. Willie.
Willie McLeod,
Shetland, Scotland

I came to see you in August for a reading in Aberdeen. Was’nt sure what to expect but you put me at ease as soon as I met you. My husband sadly died in August 2007 and with a bit of gentle persuasion he came and talked to me. Although it breaks my heart to have lost him it is a comfort to know that he is with me and looking after me and our sons. You told me things that I know came from my husband as no one else could have known what you were telling me. You informed of a great deal of details regarding our past together and how our sons are going to be alright in the circumstances, which I am grateful for. The biggest worry that I had was that he was ok in the spirit world, the fact that he was with some of his family and seems ok was of great comfort even though I do wish he was with us in person as we miss him so so much. He loves us and we love him which you passed on from us even though I do tell him daily. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak to my darling husband. I do hope I get the chance again.

Best Regards. Take Care. Jackie
Jackie, ABERDEEN, ,

I would just like to say thank you so much for seeing me today (and so so sorry for being late!). You cannot imagine the peace you have left me with after speaking with you. Knowing that my loved ones are together and happy. I think it will be much easier to get on with daily life now knowing that they are watching over me and have not gone from this world completely. I guess I just want to say a huge thank you and I am eternally grateful to you. I would love to see you again in the future and wish you well, many thanks. Kirsty x
ELGIN, Scotland

Hi June, I know you wont remember me but I had a reading from you on 22nd Nov in Nairn. During the reading you kept referring to my being pregnant even though I kept saying I wasn’t and didn’t think I could be. Well I just found out today that I am indeed pregnant and you were correct!! I have to admit I am a little scared now as you also said I was to email you when I bought the double buggy. I don’t know if its twins yet but “oh my goodness” lol. Anyway I just thought i would send a little email confirming what you said to be right enough. Many thanks again and I am just truly amazed by your exceptional gift. Kindest and warmest wishes to you and hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Kirsty xxx
Kirsty Hill,
Nairn, Scotland

Reading done at distance with just an object to hold that belonged to Kish.

Dearest June, I hope you are very well. Please feel free to post this or whatever parts of this you would like as a testimonial to you.

You picked up so many things so accurately and your reading came at quite a crucial time me when I was literally “at my knees” at an extremely low point in my life. Interestingly, you said at the end of your reading that I would be in a different “place” come spring time when I could see daffodils blooming all around. Up until now i have found it difficult to accept my situation (I still do) and have found it hard to talk about or even write about my feelings or current personal situation and perhaps this is another reason why it has taken me a few months to write this. I can now see daffodils in bloom and also feel increasingly more ready to write this to you.

Although things are not resolved, you were right (in your reading you did say that this would take a while to sort out), things are a bit better now and I am in a very different place.

Most personally important to me was the fact that you picked up so strongly, the presence of my dear grandmother whom I love dearly and who passed more than 10 years ago. I often still speak to her and wonder and hope that she can hear me and hope she is well, happy and safe. I often ask for her help guidance and protection and I feel that if she could she would! During her lifetime we knew that she always prayed for all of us in our family and even then she was a great source of comfort and strength to us.

Before you reading, I specifically and repeatedly asked that is possible my granny would come through for me and that’s is exactly what happened. That was – and still is – the main source of comfort there could be and proof for me that there is something after our bodies leave this plane. Just as in her life on earth, I Also knew that in death if there was a way to watch over me and offer advice-that she would- and she did!

I really found that amazing and such a great comfort.

You described the way I was feeling down to a tee and you sensed my sadness – saying that you could feel as though I had been gutted and my heart broken and insides torn out! It may sound melodramatic – but that IS how I felt.

(part of this testimonial has been withheld for personal reasons)

You also spoke of a man on this earth plane who had knee problems. Up until then, my father and brother had knee problems, but quite soon after your reading, my brother actually injured his knee quite badly and subsequently required a knee operation – you even specified the correct knee!

Not only would I sincerely wish to thank you for taking the time and effort to do my reading – but also it came at exactly the right time! You gave me a glimmer of hope for the future (which I must admit I have been hanging onto). You also gave me an immense comfort in re-affirming my hopes that there is somewhere and something more after this world with the confirmation that my granny came through for me just as I had hoped she would.

You clearly have such a precious spiritual gift that can bring great comfort to others and I would like to thank you for using it to help others in the way that you do.

Your reading gave me great comfort and hope and ever since your reading I have come to view daffodils as a sign of hope as that was the final image you left with me on your tape.

Thank you for taking the time to give me such an amazing and accurate reading and for giving me great comfort and hope in this life and in the after life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you June.

Warmth, love and light

Kish x
Middlesex, England

Hi June,

First off I would like to say it was really good seeing you again on the 30th and once again the session was fantastic, everything you said about me and my family was spot on and I left your house with a feeling of peace of mind and at ease which is exactly what I needed to hear as I felt I was sinking with all the pressure of everything.

During the session you asked me if I was pregnant or if anyone close was? to which my reply was no and explained I was due to start IVF treatment soon, you continued to say “I can see a little girl waiting to come through, are you sure?”

Well I wasn’t feeling myself last week and decided to do a pregnancy test and it was positive!! I believe I am around 4-5 weeks now and hoping everything will go smoothly, unfortunately I dont know yet if its a girl but fingers crossed anyway.

Many, many thanks again for giving me hope on everything we talked about>

Lots of love. Amanda xxxx


Hi June, just a quick update to my previous email and I have great news!!

When I last emailed I informed you that your prediction came true and that I was indeed pregnant, well further to the rest of your prediction I am also pleased to announce that I am indeed expecting a baby girl!!

To anyone who has not had the pleasure of having a session with you, you are an amazing person and you give people true hope, happiness and peace of mind every single time and with everything you told me this time it has pushed my belief in you to a different level!!

Many, many thanks again June and hope to see you soon.

All my love,

Amanda xx


I just thought you might like to know that the latest member of the family has arrived safe and healthy – Aimee Ruby McKenzie Farrell – weighing 6lb 7 oz.

You gave me hope on the baby front when I last had a session with you last year and this year we have a new baby daughter. As I stated previously we were due to start IVF and then after my chat with you, I believe this put me at ease and allowed us to conceive naturally.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks once again June.

Lots of love,

Amanda and the Farrell Family. xxxx
Amanda Farrell. ,
DUNDEE. Scotland

Dear June,

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I went to see you last month. I have never seen a Medium before but have always been very interested. You certainly didn’t disappoint me. Before I even had a chance to sit down you told me of a physical condition that was bothering me. Well let me just say you caught my attention!

You were right on the mark with just about everything

My husband who finds this all a bit foreign was so impressed that he is hoping to get a chance of a reading with you when you return.

This was a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget leaving with such a feeling of peace.

So thank you, thank you.

Yours sincerely, Karen Marleau, Sechelt. British Columbia
Karen Marleau,
Halfmoon Bay, Sunshine Coast, VANCOUVER. Canada

My name is Marion Erskine and I am the treasurer of The Church of the Spirit in Dundee and a friend of June Field’s.

Recently my niece delivered a baby by C section after 39 weeks. It has been a harrowing journey for her as she has had IVF treatment for the 3rd time and has previously lost so it was a much wanted and very precious baby girl that arrived. I went to visit her and when I saw the beautiful baby a text-ed June to say how lovely she was and how tiny she was. I received a txt back from June asking what was wrong with her hand? I immediately turned and relayed the message from June to them and they informed me that her hand was purple when they got her up in the morning and they were worried at the time but when they gave it a rub it returned to its normal colouring as it must have been the way she was lying.

I reported this back to June and a text came back saying that an older lady was with her and was very proud of the parents and that to tell them that there would be no more “hiccups”.

I relayed this back to them and my neice’s face was a picture and for a split second she was dumbstruck then she informed me that the only way they knew that the baby was alive all through the pregnancy because she never moved in the womb was that she got the “hiccups”.

June has never met my niece and this was all done by text message. They were 70 miles apart.

Well done June, you have a fantastic gift.
Marion Erskine,
St Andrews. Scotland

Hi June, I came to see you today at your home for a 1-2-1. You were so welcoming to me and made me feel at home. I had never been to a Medium before. During and before out meeting I had not given you any information whatsoever, and I came to you open minded but a little sceptical too! I had no idea how things would go or what would happen during this time. I had lost my husband Steve in a very unexpected heart attack, completely out of the blue. He died only 12 weeks ago and you new nothing of this, so when you told me all that you did, I was shocked and surprised as to how spot on you were to everything. I left you feeling very satisfied and comfortable and with the answers to things I was looking for in my heart. And to know that he is OK. Thank you for all you did for me today. I will never forget it and I wish you all the best. Sue xxxxxxx
Sue Wilkes,
Dundee, Scotland

Hello June, I was at the Spiritual Church in Inverness and you gave me a contact from my husband Gary who passed on the 8th June. He had taken his own life. I have felt a lot of guilt for not arriving home from work sooner as I may have prevented it or that I should have picked up signs of how Gary was feeling. My initial feelings when it happened were triggers, such as the weather, it was awful that day and he hated bad weather as his work depended on weather. Things were so normal at home that evening when I got home. He has made the teas, fed the animals, switched the fish tank light on. He often went to see our neighbour and my first thought was that he was there until I noticed his house keys on the table, I then had a panic thinking he had gone out to sort the aerial as the signal was bad when it rained and it really annoyed him and I though maybe he had fallen. I rushed outside and found him, I think it may have been an impulsive suicide, that’s what I felt.

We had been together 26 years so for the last couple of months I have thought every day what if I had done this, what if I had done that, could I have prevented it. Gary was a very deep person but very kind. Loved our animals, past and present.

I hope he is at peace and happy. I found your message very comforting in coping and accepting what happened.

Kind regards. Susan
Susan MacDonald,
Inverness, SCOTLAND

June Field is a very skilled, gifted and compassionate Medium. I had a reading with her 3 years ago shortly after my father crossed over. At that time, I nearly fell off my chair when expecting to hear from my father, my beloved pet came through! Her physical description of my cat and of her behaviour was absolutely accurate. She also described my grandmother (by name!) and assured me that my grandmother was with my father on the other side. All of this was tremendously comforting to me.

I had another reading with June yesterday where my father came through loud and clear. June described my father perfectly (for example, asking if he was a mason or part of a “brotherhood” type service group. He was both a mason and a Police Officer!) and relayed very specific details about family members and our family home. For example, my mother had recently reluctantly moved a sculpture in their home. My father loved that sculpture and did not love change. June described the sculpture in detail stating that my father was not comfortable with the change! My fathers’s crossing was very sudden and June was able to convey his frustration over leaving things “unfinished”. Most importantly, she conveyed his love.

June is a gifted psychic in general and provided many accurate and specific details about events and family members still present on this side.

Don’t miss an opportunity to experience June’s amazing work in a very nurturing and safe manner. June provides comforting and compelling evidence that life continues on the other side and that our loved ones are always with us.

P.S. June, you mentioned bagpipes at my fathers service. I shook my head NO, i was thinking about his funeral service and forgetting about the lone piper who played the bagpipes at his ashes internment service many months after. You were right!!!
Vanessa Turenne. ,

Wow, what a reading! I would like to thank June enormously for the comfort she gave me yesterday. She told me things that no one, and I mean no one on this earthly plain could know! I didn’t give her any information about my circumstances but she knew literally from the minute i walked through the door. This reading has given me strength to deal with my loss but more importantly peace to continue my life. Thank you June, especially at this time, for meeting me and giving me this comfort.
Nairn, Scotland

Dear June,

It has been two months since my appointment with you in Buena Park, California. The effect of that meeting is still strong within me, and shall be throughout my life. I cant tell you how healing it was to have contact with Mel, the love of my life after 8 months of heavy grieving. To know his spirit continues, and is with me, was and is, so powerfully consoling. Your metaphors of God as light, and connection to the Spirit world is like dragonfly nymphs in water rand true in my bones.

To know my Aunt was there and others especially my retarded brother was so comforting.

You mentioned the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” in connection with my brother. I looked up the lyrics and listened to the song. It was the first literate message from my brother, as he wasnt able to speak and the message shocked my soul. I went around for days in wonderment that Steve my brother had spoken to me. I know he loved me as I was family, but never to that extent.

I have been a Spiritual searcher for years, sometimes not really knowing what it is that I am searching for. I know the search is in the journey and will take the rest of my life. I have meditated sporadically in the past, becoming more serious since Mel’s demise.

Because of my meeting with you, my search has taken on a new level, how to raise my own vibrations to connect with Spirit more fully. I’ve come to believe that Mel has become a Spirit Guide for me, along with others I don’t know about yet. I am reading to find out more about mediums and what it is all about. I do feel Mel’s presence from time to time, especially at night in the dark, kind of the way I feel God’s presence. I can only hold that contact for a half a minute or so, and it is so loving, warm, accepting and compelling. I’m hoping if I can raise my vibrations that contact can be longer and more available to me.

Thank you for your part in all of this. I listen to your tape from time to time and gratitude for you swells within me. I hear you do teach workshops and would be very interested the next time one is available in the Los Angeles area.

God bless and hugs,

Love Kathy
Kathryn Saylor,
Los Angeles, USA

Hello June,

You don’t know me but I have had a couple of appointments with you in Aberdeen and came to see you in Dundee.

I just wanted to say how sorry I was to read in your newsletter that your mother has passed away. I do hope that you have been able to get comfort – through your own gifts or from those of friends, comparable to the comfort you gave me after my mum and son passed away.

After meeting with you a couple of times I felt much more at peace with things and I really hope that you have been able to find the same.

My thoughts and prayers are with you – even though somewhat belated – though no less sincere for that.

Bless you.


Dear June,

It has taken me quite a few months to write this as I needed to get my head round the accuracy of the reading you gave to me following the death of my son.

I have frequently studied and analysed the message that you conveyed to me in that private reading.

Not only did the reading give me comfort but the compassion and heartfelt sincerity that you delivered was also reassuring.

Thank you June for the reading and helping me through my darkest days as I feel assured that my boy walks beside me everyday.

Your warmth and kindness was also appreciated. Thank you.
Audrey Wood,
Newmacher, ABERDEEN. Scotland

Dear June,

Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable and welcome in your beautiful home for my reading with you earlier this week. You really put me at ease the moment we met, and you were so kind to me before, during and after the reading, explained everything that you were going to do and if I had any questions. The reading itself was really quite amazing – you picked up on both my mother who passed away almost a year ago and also my father who passed almost ten years ago. It was almost like you knew them in the way you described them – you got their personalities and relationship spot on, and the conditions they had both suffered prior to passing. It was a real comfort to know they were at peace, and you even picked up on my mum’s best friend and my sister that died as an infant. It is good to know they are all together and a real source of comfort to me. You also picked up a lot of details about me that you couldn’t possibly have known – the area that I lived in, what I could see from my house and local places that were special to me. You even sensed things troubling me and picked up on my disability that isn’t visible to people!!! I would absolutely recommend a reading with you to anyone considering it (or even those not considering it!!) Thank you June for your empathy and sharing your gift with me to allow such a lovely, warm and comforting experience that has made me feel more connected to my family members that have passed.

love and best wishes.

SARAH. Dundee. Scotland 2013

Dear June,

My husband and I visited you recently following a number of visits to other mediums in the past which had left us unsatisfied and sceptical about mediumship. I lost my son 10 years ago and was finding it hard to move on, when you gave me the reading your reassurance and things that you told me about my son has convinced me that he is there with me all the time and makes me feel much better and gives me the confidence to go forward knowing that he is there waiting for me. You also brought a lot to my husband from his close family and extended relations! – the information provided was very accurate and amazing. We have already recommended you to a lot of people.

MORAG & BILL WRIGHT. Blantyre, Scotland. 2013

“Moj drug” (My Friend)

I have met June Field when my soul has been seeking someone who warm it and heal it this summer (2012). Our friendship began from small and unconfident hug I got from June. Nobody could realise that it would be such an amazing 6 months supporting each other. To be a foreigner in another country is not so easy, so when June came to Kiev, Ukraine to live for 6 months to participate in International Battle of the Psychics, so I tried somehow to help June feel at home, though I clearly know HOME is HOME I know it was hard, but this woman strong . Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, evenings . it was a lot of memories I wont ever forget. In my head I will keep all memories this beautiful and sincere smile, blue eyes like a sea, beautiful voice and a LIGHT I was surrounded by these months, even now, though June is far away. There is one very tender and just amazing moment I would like to share with you. One day June and I as usual met at our favourite place to eat called “Mr Cats” in Kiev. It was a very normal day full of food and talks, but June had become a star with the TC show so was recognised. She noticed some women from another table looking at her the older woman came to us and asked in Russian if she could sit next to us for a while and talk to June because she watch the shows of her on TV and loves her a lot. I was a bit confused as I did not translate or what to do. I asked June if she would mind and of course she answered she did not mind. The woman was just happy and did not expect such answer. She told a story which touched my heart.. she lost husband and with husband gone she lost herself and did not know what to do. THAT MOMENT I WAS WITNESS OF REAL MIRACLE, when June took her hand and started to tell her details and specific information about the woman’s husband.. She started to cry and I could not resist interpreting June to her. The woman in shock, she confirmed everything that June said. I could see in her eyes some hope after the conversation. She had left her daughter on the other table, I did not know she was her daughter but June did. At the end June said “Your daughter will celebrate her birthday on Wednesday and her father says Happy Birthday!! ” I was speechless, just tears in my eyes. June said I was oart of it then and I was so proud to be and help people. It is a gift to give a light, hope and love to people. I am so grateful June, for letting me be in your life and giving me so important lessons.

Love always..

ALINA GURA. Kiev, Ukraine. 2012

Dear June,

I came to see you at The Marryat Hall, Dundee last year and you picked me out of the audience and told me to get back to the doctors as I had ongoing chest problems. I went back and they discovered it was cancer. I have had chemotherapy and two operations and have now had the all clear so just wanted to say a big “thank you” to you.

Yours sincerely

Janice Brown

Cupar, Fife, Scotland 2013

Dear June,

Hello! Last Sunday we had the reading. It was so emotional and still is. You are amazing person and your gift is amazing. You gave hope and light, of course, this reading was literally life changing. You were right about everything, even what I couldn’t understand firstly now put all together like puzzle. Thank you very much! June, I am so grateful and hope to see you again soon!

Kind regards

Tanya, (Ukraine, but reading was in Edinburgh)

Edinburgh, Scotland 2013

Dear June,

Last week I emailed you regarding my kitten, “Nobby” and you were kind enough to respond in this week’s issue of The Sunday Post. Thank you for replying. I found your reading tremendously comforting. It has lifted a great weight from my mind to know that my beloved pet in contented and will be waiting for me when I go over, and I am so relieved to know he is not alone but is with my mother (she fits your description). You describe this elderly lady as having a black and white cat with her: that has been given before when I visited a Spiritualist Church some years ago and is my lovely Morgan, who passed in 1998 and is, like Nobby, much missed. I am glad the two cats are together now. Thank you again for giving me so much comfort and peace of mind. May God bless you.

Vanessa Thomas (email) UK 2013