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"Helping People By Contacting The Souls Around Them"

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INVERNESS, Scotland - The Craigmonie Hotel - SOLD more details March 6th 2024 at 7:30 pm
DUNDEE, Scotland - The Invercarse Hotel - SOLD OUT more details March 13th 2024 at 7:30 pm
Intensive 2 Day Weekend Workshop - ST ANDREWS, Sco more details March 30th 2024 at 10:00 am & March 31st 2024 at
Forfar, Scotland - The Royal Hotel more details April 19th 2024 at 7:30 pm
Isle of Wight - The Shanklin Theatre more details May 24th 2024 at 7:30 pm

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"Worlds Greatest Psychic"

June Field gained the title of "Worlds Greatest Psychic" after participating in and winning "International Battle of the Psychics" where over 70,000 Psychic Mediums from all over the world took part.

The competition was televised and aired to over 34 millions viewers and June secured her title by taking over 54% of the overall votes.

Uri Gelller was one of the judges and Quoted “I have never seen a Psychic so specific and she is a real nice person too!”

See TV Appearances

June Field Psychic Medium

June Field was born in Dundee, Scotland with a rare ability to connect with Spirit. She works in a totally unique and engaging way which never fails to amaze and comfort anyone who visits or watches her at work. June was born with the gift of sight and over the years has finely honed and sharpened her Psychic Skills to allow her to heal and comfort those who have lost loved ones through physical death.

June and Spirit work together to connect on a Spiritual Bridge from this world to the next that allows loved ones to cross over and visit for a short time to give those who are grieving evidence that life inevitably does go on.

Growing up and accepting my Gift

During the early years of my life, I realised pretty quickly that I was indeed very different. I had been able to see spirit from as far back as I could remember but as a child, it seemed very normal for me, so I assumed and thought that everyone else could see spirit people too. My Great Aunt had been a Transfiguration Medium who had long since passed over. Her gift skipped a generation and then hit me with full force. I endured my early teenage years by trying to be normal and act like everyone else but I was different and Spirit obviously had other plans for me further down the line!

I had a very loving upbringing from two very supportive parents who I was very close to. When my Dad passed over I was devastated and my awareness of spirit was greatly enhanced from the day I arrived home from the hospital after his death. It's as if everything had turned from Black & White to Full Colour. Throughout my Dad's life he enjoyed art and painting with oil and had been tutored by a famous local artist called McIntosh Patrick. I had always admired a particular painting of his called The Bridge and had asked him at a young age if I could have the painting when he died. (Not thinking that that day would ever come.) The Bridge in that painting is the same Bridge I use in my meditative state whilst working to allow spirit to cross over that bridge to talk with me in order to give proof of their existence to their loved ones present.

Psychic Development

During the early days of my Spiritual Journey, I served my time working in many Spiritual Churches across the UK, Ireland, Shetland and then progressed to USA & Canada.

A lovely lady called Jenny Brown (she was a Psychic Medium from Dundee) took me under her wing and helped me to gain control of my gift which allowed me to develop fully as well as enhance my spiritual vocabulary safely. I attended a few courses at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in England under the tuition of World Renowned Psychic Medium Glyn Edwards and he invited me to demonstrate my Mediumship in the famous Sanctuary at Arthur Findlay College. Sadly, he has since passed over but told me during my time at Arthur Findlay College that one day I would be using my gift to help people whilst working all over the world. I didn't really believe him at the time!

Invitation to take part in Worlds Greatest Psychic Competition

I was invited by STB TV in Kiev, Ukraine to take part in a televised competition called International Battle of the Psychics where Psychic Mediums from all over the world would battle it out during a series of Psychic tasks. It was similar to an X Factor style show where the Psychics could be voted Psychic Of The Week if they were good and if they were not so good and failed a task, they would be voted off and have to leave the competition. They whittled it down to 12 of the Best Psychics from around the world to take part in the televised show.

I was not keen to leave Scotland at that time as had lost my Husband quite suddenly the year before and my Mum also died very recently that year but after talking to my teenage son about it (as I had to leave him at home alone whilst I went to Kiev, Ukraine) he was very supportive and we decided I would give it a go. Despite my grief, I travelled alone to Kiev, Ukraine and started my adventure. I lived alone in an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine for seven months during the filming of the show. I got home twice within that time for a week each time. It was a very difficult time for me as I missed my home and my son in Scotland and the language barrier and culture of a different country was emotionally draining.

During the filming, I was the only Psychic in the history of the show to have never failed a task and was voted Psychic of the week five times. Uri Geller was one of the judges and he stated he had never seen a Psychic so specific. I read for many celebrities during the filming in Ukraine ranging from Ballet Dancers and soap actors to Politicians and pop stars. I also took part in their Psychic Detective show which aired at a different time. I won the competition by taking over 54% of the overall votes to gain the title.

You can see the full series of show on my TV Appearances section.

Working with the Police to catch a Serial Killer

During the filming of one of the tasks, I was asked to hold onto an object of a murdered girl (the actual footage can be seen on my TV Appearances section). Her father was present. I stated that the girl was not blood related to him and it transpires that she was adopted at a few months old (which the producers did not know). I described a murder scene that I could not possible have known about and also gave a detailed description of the murderer including a tattoo on his right shoulder, a scar on his left hand, the colour of his car and some numbers from the registration plate. I noted that he also smelled of oil.

The Ukrainian Police were watching this as we were filming and they pulled me aside and asked if I would hold on to another object. I held on to a clasp from another murdered girls hair and felt she had been murdered by the same man. At that time this man had not yet been caught. He was still at large. A month later I was announced the winner of the competition though audience voting and returned home to Scotland with my trophy.

After I had been home for 9 months BBC News Ukraine announced that the Serial Killer had murdered again and this time he was caught. He had the tattoo on his right shoulder (that he had tried to have removed), the scar in his left hand, he smelt of oil as worked with cars, he had sold the car but the colour and description of it matched my description nine months earlier. He stated to the Ukrainian Police that I was 99.9% accurate with his description.

My Work as a Psychic Medium Today

I find my work as an International Psychic Medium very rewarding. I get the opportunity to travel quite a bit and have had the pleasure of reading for many interesting people including high profile individuals such as Actors, singers, politicians, etc all of whom can be seen on my website Celebrities Gallery.

I do offer tickets to live psychic events/shows around the world where I demonstrate my Psychic abilities to an audience. I also hold Teaching Workshops where many can attend to develop or enhance their psychic awareness. I support many different charities throughout my work. I always give to a charity (usually a local one where I am at that time) after every event and do a few charity demonstrations every year.

I hope you managed to get a bit of an insight about me. Please feel free to come and say hello to me if you are ever attending any of my events, no matter where they may be. I would really love to meet you.

Love, healing and positivity sent to you all.

June Field