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My Favourite Painting

My father was a good artist and painted many pictures during my childhood and I was always attracted to this one of the “Bridge”… I was always drawn to it and asked my dad, “when you die, can I have this picture?” … He said yes and as I didn’t think the time would come that my dad would leave me, I felt it was a long long time away.
My dad passed to spirit side of life and inevitably the painting came to me..
The grief and feeling of loss at losing a parent opened my already opened door of awareness so wide that I was comforted by a knowledge I now share with those who endure such loss in their life…
The picture represents the bridge from this life to the next… I use it everyday in my connection with spirit, allowing those who have passed over to meet me halfway, on the bridge for a short time to prove their existence and soften the grief by giving the evidence that those who have crossed that bridge live on in another dimension….a dimension that we will all see when we arrive at what we call death…to be re-united with those who we thought we had lost.. They wait for us.. They are not far away… “Just across the Bridge”…..