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About June

June Field has a rare ability to connect with Spirit and works in a totally unique and engaging way which never fails to amaze and comfort anyone who visits or watches her at work.

June and Spirit work together to build the bridge that allows your loved ones to cross over and visit with you for a short time.To enable them to give proof beyond any shadow of a doubt the evidence that life inevitably does go on. To comfort those who grieve and to encourage those who have lost hope.

Part of June’s spiritual partnership ethos is that she is committed to raising money for charity in her spiritual work.

June is a lady of many talents having been a piano teacher and karate instructor to name but a few. It is through these extraordinary abilities to focus that she is able to tune into the spiritual dimension and gel with the spirit world in such a way that provides startingly accurate evidence from the spirit realms.

Dundee born June’s spiritual abilities were apparent from an early age. As an adult they have flourished and she is committed with a passion towards helping others, particularly those who grieve the loss of loved ones.

Distance is no object and June works for Spirit on a worldwide basis. If you wish to contact June or book an event, please click here