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NTV Japan – 2015 Celebrity Predictions

Surprise reaction from Japanese Popstar at my description of him through a photo !

Editorial Awards 2014 – Dundee, Scotland

Met two lovely friends that were a huge part of my childhood every week in The Sunday Post and The Beano Comic.

Liver Radio.. Reading 3 unknown celebrities..

In Whistler, British Columbia..Teaching a Spiritual Workshop at Telus Conference Centre.

Journalist Jane Fryer from The Daily Mail in my home during a reading. My siamese cat Casper seemed to have been taken with her as you can see!!

Journalist of Daily Mail – Jane Fryer – Jane was pregnant when she came to see me and I told her it would be a boy. She texted me on 21st April to say she had just given birth to a lovely son!!

Myself and Richard Anderson (Actor – most famous role being Oscar Goldman out of The Six Million Dollar Man)

All of the best mediums and psychics from all over the world ready to do battle over a 6 month period and 38 tasks to see who was the strongest.. I was announced the winner in Kiev, Ukraine on 24th December at 4am… then flew home for christmas.. the show then aired in Ukraine on 30th December 2013

During a demonstration in Vancouver, Canada… this picture shows myself as overshadowed.

Blindfolded reading for famous 60’s sex symbol Michelle Mercier.. the specifics brought her to tears… very lovely lady.

On the set of International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine.. being judged by judges Uri Geller and host of the show Pavlo Kostitsyn..

At work in Kiev during a task in which I had to describe the previous owners of a car… it was Russian President who died of heart problems..

Reading for Nicholas Korobina… Billionaire and one of the richest people in USA.. at his family roots and home in Ukraine

Reading for famous Russian Popstar, ANASTASIYA STOCKAYA, after I successfully completed the task to get to her… We had to find hidden cameras that were planted all over the house… I found 9 out of 10.

Reading for Famous Russian Actress Tetyana Liutayeva when the task was to read flames that were activated by the sound of her voice.. we could not see her or hear her, only the reaction if the flames.. her reaction was that I was so specific..it was amazing!

Newspaper support after winning International Battle of the Psychics, Kiev, Ukraine.

Out of my window at home…after i asked spirit to give me a sign!!

Snow in Ukraine…the morning after the final. I was heading home then… it was cold! -18

Reading for soap star in Ukraine, Svetlana.

Newspaper articlesfor Winner of International Battle of the Psychics. Kiev, Ukraine

My very good Ukrainian friend Alina.. who spurred me on when things got tough in a strange country.. she came to the final and supported me like always.. thank you Alina.

The Winner was announced… the moment I was announced winner was very emotional… the 6 months were very hard.. but i didnt give up!

The 4 finalists of International Battle of the Psychics, Kiev, Ukraine.. left to right – Roman – Ukraine, Tonya – USA, June – Scotland & Jayc – Australia

The winning moments of International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine.

A harrowing reading... International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine.

A happy moment during the filming of International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine.

Bitva Eckstrasensiv

Passionate and clear, a message with honor and intention.

Bitva Eckstrasensiv

Bitva Eckstrasensiv

June Field participating on Battle Of the Psychics "Bitva Eckstrasensiv" in Kiev Ukraine

Bitva Eckstrasensiv

Elimination day or Best psychic of the week.

Varun Ghandi – Indian Politician

Varun Ghandi came to my home to see me from India. What a lovely polite, pleasant young man.. It was a pleasure to meet him.